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Key Astrology Aspects for February 2007: Imagination, Creativity, Intuition, Friendships, Need to Focus, and Authenticity

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
-Albert Pike

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

February 1st is a Full Moon in Leo at 9:45 pm PST, 10:45 pm MST, 11:45 pm CST and 12:45 am EST on the 2nd. This FM can help you to better see how you fit in with groups and relate to your friends. Believe that you fit in and you will! Important new perspectives can be gained by picturing yourself as another. Generosity of Spirit is a powerful tool today. Express your unique offerings and gifts. Your place at the table of life is assured and now you can take your sit. Don't force yourself or your beliefs on anyone. Practice listening intently. Align yourself with a higher source of power to calm and center yourself. Avoid any tendency to be dogmatic or opinionated.

February 2nd Mercury enters Pisces until 2/26. When Mercury is in Pisces the mental can be more attuned to the spiritual and mystical. So it is possible now to be more aware of what resides just outside the logical. Because of this, you may find it more difficult to focus and stay with the task at hand, as the mind wants to wander into the realms of imagination and fantasy. One way to work with this tendency during this time that Mercury is in Pisces is to give yourself breaks throughout the day to just daydream. By doing this, you may even find that you will receive valuable information that will help with whatever it is that you are (trying) to focus on or accomplish.

Mercury is retrograde from February 13th until 3/7, and while it is, you may feel spacey, ungrounded and off center. The energy swirling around you can at times feel surreal and even chaotic. It is especially tricky to focus now as our minds are off in the ethers someplace! (Do pay extra careful attention while driving. And don't try to do two (or more) things at once while behind the wheel!).

You may feel a strong desire to meditate, reflect or connect with Spirit while Mercury is retrograde in Pisces. We are inclined to seek out that which inspires and guides us. Also during this time, you may be drawn to do express yourself artistically, creatively or musically. All wonderful ways to enhance and tune into this energy.

Personally, this energy may create some misunderstandings and miscommunications between people. You may find it more difficult to get your point across. It is advised to make certain that you not only clear, but that you are listening carefully as well. And give extra attention to all travel arrangements, appointments and/or meetings.

One last thing-pay attention to your dreams and intuition for messages and guidance. Your Higher Self and/or Guardian Angels may be trying to reach you with important insights now. The doorways between this world and the etheric realms are wider during this time.

February 17th is a New Moon in Aquarius at 8:14 am PST, 9:14 am MST, 10:14 am CST and 11:14 am EST. This New Moon brings our focus to a world larger than our immediate environment. We are more concerned about our neighbors, our community and our global family. It is a perfect time to ask how we can be of help and participate in this larger context. We all want to feel that we have something to offer and now is a time to explore just this. Aquarius rules the vision we have for our life and this New Moon is a chance to remember that vision and to then plant some seeds to bring that into manifestation. It can be as simple as making time to help your elderly neighbor or to commit to volunteer to your favorite cause or perhaps to write that check to a charity. We all have ways we can give and now is a good time to do so.

This New Moon also brings a special emphasis to your relationship with your friends. It is likely that you will have some dynamic interaction with them under this influence. Pay attention to their take on your current life situation as it may be just the impartial insight you need now.

February 18th Sun enters Pisces at 5:09 pm PST until 3/20. (For information about how to tune into and use these energies, I will be putting up Pisces MTT around this time.)

February 21st Venus enters Aries until 3/17. When Venus is in Aries it is a good time to take care of yourself and not wait for another to do so. Aries can be quite independent, aggressive and impatient. So while Venus is here, relationships can benefit from a break or some additional room to breathe. While Venus is in Aries, some find it easier to be more aggressive with regards to the affairs of the heart. So you may be feeling bolder and that now is the time to approach someone you have been noticing. However, you do have to be careful not to overpower those around you with your wit and charm. So be sure to honor the person of your desires boundaries.

Socially, this can be a fun and lively energy. Just realize that others are not as inclined towards intimately connecting and may need some extra space. On another note, this can also generate just the enthusiasm needed to begin new projects and ventures.

February 25th Mars enters Aquarius until 4/6. Mars here ignites our humanitarian spirit. You may find yourself championing for the underdog or off fighting a battle for your favorite cause. This placement can also increase our focus on computers and/or the internet in some ways. And with Mercury retrograde it is advised that you backup your computers files and save your work more often. This placement also brings our friends and peers into the foreground. Avoid conflicts by not being so competitive or demanding with them. This placement may activate an increase in confrontations on the global arena. Think and pray for peace!

