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AstroCurrents for September - Part Two: Focus on Tension in Communications, Balance, Reflection, an Equinox and Rare Star of David

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

“What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do.”

  • September 17 Sun square Mars in Virgo/Gemini
  • September 19 Sun square Pluto in Virgo/Sagittarius
  • September 21 Mars opposite Pluto 26°21’ Gemini/Sagittarius

These three aspects are best understood together, as their influence is connected and will be felt all week. Basically, what is occurring is called a “T-square in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius involving Mars, the Sun and Pluto”. This influence can only too easily create tension in communications as understanding one another can be overshadowed by wanting our voice to be heard the loudest and first. This is a rather volatile aspect that warrants some warnings!

First, know that everyone is feeling this tension, as it is in the ethers! So it is suggested that you not enter into conversations or dialogs that you know may be touchy or difficult to begin with. Timing, patience and common sense go a long way now. Rather than succumb to the friction of this energy, adopt the role of the peacekeeper as surely it will be needed in many environments during these few days!

Next, look at yourself and observe your thoughts, checking for negative thinking or judgmental attitudes. The energy of these aspects can assist us to look deeper at our own minds and behavior to see where we may be self-sabotaging through our own thoughts and actions. Though somewhat uncomfortable to do so now, this is a good time to explore deeper into your attitudes and beliefs with the objective being to know yourself better. Adopting the position of Observer will facilitate this; meaning, you do not necessarily need to do anything about this at this point in time, just take note as awareness is the key to change and growth.

And finally, this week may well just be kind of crazy with phone calls, emails and too much to do. There can be break downs in communications resulting in misunderstandings. Mars is energizing whatever it touches now, creating this sense of urgency in virtually everything on the to do list! It would be good to have a plan for the day, as tangenting is likely if you don’t, but also include some flexibility in your schedule. And yet, if you can stay focused, you may well be able to accomplish a lot as you zip through that stack of papers on your desk and items on your to do list!

And one more thing to keep in mind is that these aspects can wreak havoc with the nervous system as our minds are working overtime. Be sure to make time to relax, take some deep breaths and unwind at the end of the day.

[NOTE: Perhaps the height of these energies, meaning the most intense, will be on Wednesday, the 19th from early morning until mid-day, Pacific time. The international scene is especially volatile now. Personally, be extra careful in your communications.]

September 21 Venus opposite Neptune at 19°41’ Leo/Aquarius - This is a wonderful energy to help end this rather tense week on a gentler note. It will help to restore balance and open the door for understanding where only a day or two ago seemed near impossible. Each of these planets rule and has influence over Love; as Venus rules earthly and personal Love and Neptune rules unconditional and universal Love. And so when these two combine, we are able to feel and sense that Love and peace have indeed entered into our relations. Allow these soothing energies to wash over you as you release the tensions of the past few days.

September 23 Sun enters Libra at 2:52 am PDT (Fall Equinox) - The Fall Equinox ushers in the final quarter of this year. It is a wonderful time to stop and do some reflecting on the year, what has been accomplished and what it still to do, as you intended at the outset of 2007. This shift of energies brings us to look at our relationships and the role they play in our lives. We are drawn to reach out and connect to those around us. The focus now is “how can I include those I love and care about in my life in ways that honor us both?”.

Restoring balance and utilizing compromise are keys to accomplishing this. It is a time to call truces, make peace and build bridges. We are not an island unto ourselves and during the influence of Libra, this is foremost in our minds and hearts. The days and nights are of equal length now which helps us to feel in some innate and essential way that these attributes exist in equality and balance.

September 26 Full/Harvest Moon at 3°20’ Aries at 12:45 pm PDT

There is a rare Star of David* aspect in the sky today, which adds to the dynamic nature of this Full Moon. For one, this opens up the doors of opportunity, as things fall into place almost magically. There is a feeling of enthusiasm in the air that will have many taking action on projects and/or moving forward in some area of their life.

The recent Mars/Pluto opposition is still in effect, now called a “separating influence”, and so could make things a bit tense during the heightened influence of this Full Moon. So now, seek to mend fences and bridge differences, which may well require some compromises. Harmony and cooperation are the way to best use these energies. Strive to balance your needs with those around you. You may find that they are more similar than you think! Try not to rush the conversation, but rather listen carefully and practice mindfulness.

