Key Astrology Aspects for January 2007: Friendship, Community, Confrontation, Persistence, and Unconditional Love

"The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself."
--Anna Quindlen

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

January 3rd is a Full Moon in Cancer at 5:57 am PST, 6:57 am MST, 7:57 am, CST and 8:57 am EST. This Full Moon accents the most basic aspects of your life. Career, work, traditions, home and family may be on your mind. You may find that you are feeling quite emotional and nostalgic as you reflect on what once was or could have been, if only...A strong Mercury can help to stabilize strong feelings through simple reason and honest communication with those closest to you. Remember that traditions and roots are a part of your present day security, so finding ways to integrate the past and the present will be helpful, productive and centering. Seeking out the wisdom and advice of elders may well provide the answers and direction you are looking for as you enter this New Year.

January 3rd Venus enters Aquarius until 1/27. During the few weeks that Venus is in Aquarius our friends and peers often play an important role in our life. So spending time with them will be more enlightening and interesting than perhaps at other times. You may also notice that you are feeling in touch with the global community as humanitarian concerns and issues become quite important to you now. Taking some extra time to "do your part" during this time will not only benefit the whole but also help you to feel that what you have to offer is important. Doing this may even set the tone for the year as you find that some form of service or volunteering is very gratifying.

On the romantic front, you may find that there is an attraction with someone you had seen only as a friend before. Or, if you are in a relationship, you are seeing and/or needing to relate to your partner more as a friend now, which is only a good thing. Socially, this placement of Venus inclines us towards getting together with our community of friends to just enjoy one another.

January 13th Mars conjunct Pluto at 27°28' Sagittarius. This may be a most volatile few days (from about the 11th through the 14th). When these two planets make a strong connection, and this is one of those, there is an intensity in the air that is almost palatable. Some may feel angry or frustrated for no apparent reason, as those things that don't ordinarily bother you could drive you crazy now. Pluto rules (among other things) those things that reside deep within and that usually go unnoticed to our conscious self. When Mars comes along and makes such a contact as this with Pluto, those feelings and old wounds can get triggered and activated. Hence, it is important to make an effort to not be reactive now and to stay grounded. Remember, this only lasts a few days. And if you do react impulsively during this time, you will have to live with consequences for a long time. That said, this can be a transit that brings up something that needs to be viewed in the Light, perhaps for healing or releasing. The key is to make every effort to get at least some perspective, so that the old patterns don't play themselves out, keeping you in a cycle that is nonproductive or even harmful.

Globally, there is a chance of increased violence and bitter confrontations. This is occurring in the sign of Sagittarius which rules our beliefs, both religious and political. Hence, once these are triggered or challenged, some will feel reactive, even to the point of violence. This is especially affecting those born between the days of 19th to the 21st, particularly in the months of December, June, March, September, May and July (listed in order of intensity). However, anyone can have this part of their chart activated in other ways, depending on if they have planets at these degrees (26-29). A personal astrology reading can clarify this.

January 15th Mercury enters Aquarius until 2/2. While Mercury is in Aquarius, we feel mentally active and interested in many subjects, especially those that are stimulating and unique. Aquarius rules the internet and computers, so these are very likely to get a lot of your attention now. You may find that you are drawn to lively conversations (either in person or while text messaging!). or perhaps your friends call often as you share new information. One warning is that it is easy now to over stimulate your mind, thus making it harder to get to sleep if you engage in too much mental activity late at night. So I would suggest that you turn off the computer and/or tv well before bedtime.

January 16th Mars enters Capricorn until 2/25. Mars is the planet that gets us going and motivates us into being productive. During the time that Mars is in Capricorn, we can make great strides towards accomplishing our goals. In fact, many of you may not really feel like starting those New Year's resolutions or getting started on New Year's projects until the 16th, when Mars enters this most goal-oriented sign. Use these few weeks to set your goals for the year, as well as come up with the plan to make them happen. The grounded and practical aspects of Capricorn blends well with the fiery and enthusiasm of Mars to move us towards genuine accomplishment and ultimate achievement. Perseverance, stamina and persistence are all trademarks of this time while Mars is in Capricorn. Take advantage of this once every two year event. How great that it is occurring at the beginning of the New Year!

"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not."
James Gordon, M.D.

January 18th is a New Moon in Capricorn at 8:01 pm PST, 9:01 pm MST, 10:01 pm CST and 11:01 pm EST. This New Moon in Capricorn is a great time to get clear about your goals and what it is that you want to manifest in 2007. And with the added celestial energies of Mars just entering Capricorn (see above), this can be a perfect few days to get clear about what it is you want to create in the months ahead. There are potent powers of manifestation at work now, so make use of them by grounding in the physical, in some way, how to go about moving forward towards your goals. Keys are to be both practical and sensible, yet also open yourself to your vision for this next phase of your life. There is a Venus/Neptune conjunction now that will help to open us to this vision, if we allow ourselves to remember the dream, and purpose, we had for this life. Another key to help bring in these energies is ritual. Some ideas are to write down what it is you want to let go of and then burn it; another is that once you have identified what it is that you want to create, make an altar or collage that represents that to you. Most important now is to get focused on these goals and dreams, and to believe that you really can make them happen.

