AstroCurrents for November - Part One: Improved Communication, Venus' Romantic Influences, and the Mysterious Effects of a Scorpio New Moon

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign. The events listed here are for the first half of October.

“If you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t know when to stop.”

November 1 at 4:00 pm PDT, Mercury will be stationing direct. This Mercury retrograde period (10/11 to 11/2) seemed to be particularly challenging for many people. Misunderstandings were plentiful, communications got tangled up, computers broke down, it seemed difficult to focus and appointments got inadvertently missed. This one was enough to make true believers out of the most ardent of skeptics!

Will, all this craziness comes to an end today, (though sometimes things don’t really straighten out and feel “back to normal” for a day or two)? Once direct, this will help all communications in general, as finding the right words seem easier and even our sense of timing for making contact is somehow magically improved! You can now feel free to make contact with others in order to move forward on your intentions and/or various projects.

There is a window now until the 15th for moving forward in any way that requires communications, making contact with others or with making important agreements. At that time, Mars will be turning retrograde until 1/30/08. At that time, you may need to slow things down so you can reconsider certain elements of your plans and intentions. Hence, from about November 2nd until the 13th or so is the best time to implement your ideas and plans, make connections with others and to take steps to move forward on your projects.

November 8 Venus enters Libra until 12/5.

Since Venus rules the sign of Libra it is most comfortable here. Venus influences our values, resources and finances and relationships. In general, it also rules how we see beauty and relate to and/or appreciate art. Some themes that may emerge now are:

  • bringing a sense of harmony and balance to your relationships
  • finding ways to establish that same sense of balance to your finances
  • wanting to be a peacemaker and build bridges rather than burn them
  • seeking out and expressing order through beauty and grace

During this time, you may be drawn to refined arts, such as ballet, theater or classical music. Often we feel the importance of surrounding ourselves with beauty and things that create a sense of harmony during this time. This may manifest in color, fashion, poetry, art or any other way. Venus in Libra can also help to create a romantic atmosphere, so finding ways to express your feelings towards those you love is made easier with this placement. This can also be a great boost for bringing harmony to your personal relationships. Take advantage of this time and reach out with the intention of expressing your love and creating harmony.

"Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it. I can take it in small doses — but, as a lifestyle, I find it too confining."
~Trudy from “The Search For Signs of Intelligent Life” by Jane Wagner

November 9 is the New Moon at 17°10’ Scorpio. This New Moon will likely generate some intense energy for the few days before and after. This NM is great from delving below the surface and beyond what is obvious for answers and a new perspective. Your willingness to enter the “void” and unknown will help to access the insights available there. And yes, facing your own fears may be a part of the process.

You may feel off, ungrounded or just plain “strange” for a few days. And do beware of being deceived, or deceiving, during this time. Know that things may not be quite as they appear. There is a Neptune connection to this NM that will warrant further investigation in most areas. This combo may also increase the feelings of intensity as “reality as you knew it” may be vague at best. Staying grounded and not believing everything you hear (or think or feel, for that matter). What this is good for is challenging our routines and sense of normalcy. This process may offer up new options for our life or bring about a much-needed fresh perspective or attitude. Just don’t make final decisions or changes until a few more days have passed and you are thinking more clearly!

HINT: The day or so prior to this NM is very mystical and could open you to a depth of sensitivity and realms of perception that are unusual. Watch for messages in the symbols that can come through dreams~whether they be day or night! It may seem as through there is a “wrinkle in time and space” for a day or so. Thus you may feel a little spacey or ungrounded during this time. “The veils are thin” and things may not be quite what they seem. Pay attention to your instincts and hunches!

November 11 Mercury (re)enters Scorpio until 12/1. This reinforces the general influences of Scorpio, and so now would be a good time to (re)read Scorpio MTT, as all those energies and themes are getting greater activation at this time (and especially until 11/22 when the Sun enters Sagittarius). You may be inclined (compelled?) to seek answers in odd places, which may be exactly where you will find the thing you need. This is a good time to do research into any area you are dealing with or drawn to.

A warning: Do be careful not to be too aggressive, skeptical or sarcastic in your communications, as there is an inclination to do think and/or feel these things during this time this now. Be kind! (As my Mother said, and maybe yours too, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!”).

“He who gains a victory over other men is strong; but he who gains a victory over himself is all powerful.”
~Lao Tzu

November 15 Mars stations retrograde at 12°27’ Cancer until 1/30/08. This is quite a potent retrograde and one that we may all feel in different ways, depending upon where it is in your chart. In general, you are likely needing to stop, or at least slow down, some projects or plans to review the nuts and bolts of it. It could be that something essential was overlooked and now will surface.

Here are some likely things that may get your attention now:

Since Cancer rules home, all activity in and around the home are very likely to be increased during this time. This may be anything from more people in and out, to things breaking and needing repair or replacement to you getting the urge to remodel or just rearrange your furniture! And since it is retrograde, this is especially true of those events you may not have seen coming or that you did not plan for.

You may be feeling more nostalgic as memories come flooding in from the past. Where has time gone? Why do things feel so intense and out of control? Why can’t things be like they used to? Honoring these feelings, while trying not to dwell on them, may help you to cope.

In fact, feelings in general are likely to be stronger as many may feel more emotional and sensitive. Being extra caring and nurturing to those you care about and love, showing them extra consideration, will go a long way now.

Some of you may find you are spending time looking at the place you call Home, and if you do, be sure to include your “Inner Home”. Recognizing and coming home to your own goodness and sweetness will help to give you sense of strength and purpose. Again, this is a very sensitive place for Mars to be retrograde. Be kind and gentle to yourself and to others, as many will be feeling these things.

“Life is mostly froth and bubble, but two things stand like stone: kindness in another's trouble and courage in your own.”
~Princess Diana

On October 23rd, the Sun entered Scorpio until 11/22.

Every year when the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio many feel a shift into a greater intensity, intrigue and mystery. Under the influence of Scorpio you may well be drawn towards exploring the more mystical and hidden side of things. What is usually unseen may now be viewed if you look in the right places and with an open and inquisitive attitude. Some things to consider are:

  1. What motivates or drives you?
  2. Why do you have, or not have, certain things in your life?
  3. What am I doing that keeps those things I care most about from manifesting in my life?

Not only do many find themselves delving below the surface to try to find the answers to these, and other, questions, it is also a time when Life itself can spontaneously offer up the answers, even before the question has been asked. So, pay careful attention to what presents itself before you, as these very issues and topics are not there by chance. Primary themes during this time of the Zodiac year are power (and all things related to it), secrets, the occult, compulsions, addictions, what we value, abundance and/or lack, passions and the desire nature.

You can receive additional information on how the current influence of Scorpio and how it is influencing you in Scorpio, Monthly Transit Talk (MTT). You will learn about the challenges of this time and ways to tell if you have an “affliction” in the part of your natal chart ruled by Scorpio. I also provide keys for working with Scorpio energy as well as what the spiritual focus is during the time of Scorpio (until 11/21).

Continue to November AstroCurrents Part Two, where we discuss:

  • November 22 the Sun enters Sagittarius
  • November 24 Uranus stations direct at 14°46’ Pisces
  • November 24 is the Full Moon at 1°55’ Gemini

Be sure and also read Part Two of October's AstroCurrents as many events are still in effect.


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