AstroCurrents for October - Part Two: Focus on Motivation, Relationships, and Perceptions

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign. The events listed here are for the first half of October.

“What lies below the surface affects the surface.”

October 23 Sun enters Scorpio at 12:16 pm PDT

Every year at this time, the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio (for 30 days) and when it does, many feel a shift into a place of greater intensity, intrigue and mystery. Under the influence of Scorpio you may well be drawn towards exploring the more mystical and hidden side of things. What is usually unseen can now be viewed if you look in the right places and with an open and inquisitive attitude. Some things to consider are:

  • What motivates or drives you?
  • Why do you have, or not have, certain things in your life?
  • What am I doing that keeps those things I care most about from manifesting in my life?

Not only do many find themselves delving below the surface to try to find the answers to these, and other, questions, it is also a time when life itself can spontaneously offer up the answers, even before the question has been asked. So, pay careful attention to what presents itself before you, as these very issues and topics are not there by chance. Primary themes during this time of the Zodiac year are power (and all things related to it), secrets, the occult, compulsions, addictions, what we value, abundance and/or lack, passions and the desire nature.

To learn more about this mystical sign and how it influences us all, be sure and read Scorpio MTT (Monthly Transit Talk). There I give the challenges of this time and ways to tell if you have an “affliction” in the part of your natal chart ruled by Scorpio. I also give keys to working with Scorpio energy as well as what our spiritual focus is during the time of Scorpio (until 11/21).

October 23 Sun conjunct Mercury at 4:55 pm PDT

Just as the Sun enters Scorpio, it will be conjunct Mercury (while retrograde and just before it re-enters Libra). This is a rather rare and complex energy. Above all, watch all your communications today, as there may well be “hidden” or unspoken messages that have value to you. These “things” may be most revealing to some area of your life, so a good way to make use of this most potent aspect is to pay careful attention to what is happening around you. Be a detective as you observe yourself and others and do avoid jumping to conclusions too early. For now, watch and take note, and be open to seeing and hearing things that may change your perception as you deepen your understanding of something that had previously remained hidden from your view.

Also at this time, beware of thinking you know something that may in fact not be true at all. Misunderstandings can abound, so take extra effort not to read into things before you have all the facts or have given something some careful consideration. How can you tell the difference between a new awareness of truth and a distorted version of it? For one, see if drama is in the picture. If so, it is likely not The Truth being shown to you, but rather the distorted version. And, listen to your inner voice, as it is truly your most honest one now.

Overall, this may well turn out to be a most mystical and intriguing day. If nothing else, many will feel that things aren't quite “normal”. Go with the flow and see where it takes you! Remember Alice and that crazy rabbit? This could be you today!

October 23 Mercury, while retrograde, re-enters Libra at 8:38 pm PDT until 11/11

And as if this day isn't interesting and dynamic enough, Mercury will be re-entering Libra, while retrograde, in the evening hours. So we are back revisiting those Libra issues of relationships, balance, cooperation and justice for all. Except now, we are doing it under the watchful eye of Scorpio which will increase our desire to not assume that what we see (or feel) is the truth and so we delve below the surface, seeking answers in unusual places, or at least in places that have been unseen or unnoticed before. This is all well and good, but a work of caution here: don't go stirring up things that are best left alone. Leave the past where it belongs else you may find you are only returning to a place of pain and regret. That said, yes, do look if you feel really compelled to do so. Just don't go recreating a scenario in your life you really do not want.

“Don't look in the past unless that is the direction you intend to go.”

October 25 Full Moon at 2°23' Taurus at 9:51 pm PDT.

There are 13 Full Moons every year and this one is always the most mysterious and intriguing. Under its influence we get to take deeper looks into such areas as:

  • sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, desire
  • money, finances, abundance, lack
  • power, empowerment, misuse or abuse of power
  • values, morals, self-worth, self-esteem

Any of these issues may get extra focus under this Full Moon. To work with these energies, you can:

  • Empower yourself now by identifying your resources, talents and gifts. Your sense of self-worth can increase as you investigate and own these inner gifts. This, in turn, can impact your ability to magnetically draw abundance to you.
  • Invite in the powers of transformation available now and then don't be surprised if something shifts in the next few days or weeks. There are potent energies for change at deeper levels. By the next Full Moon (11/24) freedom from something that has been holding you back may change by the shifting of energies to a higher level!
  • Allow the mysterious and the unknown to enter into your life. As a result you will be opening to the richness and fullness available now. A key here is to simply be willing to not needing to know what life can offer, but at the same time to be open to it. A mystery indeed!
  • Venus will be opposite Uranus during this FM, which may bring in some unexpected love interest or add a spark to the one you are in. Or perhaps even money from out of the clear blue!

In general, this should be a most interesting time where things you may not have seen coming add some new elements to your life that are both intriguing and mysterious.

October 31 Neptune stations direct at 19°15' Aquarius until 5/26/08

Neptune is the planet that rules what is vague, unclear and undefined in our life. Under its influence we often feel a little confused, bewildered or though our life is a bit out of focus. That said this is a wonderful time for imagination and all forms of creativity. This may well make for a most interesting Halloween with the most unusual costumes yet!

When Neptune is strongly affecting us, as now, it is as though “the veils are thin” between the physical (visible) and the spiritual (invisible) worlds. You may be feeling extra sensitive and even quite emotional now as you tune into these energies. All things occult and of a psychic nature are in more prominent and in the air. Your senses are keen and perhaps even your Intuition stronger than usual. Pay careful attention to any message trying to make their way into your consciousness. It may be that your Angels or Higher Self are trying to get something important through to you. These can come in the form of dreams, meditation, journaling or even just what appears before (song lyrics is one of my favorites!).

And, because this is happening in the sign of Aquarius, some humanitarian concern may be in the media, bringing us closer to one another, as we feel our empathy for our global family. Sending out prayers and offerings of peace are wonderful ways to utilize the higher dimensions and expressions of this station.

November 1 at 4:00 pm PDT, Mercury will be stationing direct. This is always good for communications in general, as finding the right words seem easier somehow. There is a window now for moving forward on some project or for making some agreements you have before you.

Two things to consider are: The impact of Mercury going direct often takes a day or two to be truly felt. And, on November 15th, Mars will be turning retrograde until 1/13/08. This may slow things down, forcing us to reconsider certain elements of our plans. Hence, from about November 2nd until the 13th or so is the best time to implement plans and to take steps to move forward on your projects. More on Mars turning retrograde in November AstroCurrents!

Be sure and reread Part One: AstroCurrents for October as there are many influences that are still in effect.

Looking ahead to November, here are some of the events I will discuss in the next AstroCurrents:

  • November 8 Venus (re)enters Libra until 12/5.
  • November 9 is the New Moon at 17°10' Scorpio.
  • November 11 Mercury (re)enters Scorpio until 12/1.
  • November 15 Mars stations retrograde at 12°27' Cancer until 1/30/08.
  • November 22 the Sun enters Sagittarius.
  • November 24 Uranus stations direct at 14°46' Pisces.
  • November 24 is the Full Moon at 1°55' Gemini.


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