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Key Astrology Aspects for March 2007, Part One: Saturn Retrograde Opposing Neptune Sends Us Important Messages

“It is better to see God in everything than to try and figure it out.”
--Neem Karoli Baba

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

Occasionally there are several celestial events occurring in the sky within a few days (or even weeks) of each other that have a similar theme or feel to them. It is as though the Cosmos are trying to send a very important message to anyone paying attention. Now, and for the next several days, is one of those times.

Here are the events taking place during this time period:

  1. Mercury is retrograde (until late on March 7th)
  2. Saturn, while retrograde, is opposing Neptune
  3. The Moon will be conjunct Saturn on Thursday, the 1st (and at the same degree of declination)
  4. There is a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, the 3rd at 3:17 pm PST.
  5. The Sun is in Pisces

At an energy level, there are several things that these aspects have in common.

Some things you may be noticing or feeling:

  • confused about your direction/purpose/project, etc.
  • difficulty focusing, feeling scattered,
  • tangenting or drifting away from the task at hand
  • realizing that your plan or agenda for the day vaporizes into thin air as the hours go by wondering just what you accomplished during the day
  • feeling a heightened degree of sensitivity and ultra-emotional
  • feeling spacey and ungrounded

(Please Note: if you are not really feeling any of these things, then congratulate yourself on being about to stay centered in Spirit and focused on what is before you during such crazy energies!)

As I mention above, and in last month's AstroCurrents, Saturn, while retrograde, is opposite Neptune at 20°15' Leo/Aqu. This aspect is a major event that has a long lasting influence (through June, at least). And the other events taking place now increase the intensity of this Saturn/Neptune opposition.

When two planets oppose one another (meaning that from the Earth's perspective, they are literally on opposite sides of the planet, 180 degrees apart), the challenge is to bring balance to the area(s) that they rule. And most likely the balance can only begin once we have experienced just how those energies oppose one another in our lives. Hence, it often shows up as conflict, confrontations and opposing forces, before unity and balance can be achieved.

Saturn rules “matter” and the physical aspects of our life, such as your career, work, responsibilities, commitments, foundations, the rules you live by, what makes you feel secure and much more. Neptune rules “spirit” and the more etheric and intangible realms and aspects of life, such as your connection to God/Source, imagination and what inspires you. It also rules your pull towards a spiritual path and life. (Someone with a strong Neptune in their birth chart is more likely to make spirituality in some form an active aspect of their life.) Neptune also rules music, inspired art, the creative process, fantasy and whimsy.

Another way this can be felt is that Neptune can create a sort of fog or veil around things you may not want to see or accept. Yet Saturn often demands that we see things for what they truly are. So during this time, you may have to come to terms with something you have been avoiding the truth about. Authenticity of mind, heart and spirit are most important now!

The energy of these two planets opposing each other may be showing you that it is important to align and bring a greater balance between the practical and the mystical aspects of your life Perhaps you are feeling a greater need to “walk your talk”. To the degree that your daily life isn't a reflection of your spiritual or religious life, then this transit will bring this right before you in ways that are unavoidable.

These next few days will present opportunities to see if you are more out of balance with regards to Saturn or Neptune. As you read the following, you should get a sense of which planet, Saturn or Neptune, is more out of balance in your life.

If it is Saturn, you may feel:

  • lost and unclear about direction and/or purpose,
  • rigidity (either within or coming from without),
  • stuck in some area of your life,
  • resistance to letting something go (job, relationship, habits, etc.),
  • feel as though you are in a rut even if you know change in some form would be the best thing for you.

There are other things that can manifest with Saturn issues, but this give you an idea…a reading will reveal more.

*And here are some ways to use the influence of Neptune, through this opposition, to help restore balance:

  • view things from a different perspective,
  • allow old patterns to dissolve,
  • check out just how willing you are to change,
  • read or seek out things that inspire you (music, art, books, movies, etc.),
  • and very important forgive the past as needed and surrender control, efforting, etc.

If it is Neptune, you may feel:

  • confused and spacey,
  • ineffective or nonproductive,
  • “out of touch” with Spirit and your Essence
  • tired, weary and exhausted
  • having active and perhaps disturbing dreams,
  • a lack of joy, feeling “what's the use”,
  • complain a lot, or feel like a victim.

Again, there can be other expressions of imbalance which will be further revealed in a reading.

*And here are some ways to use the influence of Saturn, through this opposition, to help restore balance:

  • Make time every day, preferably the same time, to pray/meditate, even if only for a few minutes.
  • Eliminate activities (even one would be helpful) that scatters or disperses your energy and thus Life Force (such as too much time on the computer or phone or watching too much TV).
  • Go back to a time when you felt more in control in your life (in a good way) and remember what you did then that you can do now (such as went to church, or practiced yoga or did chanting. Perhaps you spent more time in nature, or journaled or was more appreciative and grateful. The message here is that by returning to what worked before, it may help to restore balance to you now. Saturn works that way!).

As I mentioned above, in an esoteric sense, Saturn rules matter and Neptune rules Spirit. So during this time we are wanting to bring a greater merging and hence balance between these two.

Saturn also can bring an end to some phase or aspects of our life (relationship, work, habits, etc.). This can sometimes leave a void or a feeling of loss. Neptune also has a way of asking us to face the void, but in a less defined, more ethereal way. So during this time, you may feel as though you are in limbo, facing the known. While this may be true, once Saturn turns direct in late April, a new direction will very likely emerge, one that is more aligned with your spiritual path and purpose. But the chances of this occurring are greater if you take the opportunity this opposition offers us all to visit these things. The dynamic relationship between Spirit and Matter, and how we can co-create our life through a greater understanding of the principles that are behind this relationship, is one way of consciously relating to and working with these energies for our highest good, and for the highest good of all. Seek silence and truth and still your mind and practice patience and stay awake. This is a wonderful, even sacred, energy that can enhance your spiritual journey.

Conscious spirit and unconscious matter

Both have existed since the dawn of time,

With maya [illusion] appearing to connect them,

Misrepresenting joy as outside us.

When all these three are seen as one, the Self

Reveals his universal form and serves

As an instrument of the Divine Will.

--Shvetashvatara Upanishad

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Also remember to Read Previous AstroCurrents, many influences are still in effect, such as:

  • Mercury is retrograde from February 13th until 3/7,
  • February 26th Mercury, while retrograde, re-enters Aquarius until 3/18.
  • Mercury re-enters Pisces on March 18th until 4/10.
  • February 21st Venus enters Aries until 3/17.
  • February 25th Mars enters Aquarius until 4/6.
  • December 5th Saturn stations retrograde at 25°04' in Leo until 4/19/07.
  • November 23rd Jupiter enters Sagittarius until 12/18/07.
  • July 16th—Saturn enters Leo until September 2nd, 2007 (last time it was here was in 1978).

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