Key Astrological Aspects for April 2007: Emphasis on Communication, Fresh Perspectives, Solid Foundations, Perseverance, and Kindness

"Our only security is our ability to change."
-- John Lilly

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

April 6th, Mars enters Pisces until 5/15. During the weeks Mars is in Pisces, it isn't a great time for accomplishing those projects requiring a strong dose of physical effort or an intense push. In fact, many may feel more tired than usual, wondering where their energy went! This placement of Mars redirects our focus to those projects that are more creative and spiritual in nature. Or perhaps you may be drawn to spend some time in the garden or in nature but not necessarily with any goal in mind. At times you may even feel spacey and ungrounded. It is important now to get enough rest and sleep. Take note of what is just at the edge of your vision and/or your mind, or perhaps just upon waking, as there may be a message trying to get through from a higher realm or dimension!

April 10th, Mercury enters Aries until late on the 4/26. When Mercury is in Aries we feel mentally energized and inclined towards getting all forms of communications, writing, contacting people, etc. done that may have been put off for the past few weeks. It's rather like a "Springtime of the Mind"! So, now, and for the next couple weeks, it is a great time to move forward and act in these areas. Make the call, send the email, write, and then submit, the article, etc. And expect to see results soon! When it comes to relating on more personal levels, a couple warnings are advised. For one, slow down while having important communications. Don't rush either the other person's speaking or your own listening! And, be sure to double check all written communications before sending them out. Again, slowing down and adding even a small dose of patience will go a long way now. Better that than regretting an impulsive decision, comment or statement made because of being in a rush!

April 11th, Venus enters Gemini until 5/8. Venus in Gemini is great for most forms of communicating, as our tone softens and our attitudes aren't as harsh. However, if you are careless, this can be a somewhat fickle and gossipy placement, which of course isn't a good thing! In the romance department, this placement can open up lines of communication that will result in a much needed breath of fresh air. Two keys to positively using this placement is to add sweetness and levity to your communications. You will be pleased with how far they go now in bridging differences and building stronger relationships during this time.

April 17th is a New Moon in Aries at 4:36 am PDT, 5:36 am MDT, 6:36 am CDT and 7:36 am EDT. This New Moon is a chance to bring new life to some area of your life, as indicated by where in your chart it falls. The NM in Aries ushers in a wonderful energy for bringing in fresh perspectives and new ideas to an existing project or to any area you are currently focusing on or are involved with. This will be strengthened by a strong trine to Pluto and by the fact that Saturn is stationing direct in two days [see below]. So use these influences over the next two weeks to add spark, enthusiasm and inspiration to your life. And expect some movement and/or results to occur that you have been waiting for for a while!

April 19th Saturn stations direct in Leo until 12/19. Saturn has been retrograde since 12/5/06 and is now turning direct until next December.

NOTE: for a great visual of just what Saturn going retrograde and direct is, visit NASA's site.

During the times that Saturn is retrograde it is not unusual for the various things we are working on to slow down, at least to some degree. This can include such things as business projects or new health regimes or relationship changes. You may find that during the last few months you needed to pull back somewhat from forward movement and regroup or reorganize or rethink or reevaluate certain aspects of your plans. While it can be frustrating that things aren't going along as fast as you would like, you will find that now that Saturn has turned direct, things will move forward but with a more solid foundation, as this is a primary aspect of what Saturn influences can do for us. It's all about what creates us feeling more secure and solid. So during the weeks leading up to this station, give some thought to what has transpired in the last several months that will help you in creating this more solid and reliable place to stand. And as these things become clear to you, make a point of incorporating them into your life. This may be a return to a previous practice, or a new path to health you have been studying or a new partnership you have been exploring. Anything that you have given some serious thought to during this last few months, and has value to you at this time, is now ready to fully enter your life as a support to you in some way.

Another thing to consider during the weeks to come are your goals and what you are doing to accomplish them. Saturn will be in the sign of Leo until early September, when it then enters Virgo for 2 and a half years. And it will not be in Leo again for 28 years or so. Hence, these next few months brings us a final opportunity to use this fiery placement of Saturn to our advantage. Ways to do this are to intentionally give some consideration, time, energy and focus to whatever is your unique offering and contribution. Leo is the sign where we want to express ourselves in some way, and Saturn here says yes, express yourself, but do so in a meaningful and purposeful way. Don't be afraid to "be all you can be!" And being willing to work towards these goals now will most definitely payoff in the months to come, bringing you your heart's desire in ways you only imagined possible. And remember: perseverance is a valuable key!