January 20th Sun enters Aquarius at 3:01 am PST until 2/18. (For information about how to tune into and use these energies, I will be putting up Aquarius MTT around this time*.)

January 22nd Jupiter square Uranus at 12°26' Sag/Pis. Jupiter and Uranus represent the ways in our life that we expand, grow and change. In order for this to occur, we must be willing to see things from new perspectives and open to new viewpoints. Sometimes this is process can be challenging, as we are attached to old ways and patterns. During this rather rare transit, we are being given an opportunity to truly change, based on seeing more and seeing deeper and farther than at other times. Yet there is no guarantee that this will be easy, but it will be exciting. During this time, be willing to question your beliefs and opinions that generate your view of reality, as this is a great change to do so. You may even be feeling the need to make changes and try new things. This is all well and good, but I do suggest that you hold off on doing anything too radical for a couple weeks, as sometimes the need for a significant change is the energy of these planets talking, and not necessarily that of your own inner/higher self. Meaning, now is the time to entertain these things, and even go for some of them, as long as they are not too extreme. It would be best to see if these changes are still important to you as the days go on.

Also today, Venus is opposing Saturn. This can bring to the surface issues of commitment and the basic structure of our relationships. Are you ready to go to the next level? Are you sure you know enough to do this? Saturn is a stickler for knowing all the facts before entering agreements. It is important now to reevaluate things before you re-commitment to any relationship (this applies to romantic, personal or business). And in fact, you may find you really do not know enough to make major agreements and want more time before you do so.

These two events occurring at the same time suggest a possible conflict between being open and expansive verses closed and cautious. Perhaps the best now is to notice everything that comes up during these few days, but not to act under such opposing energies. You may find you regret any significant movement made now at a later date. That said, it is an excellent time to pay attention to what is going on in you and around you. The insights you gain now may be of great import as time goes on. So pay careful attention to what goes on "within you and without you".

January 26th Mercury is conjunct Neptune. This event can create you feeling somewhat spacey and unfocused. It is best to reserve judgement or important decisions for a day or two. However, it is an excellent time to tune into your intuition. And pay attention to your dreams upon waking today. You may well have received an important message!

January 27th Venus enters Pisces until 2/21. This is perhaps the sweetest placement of Venus, the planet of Love and Caring, that there is. Our ability to access and feel unconditional Love is stronger now, as you may feel more tolerant and forgiving during the three weeks that Venus is here. The connection or conduit between personal love and Universal Love is clearer and stronger now. Keys to accessing these feelings are surrender, forgiveness and devotion to a Higher Calling. The one thing to watch out for is not being too trusting or gullible, as you may be inclined towards believing whatever you hear for the sake of love. Another thing to be aware of is to not be the martyr or sacrificial lamb. The way to avoid this is to open yourself to the highest frequency possible.

January 28th Mercury is opposing Saturn. This aspect can have you thinking more seriously and intensely than at other times. Investigating and scrutinizing are good ways to use this energy. However, avoid pessimism and depression. This is a short-lived influence (a couple days) and will thus pass quickly. Use it for getting a task done that requires concentration and focus, not for evaluating your emotional state of being.

Looking ahead to February, here are some of the events I will discuss in next month's AstroCurrents (be sure to send me an email if you would like to be notified as when the new AstroCurrents is up):

  • February 1st is a Full Moon in Leo at 9:45 pm PST, 10:45 pm MST, 11:45 pm CST and 12:45 am EST on the 2nd.
  • February 2nd Mercury enters Pisces until 2/26.
  • February 13th Mercury stations retrograde until 3/7.
  • February 17th is a New Moon in Aquarius at 8:14 am PST, 9:14 am MST, 10:14 am CST and 11:14 am EST.
  • February 18th Sun enters Pisces at 5:09 pm PST until 3/20.
  • February 21st Venus enters Aries until 3/17.
  • February 25th Mars enters Aquarius until 4/6.
  • February 26th Mercury re-enters Aquarius until 3/18. February 28th Saturn, retrograde, is opposite Neptune at 20°15' Leo/Aqu.

Note: Be sure and review previous AstroCurrents to gain insight into influences that are still affecting us from previous months.

For more information about Mt. Shasta, California, astrologer Elizabeth Jones, visit her website at, or you can easily reach her at Her phone number is 530-926-1999.


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Thank you. Wonderful!

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2007-01-15 20:13:40

I also want to thank you. This newsletter is refreshing for me, to help me better know my "self."

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2007-01-26 12:25:04

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2007-01-27 13:38:23

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