Key Astrological Aspects for May 2007: Self-Worth, Expansion, Home, Following Your Instincts

"Things that matter most should never be at the mercy of things that matter least."
-- Goethe

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign

May 2nd is a Full Moon at 11°38' Scorpio at 3:09 am PDT, 4:09 am MDT, 5:09 am CDT and 6:09 am EDT. (This full moon is also known as the Wesak Moon*.)

The themes, or areas, that get emphasized during this full moon are those involving what you value and truly care about-in yourself, in others, in your environment and in your life. Hence, it is a time when these things are uppermost in your mind, and perhaps in your conversations. During these few days, it is a good time to reevaluate your income and expenses and your resources (which includes your talents, abilities, reputation, etc.). Seeing that at the core of these things is how you value yourself and how you view your own worth.

Some keys to working with these full moon energies, and until the New Moon, are:

  • Look in unusual places for answers, additional resources or support.
  • Seek out ways to express your values and who you are, not only at this time, but also into the future. You have something to offer!!
  • Use practical, tried-but-true strategies and principles.
  • Use the influence of Taurus to persevere through resistance.
  • Stay with things until the task is accomplished!
  • Resist being stubborn or headstrong.

*Wesak is the most holy time in the Buddhist calendar and is the second of the three major spiritual planetary festivals, The Buddha's Blessing, and is celebrated at the Taurus full moon. You can read more about this sacred event at

"When you reframe problems as projects, they will cease to bother you and begin to stimulate you."
-- Alan Cohen

May 6th Jupiter trine Saturn in Sag/Leo 18°24' Sag/Leo. (This influence will last until late May). The trine of Jupiter to Saturn brings us opportunities to make real progress on our various projects, whether personal or professional. The expansive, optimistic nature of Jupiter is now in sync with the practical, business-like manner of Saturn. Hence, this combo can help us to remove obstacles, find solutions, and thus manifest our ideas and plans, or at least make progress to that end. The magic here is that it is a union of both the realistic nature of Saturn with the enthusiastic and dynamic nature of Jupiter. Take advantage of this trine by actively focusing on ways to make things work, as opposed to seeing limitations. This is a great time to move forward in productive and realistic ways!

May 8th Venus enters Cancer until 6/5. While Venus is in Cancer, we are drawn to our homes and families. Time spent with those you love and care about can be nurturing and healing. You may find you want to invest some time and energy in your homes, and in fact it is a good time to redecorate or remodel. Gardening and being outdoors is also particularly healing now. Some of you may be feeling nostalgic as you reflect on your past and remember times gone by. A stroll down memory lane may be sweet, but don't let yourself get consumed in days gone by.

"You can't steal home with your foot on third base."
-- Source unknown

May 10th Jupiter squares Uranus at 17°57' Sag/Pis. This celestial influence is a call to change and expand in some area of your life. Now is the time to notice what has become stagnant and is begging for some new energy and renewed vitality. This is a most stimulating aspect and so you may notice some craziness around you (or in the world at large). Seek out higher knowledge and a new perspective. This can be a time of real movement if you are open to change. It's time to take some risks and try a new strategy!

May 11th Mercury enters Gemini until 5/28. Mercury is at home here, since it rules Gemini. This placement stimulates the mind, as new ideas come to you and conversations are lively. Listen to others carefully, staying open to other points of view. This can be a great energizer for all forms of communication. A couple of warnings: one-avoid engaging in gossip and two-don't believe everything you hear (or think, for that matter!).

"The truth will set you free, but first it will annoy you big-time."
- Source unknown

May 13th Mars squares Pluto at 28°31' Pis/Sag. During this most energetic time, we also have Mars squaring Pluto to add fuel to the fire. Mars squaring Pluto can be very intense and agitating. It may be that some will be feeling this side of this aspect. It is best not to aggravate others by entering into areas you know will be conflictive. Best now to not upset the apple cart! That said, this can be a great aspect for breakthroughs, but don't expect them to come easily. The truth isn't always easy to accept! For the most part, know that there is a fiery, dynamic, volatile energy afoot, so thread lightly.

