AstroCurrents for October - Part One: Focus on Nurturing and Health, Simplicity, and Expansion

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign. The events listed here are for the first half of October.

NOTE: AstroCurrents for September will be done in two parts. There is a lot happening this month and reading it all in one sitting will likely be too much! Part two will be up mid-month, so be sure and bookmark this page and check back.

October 7 (8th in all US time zones besides Pacific) Venus re-enters Virgo until 11/8. While Venus is in Virgo we are reminded to focus on those things that enhance our overall health and well-being, with a special emphasis on those ways that are most nurturing and enjoyable. Getting a massage (or other body work) or going to a spa are good ideas now. Focusing on ways that relieve stress and worry and you will be on the right track.

Venus is the planet most associated with ease, beauty and how we enjoy ourselves, so while in Virgo you may be drawn to simple and basic pleasures. Easy but healthy meals, simple flower arrangements or just taking a long walk are all ways to tune into this energy. Essentially, now is a time to slow down, find joy in simple living and to take better care of yourself. Know that this is not intended to be difficult or trying, but rather done with ease and grace. Keep in mind that Venus in Virgo always asks us to do those things that are natural, pure, basic and simple~and even obvious. Those things most elaborate are generally not necessary as we create more order and better health routines.

Venus in Virgo can also be a time of Harvest of our efforts put forth this year. While this certainly can relate to an actual garden, it can also be a time of reaping rewards in other ways, such as work, finances or recent home projects. Gratitude and appreciation will increase this vibration so making this a part or your daily focus will help to bring you the reward of past efforts during this time. A good place to start is to appreciate the basic, yet essential, things that are all around you (air, water, friends, family, your home, etc.). And be sure to include all those closest to you in your daily gratitude practice.

As to personal relationships, now is a good time to do some gentle evaluation as to how your relationship(s) are supporting your day-to-day life. Is it disruptive or does your partner help you to establish a sense of order and ease in your life? Does your life flow more easily as a result of your relationship? Do you feel a sense of purpose and rhythm in your relationship? Some simple adjustments may help to establish better patterns to support each of your goals and sense of order in your life(s).

October 9 Jupiter squares Uranus (while retrograde) at 15°35’ Sagittarius/Pisces. (The influence of this event will last for at least several days before and after this square.)

The energy now may be a mix of enthusiasm and chaos, excitement and overwhelm, and change and disruption. Jupiter expands whatever it is involved in and Uranus is the planet that can bring in change-perhaps even radical at times. Expect some area of your life to feel the influence of this important event, especially those areas that have grown stagnant or lifeless. Both of these planets can help us to get excited about life, yet under the influence of this square it will most likely require that something has to shift, alter or even radically change in the process.

Since both Sagittarius and Pisces are signs that greatly influence our beliefs and faith in life in general, it may well be that these areas will get your focus now. Perhaps you will have an important realization or conversation that will open you up to some higher truth that will in some significant way change your life. Or maybe you will go someplace or do something that will inspire you or give you new insights. It is wise to notice what is coming towards you now…what opportunity to expand or bring a positive change to your life in some way has presented itself during this time. And pay especial attention to those things that appear out of the blue, as this is often how Uranian energies work.

How this square is aspecting your natal chart will tell a lot about how you will react to this aspect, as well as what area(s) in your life you will be experiencing these shifts and changes. (Even a short reading can give you insights into this).

Overall, this can be a most exciting and dynamic time. Staying open and receptive to what needs to change or what areas you are ready to grow and increase your understanding in will help to create this being a most benevolent influence. Conversely, if you resist the changes that these energies are generating, this can have a most disruptive and even upsetting impact. We are here to grow and evolve, and this is one of those transits that directly impacts this, assisting us to move to a higher level or understanding and experience. Follow the cosmic breadcrumbs being presented to you and you may well find you have arrived in a place or greater freedom, hope and faith feeling inspired with new ideas, solutions, creativity and joy.

October 10 New Moon at 17°30’ Libra at 10:01 pm PDT. During the influence of this NM, Venus will be coming to what is called its “shadow point” of its recent retrograde period (basically this is the place where Venus was when it turned retrograde on July 27th). This, combined with the energies of the Libra New Moon, places an extra emphasis on relationships, especially as it relates to what has transpired during this time, meaning from July 27 until now. Some things to reflect on now are:

have some important things come to light in your relationship(s) as a result of doing some evaluation this summer?

  • have some significant events taken place since then?
  • has a deeper commitment or new direction occurred since then?
  • have significant relationships either ended or begun during this time?
  • how healthy (or not) and supportive is your relationship? What does it need to improve in these ways?

As you consider these things during the few days around this new moon in Libra, you have a chance to renew or bring in new direction for a relationship that you have been pondering during this time. Pay careful attention to your inner voice, as well as outside advice, as you consider these aspects. Also possible is that you may enter into a relationship during this lunation cycle (until the next new moon on 11/9) that will have an impact on your life.

Another component to this NM is that Venus is approaching a conjunction with Saturn (exact on Saturday), which gives added significance to the decisions we make and the direction we are headed now. While this is particularly applicable to our personal relationships and partnerships (including business associations) it is also important in the following ways:

  • the general direction you are heading in your relationships-personal, career or business
  • the recent decisions you have made regarding these areas of your life
  • the direction you are going with regards to all areas of your health
  • the financial areas of your life that are directly related to your income and future security

Know that the decisions you are making about these areas now may well come into play next Spring as Saturn revisits this point (March through June). So think ahead as you consider the possible impacts of your decisions and intentions.

October 11 Mercury stations retrograde at 9:00 pm PDT at 9°04’ Scorpio until 11/1 (Mercury entered Scorpio on September 27 until 10/23.)

While Mercury is in Scorpio our minds are drawn to delve below the surface and investigate the reasons, motives and events of our life through a piercing lens and this inclination will only increase during its time of retrograde (now until 11/1). You may find you are not satisfied with superficial answers and conversations, but rather seek to know the deeper influences and mysteries that lay hidden or unseen. This process can offer you a better understanding of why things occur in your life the way they do. If this influence is held in this way, it can be a most revelatory experience, offering enlightenment and insights where darkness was before.

It is important to not become obsessed with this search to know all. Know that simply placing your intention and gaze in this direction will offer up on its own, the information you seek. This is especially important in your relations with others; meaning don’t prod and/or poke around where not invited! No one likes to be put under the looking glass! (This will be especially true during the time it re-enters Libra from 10/24 until 11/11). Rather, seek to know, yet be gentle, respectful and mindful in the process.

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