AstroCurrents for March 2007: Part Two - Emphasis on Change, Values, Nature, Breaking Habits, and Self Awareness

"Never think that God's delays are God's denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius."
-Comte de Bullon

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

This is Part Two of March 2007 AstroCurrents, click here to refer back to March Astrological Influences, Part One .

March 16th, Jupiter trine Saturn, while retrograde, at 19°09' Sag/Leo. (NOTE: This trine will be felt for the next several weeks.) This is a most energizing and benevolent influence, impacting us all to at least some degree. Since it is occurring in the fire signs of Sagittarius and Leo, it is very dynamic and will open the doors of opportunity and change. There are two things to remember when considering the effect of this aspect. One is how it is impacting your chart, as well as what other transits you are under. And second is how willing are you to change? For if you are open and patient, this aspect, as well as others this Spring, can rekindle your spirit and present the energy you need to move towards your dreams and goals.

Jupiter's influence is very expansive in nature. It broadens our horizons and opens the mind to higher truth. Saturn is the planet that rules structure and the "plan" and perseverance. Hence, these two influences working together may well be just the ticket to genuine growth, leading to success. A key here is to take advantage of what presents itself to you. Then, to nurture these ideas and projects. Also, to be patient and lastly to not loose faith. This can be a most productive rewarding cycle. So get enthused and trust the Universe to bring you just what you need to move forward and expand your life in some significant way! A good question to keep uppermost in your mind during this time is "what is the best use of my energy now?".

March 17th, Venus enters Taurus until 4/11. Venus is most comfortable in the sign of Taurus, being one of the two signs it rules (Libra being the other). While it is here we are drawn to natural beauty, finding ways to be nourished and comforted, and what brings us more security-in our relationships and our finances. It is good to spend time in nature now, as this will nourish the spirit and feed the soul. This may be as wondrous as watching a sunrise or as simple as bringing flowers into the home.

While Venus is here, you may also be reevaluating your finances and budgets, as these are also influenced by this placement. It is very important to include in this consideration what it is you truly value, as this may have changed or be changing now. Ask yourself such questions as "Do I still get value from…..? (that class you're taking, that service I pay for, etc.). just because you've done something for a long time doesn't mean you are still getting value from it!

"Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave ‘em all over everything you do."
--Elvis Presley

Now is a good time to reevaluate what it is you care about and gain pleasure from. This is especially true if you feel you need more joy and levity in your life! We are inclined towards being with those we love in simple ways that nourish us (and them). Such things as a family game night or having a neighborhood pot luck can offer ways to fill our cup without being too extravagant. An underlying key here is to seek out ways to enjoy yourself that won't stress your budget!

Lastly, Venus is Taurus is very loving and romantic. So relationships get a nice boost from this placement. Do be careful not to let the jealousy bug get you as this is a possibility now. Being generous in love and spirit will be its own reward now.

March 18th, Mercury re-enters Pisces until 4/10. When Mercury is in Pisces the mental can be more attuned to the spiritual and mystical. So it is possible now to be more aware of what resides just outside the logical. Because of this, you may find it more difficult to focus and stay with the task at hand, as the mind wants to wander into the realms of imagination and fantasy. One way to work with this tendency during this time that Mercury is in Pisces is to give yourself breaks throughout the day to just daydream. By doing this, you may even find that you will receive valuable information that will help with whatever it is that you are (trying) to focus on or accomplish.

March 18th is a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 7:43 pm PDT, 8:43 pm MDT, 9:43 pm CDT and 10:43 pm EDT. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse is a potent one. First, all NM/SE are powerful reminders that we can begin again in important ways if we really focus on what it is we want. Second, this one is occurring at the end of the zodiac, being at 28 degrees of Pisces, which is the time when the yearly cycle ends as the new one is begun (at the Spring equinox). This suggests that now, and for the next few days, we are being given the opportunity to plant seeds deep within our psyche for a future that is rich in spirit and true to our highest aspirations and truth. However, it is most important to honor where we have come from by remembering the dreams and visions we have held in our souls. And this NM/SE is an opening to doing just this. Ways to access this energy are through meditation and by watching your dreams, as insights can come into the conscious mind through those avenues now.