April 20th Sun enters Taurus at 4:07 am PDT until 5/21.

April 26th Mercury enters Taurus until 5/11. Mercury here can slow us down to the speed of life, so to speak. Meaning, we aren't as inclined to race around, possibility missing important details or aspects of a task, or pieces of a conversation that will help us to understand someone better. All this said, it can slow us down to a point where it feels like inertia and is difficult to get things done. There are some areas you may find you either want to focus on, or need to, during the time that Mercury is in Taurus. They are in the area of our resources, finances and budgets, as this is a great time to really take a good look at these things. And it is most important to keep in mind what it is that truly nurtures you, that you really care about and what you value during the process. A key to getting the most from this influence is to keep things simple and basic, with an emphasis on kindness and what is beautiful. This can apply to work, finances, health or relationship issues.

April 28th Mars conjunct Uranus at 17°30' Pisces. April 30th Mars square Jupiter at 18°50' Pis/Sag. This is both an interesting and volatile combo, as these three planets can have a very dynamic impact on our lives. Events may occur during this time in a most disruptive, abrupt and/or sudden fashion. You, or those around you, may feel anxious or nervous during these few days, though are not sure why (I find this can also be true of children or animals). Change is in the air and in our environments. The areas that you will most likely be experiencing these things is determined by where this event occurs in your own chart (a reading will shed light on this). What you believe or held as your truth may be challenged or shattered or radically changed in some way as a result of events taking place now or as a result of new information that comes your way, most likely out of the clear blue. However, Venus will be playing a part in these events as well, which will help to tone down things a bit. So seeking out ways to add softness and tolerance and acceptance to your tone and interactions will help to temper and balance out these energies.

Jupiter and Uranus have been squaring each other for most of April and will continue to do so into May. And now Mars, the great catalyst of the Zodiac, has come along and is activating and adding a spark to this dynamic and rare square. So even though there is a feeling of volatility or that the things occurring now are of a sudden and unexpected nature, you may find that in reality they have been brewing for a while, if nothing else, in your mind.

Always with such powerful celestial events as this, I ask "what does this energy what of us? What is the highest expression?". In this case, it is all about creating a greater sense of aliveness in our lives and the changes occurring now play a necessary part in this happening. And if you look honestly at the areas that are being affected, you may well notice that they are things that were very likely holding you back in some important way from a fuller, deeper and richer life.

So how do you handle these most potent influences? Well, for one, make an extra effort to stay grounded and centered. And, don't stop your practices and routines because of the craziness most likely present during this time, as they will help you to stay on top of things. Also, stay alert and conscious, as now is not the time to go asleep or fall backwards into old habits or patterns. And one last thing, don't go toppling the apple cart for no reason. Allow the changes to come to you, as they very likely will. And remember:

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it."
-- Rudyard Kipling

Looking ahead to May, here are some of the events I will discuss in next month's AstroCurrents. There are also many AstroCurrents still in effect from previous months, so be sure and Read Previous AstroCurrents to incorporate all the influences that are still active.

  • May 2nd is a Full Moon in Scorpio at 3:09 am PDT, 4:09 am MDT, 5:09 am CDT and 6:09 am EDT.
  • May 6th Jupiter trine Saturn in Sag/Leo 18°24' Sag/Leo.
  • May 8th Venus enters Cancer until 6/5.
  • May 10th Jupiter squares Uranus at 17°57' Sag/Pis.
  • May 11th Mercury enters Gemini until 5/28.
  • May 13th Mars square Pluto at 28°31' Pis/Sag.
  • May 15th Mars enters Aries until 6/24.
  • May 16th is a New Moon in Taurus at 12:27 pm PDT, 1:27 pm MDT, 2:27 pm CDT and 3:27 pm EDT.
  • May 21st Sun enters Gemini at 3:11 am PDT until 6/21.
  • May 24th Neptune stations retrograde until 10/31.
  • May 28th Mercury enters Cancer until 8/4.
  • May 31st is a Full Moon (also a Blue Moon) in Sagittarius at 6:04 pm PDT, 7:04 pm MDT, 8:04 pm CDT and 9:04 pm EDT.


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