[*A Star of David, astrologically speaking, is when there is a planet in either each of the fire and air signs or each of the earth and water signs. This one occurs in the fire and air signs.]

September 27 Mercury enters Scorpio until 10/23. While Mercury is in Scorpio our minds are drawn to delve below the surface and investigate the reasons, motive and events of our life through a piercing lens. You may find you are not satisfied with superficial answers and conversations, but rather seek to know the deeper influences and mysteries that lay hidden or unseen. This process can offer you a better understanding of why things occur in your life the way they do. If this influence is held in this way, it can be a most revelatory experience, offering enlightenment and insights where darkness was before.

It is important to not become obsessed with this search to know all. Know that simply placing your intention and gaze in this direction will offer up on its own, the information you seek. This is especially important in your relations with others; meaning don’t prod and/or poke around where not invited! No one likes to be put under the looking glass! Rather, seek to know, yet be gentle, respectful and mindful in the process.

Mercury will be going retrograde while in Scorpio (on 10/11) and during that time especially this desire to know all will be strong. (More on that and how to handle it next month). Remember to use the time between now and then to get your important calls and contacts made and to seek agreements in those things most important, as it advised to avoid such activity while Mercury is retrograde (from 10/11 until 11/2).

September 28 Mars enters Cancer until 12/31 - During Mars stay in Cancer, our focus gravitates towards our home, as the activity there is likely to increase. It is a good time to work on those home Fall projects, such as repairs, cleaning out the garage or basic remodels, as you may have the motivation and energy needed for these things now.

For some, the home may be somewhat chaotic and hectic during this time. Unexpected company arrives, the house won’t seem to stay neat or your new neighbor seems to be hosting an on-going party. Mars can stir things up wherever it visits so expect there to be a tornado here or there on the home front during the remainder of the year.

Emotionally, this can be a trying time as Mars stirs up things in this realm as well. You may notice that your feelings are closer to the surface and that you feel more vulnerable. It is good to remember that others are likely feeling this way as well. Hence, this can impact our interactions with those we live with as well our families and extended families. Be sure to proceed gently when interacting with those closest to you, especially if the subject is a sensitive one.

This can also bring back memories and nostalgic feelings as we reflect on the past. A trip down memory lane can trigger these feelings and to a degree can be helpful in explaining our sensitivity of late. You may find yourself putting together photo albums, scrap books or your child’s baby book (even though they are now 16!), which would all be good creative expressions while Mars is in Cancer.

Be sure and reread AstroCurrents Part I because these two influences are still influencing us:

  • September 2 Saturn enters Virgo until 10/29/09.
  • September 5 Mercury enters Libra until 9/27

You will also want to refer back to these previous AstroCurrents influences which you can read in previous reports.

  • August 6 (late) Mars enters Gemini until 9/28
  • June 23rd Uranus stations retrograde at 18°42’ Pisces until 11/24.
  • May 24th Neptune stations retrograde until 10/31.
  • November 23rd Jupiter enters Sagittarius until 12/18/07

Looking ahead to October, here are some of the events I will discuss in next month’s AstroCurrents (be sure to send me an email if you would like to be notified as when the new AstroCurrents is up): [tony-link the phrase “send me an email” to the contact page]

  • October 7/8 Venus enters Virgo until 11/8
  • October 9 Jupiter square Uranus retrograde at 15°35’ Sagittarius/Pisces
  • October 10 New Moon at 17°30’ Libra at 10:01 pm PDT
  • October 11 Mercury stations retrograde at 9:00 pm PDT at 9°04’ Scorpio until 11/1
  • October 23 Sun enters Scorpio at 12:16 pm PDT
  • October 23 Sun conjunct Mercury at 4:55 pm PDT
  • October 23 Mercury, while retrograde, re-enters Libra at 8:38 pm PDT until 11/11
  • October 25 Full Moon at 2°23’ Taurus at 9:51 pm PDT
  • October 31 Neptune stations direct at 19°15’ Aquarius until 5/26/08

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