May 15th Mars enters Aries until 6/24. This is also a most dynamic, activating transit (what a month we have going!). Mars is not known for standing around, twiddling its thumbs…No, quite the contrary. This placement is all about acting now, thinking later. This can be good, if you have hesitated too long in some area of your life, for sometimes we all need to just act, and quit mulling over and contemplating! So, if you have been waiting for some force, some internal spark to get you moving, to help you break through inertia or resistance, this could be it and this could be the time. A word of advice: TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS, as they may well be your best guide now.

May 16th is a New Moon in Taurus at 12:27 pm PDT, 1:27 pm MDT, 2:27 pm CDT and 3:27 pm EDT. This NM is a wonderful time to lay groundwork and plant seeds. It is a most fertile energy, so get thinking about what it is you want to create in the weeks and months to come and take action towards that end. Write out a plan, make the call, ask for support, take some actions towards your goal. And with Mars having just entered Aries (read above) it only multiplies the power of this NM to generate positive results in your life. Will may find it easy to be practical and cunning and creative in your process, as this NM in Taurus will help you to access these things. Know that six months from now, as a direct result of action taken during this time, some area of your life could be very different indeed!

May 21st Sun enters Gemini at 3:11 am PDT until 6/21.

May 24th Neptune stations retrograde until 10/31. Neptune stations twice a year and when it does it seems to do interesting things to time. For a few days, things can feel surreal and a bit strange. Yet in this interesting space, we are given a chance to slow down just enough to see something important that in our busy lives we may have missed. Now is a time to notice what is at the edge of your vision, what is on your mind when you awake or what you think about when you daydream. It may well be that a most important message is trying to get through.

During the days just before and after this station, you may feel tired, even exhausted, as this is a time to get extra rest, so try to make time to relax and surrender to your body's messages of weariness. Rest now will pay off ten-fold in the weeks to come. This is also a most mystical energy, so spending time in retreat mode, meditating and/or reflecting are particularly productive and satisfying now. During this time, go with the flow, don't push the river, stay grounded and pay attention to the subtle things around you.

May 28th Mercury enters Cancer until 8/4. This placement of Mercury helps us to connect our mind to our feelings, making it easier now that at other times to express our feelings. You may find that you are feeling nostalgic during this time, as you turn back the clock, pulling up events of yesteryear and of things that might have been. We are most impressionable now, as images are as much a part of our mental process as thoughts. Do a collage! Or revisit old photos. Or have conversations with others who share some of your memories. All are good ways to use this energy. Once you have, you will find you can get back to the task at hand. (NOTE: While Mercury is in Cancer, it will be making it's 2nd retrograde of the year from 6/15 until 7/9.)

May 31st is a Full Moon (also a Blue Moon) at 10°12' Sagittarius at 6:04 pm PDT, 7:04 pm MDT, 8:04 pm CDT and 9:04 pm EDT. Personally, this is my favorite Full Moon of the year. It opens our mind, intrigues us with new ideas and exciting possibilities. We are drawn to greener pastures and new adventures, rather real or imaginary. Communications in general are lighter, as our own opinions don't seem as important as listening to those around us. A reevaluation of your long-held positions may need some updating under this influence. Focus on the big picture, be a keen observer and avid learner and ask that higher truths be revealed to you and you will be making good use of this great FM energy.

Looking ahead to June, here are some of the events I will discuss in next month's AstroCurrents (be sure to send me an email if you would like to be notified as when the new AstroCurrents is up):

  • June 5th Venus enters Leo until 7/14.
  • June 14th is the New Moon in Gemini at 8:13 pm PDT, 9:13 pm MDT, 10:13 pm CDT and 11:13 pm EDT.
  • June 15th Mercury SR at 11°36' Cancer until 7/9.
  • June 21st Sun enters Cancer at 11:07 am PDT (Summer Solstice). June 23rd Uranus SR at 18°42' Pisces until 11/24.
  • June 24th Mars enters Taurus until 8/6.
  • June 25th Saturn opposite Neptune® at 21°47' Leo/Aqu.
  • June 30th is a Full Moon at 8°25' Capricorn at 6:49 am PDT, 7:49 am MDT, 8:49 am CDT and 9:49 am EDT.

There are many astrological influences still in effect from prior months, so be sure and read through all previous reports to understand fully the active AstroCurrents.

For more information about Mt. Shasta, California, astrologer Elizabeth Jones, visit her web site at, or you can easily reach her at Her phone number is 530-926-1999.


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