February 26th Mercury, while retrograde, re-enters Aquarius until 3/18. We get to revisit Aquarius in our minds for a while. From 2/26 'til 3/7, this gives you a great opportunity to sort out things on your computer (clean out the inbox kind of things), revisit ideas that you're come across but didn't actually do anything with (buy a new computer, take that workshop later this year, or perhaps join a meditation group or yoga class). These would be things that are unusual, at least for you. Now isn't exactly the time to commit to things, just to reconsider them. But wait until after the 7th do actually decide. Then act, a new ventures get the green light.

February 28th Saturn, retrograde, is opposite Neptune at 20°15' Leo/Aqu. We have been feeling the effects of this opposition for a while and will continue to do so for the next few months. It is a major influence, one that may change the course of your life, especially if it is directly aspecting your chart (a reading will help you to better understand this and how it is impacting you personally).

Saturn rules "matter" and the physical aspects of our life, such as your career, work, responsibilities, commitments, foundations, the rules you live by, what makes you feel secure and much more. Neptune rules "spirit" and the more etheric and intangible realms and aspects of life, such as your connection to God/Source, imagination and what inspires you. It also rules your pull towards a spiritual path and life. (Someone with a strong Neptune in their birth chart is more likely to make spirituality in some form an active aspect of their life.) Neptune also rules music, inspired art, the creative process, fantasy and whimsy.

The energy of these two planets opposing each other may be showing you that it is important to align and bring a greater balance between the practical and the mystical aspects of your life (perhaps you are feeling the need to "walk your talk"). To the degree that your daily life isn't a reflection of your spiritual or religious life, then this transit will bring this right before you in ways that are unavoidable.

Another way this can be felt is that Neptune can create a sort of fog or veil around things you may not want to see or accept. Yet Saturn often demands that we see things for what they truly are. So during this time, you may have to come to terms with something you have been avoiding the truth about. Authenticity of mind, heart and spirit are most important now!

Saturn also can bring an end to some phase or aspects of our life (relationship, work, habits, etc.). This can sometimes leave a void or a feeling of loss. Neptune also has a way of asking us to face the void, but in a less defined, more ethereal way. So during this time, you may feel as though you are in limbo, facing the known. While this may be true, once Saturn turns direct in late April, a new direction will very likely emerge, one that is more aligned with your spiritual path and purpose. But the chances of this occurring are greater if you take the opportunity this opposition offers us all to visit these things. The dynamic relationship between Spirit and Matter, and how we can co-create our life through a greater understanding of the principles that are behind this relationship, is one way of consciously relating to and working with these energies for our highest good, and for the highest good of all. Seek silence and truth and still your mind and practice patience and stay awake. This is a wonderful, even sacred, energy that can enhance your spiritual journey.

"Matter is the last word of the decent; it is also the first word of the ascent."
- -Sri Aurobindo

Looking ahead to March, here are some of the events I will discuss in next month's AstroCurrents.

  • March 3rd is a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Virgo at 3:17 pm PST, 4:17 pm MST, 5:17pm CST and 6:17 pm EST.
  • March 7th, Mercury SD at 25°25' Aqu until 6/15. March 16th, Jupiter trine Saturn® at 19°09' Sag/Leo.
  • Match 17th, Venus enters Taurus until 4/11.
  • March 18th, Mercury re-enters Pisces until 4/10.
  • March 18th is a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 7:43 pm PDT, 8:43 pm MDT, 9:43 pm CDT and 10:43 pm EDT.
  • March 20th, Sun enters Aries @ 5:08 pm PDT (Spring Equinox). March 22nd, Mars opposite Saturn® at 18°51' Aqu/Leo.
  • March 25th, Mars conjunct Neptune at 21?05' Aqu. March 31st, Pluto SR at 28°58' Sag until 9/7.

Be sure and read January's AstroCurrents™ and previous issues because there are many AstroCurrents still affecting us because their expected time of influence is still in effect.

  • January 20th Sun enters Aquarius at 3:01 am PST until 2/18. (Read about this influence in this month's Monthly Transit Talk, MTT)
  • January 27th Venus enters Pisces until 2/21
  • January 16th Mars enters Capricorn until 2/25.
  • December 5th Saturn stations retrograde at 25°04' in Leo until 4/19/07.
  • November 23rd Jupiter enters Sagittarius until 12/18/07.
  • July 16th-Saturn enters Leo until September 2nd, 2007 (last time it was here was in 1978).

Elizabeth Jones is an Astrologer living in Mt. Shasta, California who began her study in Astrology and Metaphysics at an early age under the tutelage of her grandfather, Ralph Jones. You can visit her website at There you will receive information on how current astrological events can affect us all and also receive insight on the Tarot. Elizabeth's web site offers valuable tools for astrologers that we highly recommend. Elizabeth can be reached at and her phone number is 530-926-1999


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