This NM/SE is also squaring Pluto, the planet of deep transformation and purification. This is a rare influence that many will be feeling for several days, if not longer. It suggests that before, or perhaps as, the new cycle is beginning, there may be blocks, in the form of habits, beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, etc. that must be brought to the surface. These are things that may have held you back in the past, perhaps even originating in a past life. Yet, they are ultimately based in illusion, which the sign of Pisces has the power to reveal to us, if we are open and willing (and truly ready). As this clearing and dissolving of the old occurs, we create a place in our lives for the new cycle to be, thrive and exist.

Again, this is the week that we shift from the old year into the new year. The Spring equinox truly is the New Year of the zodiac, ushering in a new cycle full of potential and new energy. And this NM/SE at this time is a great force for better understanding what it is that we are opening to and ready to realize in our life. [learn more about the influence of the Spring equinox at MTT below.]

March 20th Sun enters Aries at 5:08 pm PDT until 4/20. (Read about this influence at Monthly Transit Talk, MTT, for Aries.)

March 22nd, Mars opposite Saturn retrograde at 18°51' Aqu/Leo. This can be a great energizer if used correctly. That said, it can also be a rather frustrating aspect if impatience is allowed to take center stage. The key is to realize that manifesting in the physical takes time. There is a chance now, rather than getting frustrated, to break through some resistance that has held you back. A key is to remember that you have certain responsibilities that may need to be either recognized in the process or be dealt with first. Also, be sure to keep your ego in check, and honor what others want, too.

March 25th, Mars conjunct Neptune at 21°05' Aqu. This can be a somewhat confusing influence, especially if you are trying to get something done that requires effort and persistence, as Neptune dissolves the sand castle as soon as we create it. You may find you have low energy now and in fact extra rest may be just what you need. Now is not the time to push the river but rather go with the flow for if you notice, you are fighting against the invisible. This is a great aspect for working within a group for the good of all, as our egos take a back seat for now. (Btw, in regards to what is going on in the world around us, this aspect can contribute to some interesting weather event, especially those involving water and fire or heat. It can also be a player in oil or gas prices—perhaps they will skyrocket around now!).

"A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows."
--St. Francis of Assisi

March 31st, Pluto SR at 28°58' Sag until 9/7. The movements of Pluto have an impact deep within our psyche and generally outside of the reach of our conscious, everyday thoughts. Yet, these areas can be brought to our attention by various events taking place in the sky. (The Solar Eclipse of 3/18 was certainly one of them. See above). As Pluto stations retrograde, it slows down to a standstill first, which can bring your attention to these very areas. During this time, lasting at least two weeks before and after the actual station on 3/31, it is important to see what appears at the edge of your vision or in the shadow of your mind. For it is here that you can view both what is now ready to leave you, and what is ready to appear next in your life.

Notice what you think of without any intentional prompting. Or watch what appears just as you drift off to sleep or upon waking. Again, this is where this energy can be seen or felt, at the edge of our consciousness, just as Pluto exists at the outer edge of our solar system. Yet, it can bring us an awareness of ourselves that is most difficult to see clearly at other times. Hence, take this opportunity to see those things that can greatly influence you, yet are hard to see or know. Seeking self awareness is a the theme of this aspect. Especially in regards to your beliefs, attitudes, morals and ideals. By bringing a greater awareness here, you may find you are needing to update these in order to grow and move your life to the next level of being and expression. What you see now may be what you will be "working on" until Pluto turns direct in early-mid September.

Also remember to Read Previous AstroCurrents, many influences are still in effect, such as:

  • Mercury is retrograde from February 13th until 3/7,
  • February 26th Mercury, while retrograde, re-enters Aquarius until 3/18.
  • Mercury re-enters Pisces on March 18th until 4/10.
  • February 21st Venus enters Aries until 3/17.
  • February 25th Mars enters Aquarius until 4/6.
  • December 5th Saturn stations retrograde at 25°04' in Leo until 4/19/07.
  • November 23rd Jupiter enters Sagittarius until 12/18/07.
  • July 16th—Saturn enters Leo until September 2nd, 2007 (last time it was here was in 1978).


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