Key Astrology Aspects for November 2006: Personal Power, Seeking Truth, Optimism, and Expansion

October 23rd, 2006 the Sun enters Scorpio @ 6:27 am PST, 7:27 am MST, 8:27 am CST and at 9:27 am EST.

From November 16th until the 23rd there is a combination of astrological events of such rarity and importance that as these influences approach, and as I sense their potential to inspire and change our lives. Having an awareness of these influences will only increase their significance for you, for what you focus on expands. The specific events are:

Mercury stationing direct in Scorpio while closely trining Uranus stationing direct in Pisces.

The moon in the Balsamic phase until the new moon on Monday, the 20th.

The Leonids meteor shower.

The trine, while stationing, of Mercury to Uranus is most unusual and brings us an amazing opportunity to tap into and experience the wonder and mystery of the Universe through the mental body. Mercury and Uranus are said to be the lower (Mercury) and higher (Uranus) octave of each other. Together, they rule the mental body and the mental realm. Mercury rules those mental functions that we are conscious of and take an active part in, such as conversation, thought processes, logical reasoning and mundane tasks such as making arrangements and plans. Uranus rules the higher mental functions such as problem solving, inspired creative process, genius and in general, being able to think “outside the box”. When we receive information from via Uranus, or the Higher Mind, it is often in usual, unconventional ways, such as dreams, flashes of insight, etc. These two planets connecting in this way at this time opens the doors to active, dynamic mental activity that are truly exceptional, as the channel from the Higher Mind to the lower mind is now more accessable than at other times.

Also occurring now is the Scorpio Balsamic Moon phase (the 3 days just prior to a new moon). this adds to the mysticism and intrigue of these few days. It is a time of completing cycles, discarding what has been outgrown, retrieving parts of ourselves that were forgotten or perhaps lost and bringing light to any darkness that is ready to come forth and be revealed. All of this is also occurring during the annual Leonids meteor shower. [more info can be found as to times and location in the sky at: or

What to Expect During the Next Few Days

What you may experience or notice

You will each have your own version of how these cosmic and unusual influences will impact you, as where they fall in your chart is most important. The things listed here are guidelines to help you get a sense and a feel for these influences:

  • an overall sense of mystical, ethereal energy in the air
  • heightened dream activity, some feeling remarkably real
  • that change is in the air/that something is about to shift
  • more synchronicity and coincidences than “normal”
  • time may feel “odd” in some way, an hour goes by in a minute, a minute seems to take an hour!
  • you may have lots of ideas and feel exceptionally creative, inspired or even whimsical
  • there may be strange or unusual occurrences or events taking place around you or even in the world at large
  • your thought process is accelerated, dynamic, fluid, exciting
  • you may have dynamic, lively conversations, which may be spontaneous or could even occur with strangers in line at the market! (or wherever…)
  • you get that it really is time to leave behind whatever has been hindering your progress. This will very likely be things you have been thinking about recently, but just weren’t quite ready to act on.
  • realizations abound, answers to questions appear out of nowhere or come through unusual channels
  • you have memory of events that took place long ago that in remembering these they somehow relate to your current situation or even answer recent questions
  • solutions and answers to even simple, mundane things can be a sign you are tuned into this energy. Look for them!

Keys for Accessing This Energy

Being proactive and engage in these wonderful celestial frequencies is a great way to experience them. Some ideas are:

Don’t assume things will make sense! The information and insights you receive now may not be particularly logical and may not make sense initially. Even if this is true, still make a note and write it down for future reference.

Don’t force the river, be in the flow! Notice what comes your way. Let go of mental efforting. If you are trying too hard, you are not in the flow of this energy! Remember that this is energy coming to you (or from deep within you!), not something you have to manufacture or force!

Be inquisitive, open and curious. Be willing to not know!

This is occurring in the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces. So the water element, in some form, is where this vibration may best be felt or noticed. So listening to a fountain, the rain or the ocean will help to tune you into this. Also, drink a lot of water, soak in a hot tub, go swimming, even just imagining you are near the ocean or a waterfall or next to a creek can help you to tune into this frequency.

Pay extra attention to what comes to mind while taking a shower or bath! (or even doing the dishes!).

Music and movies can also be vehicles for messages or inspiration.

Ways to Use These Influences

All astrological events can be tuned into and worked with in ways that enhance your experience of them. Here are some things to do that can increase you having greater benefits:

  • take questions to your meditation or dream state and then “take what you get”.
  • again, it may not make sense at first.
  • look for answers and inspiration in unusual or different places
  • messages and insights can come from dreams, books, movies, conversations, etc.
  • be very clear about your intentions. The powers of thought to manifest in your life are exceptionally strong now. What you focus on so your life goes!
  • ask for increased clarity regarding your life direction and purpose

What You May Feel

These are powerful forces at work here. So don’t be surprised if you feel:

  • spacey, disoriented, like you’re spinning
  • things around you may feel surreal
  • ungrounded or off center
  • bewildered, confused or unsure (take this as a sign that a higher truth is wanting to present itself to your consciousness. “Not knowing is a very high place to be!”).
  • weepy, emotional, ultra-sensitive
  • trouble focusing

And as a Result…

…you may notice:

  • it isn’t that your problems will disappear (though they might!), it is that answers, solutions and insights can come to you now for helping you to deal with them (even those stubborn, resistant ones)
  • feeling a greater connection to your Soul and Soul purpose
  • that a stronger connection with your guides, angels or other beings and master who oversee your incarnation has been established
  • that you feel renewed, recharged, have greater hope and a stronger, clearer sense of purpose and direction
  • have greater clarity as to what needs to be accomplished and/or dealt with in order to enter the next phase of your life.

Enjoy this exciting time. And even though I say these events will be influencing you through mid-week (about 11/23) don’t be surprised if you are still feeling some of these things for weeks to come, as once genuine, authentic change occurs, you will feel and experience these for a long time!

November 17th Venus enters Sagittarius until 12/10. This is the beginning of an infusion of Sagittarius energy, as both the Sun and Jupiter also move into Sag in the coming days. I’ve always thought that whomever, or whatever, was the original creator of Astrology did a very wise thing by placing the lighter and more optimistic energies of Sagittarius following the intense and serious energies of Scorpio. It is a welcome energy, for sure. While Venus is in Sagittarius our attention turns to ways to enjoy ourselves by connecting with friends, spending time outside and/or engaging in lively conversations. The main caution now is to not “over-do” anything. Don’t overspend, over-eat, over indulge, etc. That said, you may find that this is a great time to do some Holiday shopping, finding the perfect gifts for friends or family. Overall, this lighter energy will be helpful in restoring your optimism in some way. It is a perfect placement for beginning the Season of Light. Enjoy!

November 17th Mars squares Neptune at 17º08’ Scorpio/Aquarius. Mars rules our personal will and Neptune rules Divine Will. This aspect puts these two at odds, so you may feel yourself pulled in different directions. Messages are everywhere that it is time to let go of something, yet perhaps you find yourself unwilling to take the steps required to do so. Divine Will vs. personal will-an age old struggle for sure. This is occurring close to the current Mercury and Uranus stations, which can offer help with these issues. Clarity and insights are just around the corner. So for now, keep asking and stay open to what is in your highest good.

One other thing, it is likely that you may not have a lot of physical energy during the few days around this Mars/Neptune aspect. Now is not the time to clean out the garage or tackle any project requiring a lot of stamina or strength. Wait for a few days, as this is very likely to change soon. For now, get plenty of rest and work on aligning your will with the Divine.

November 17th Mercury stations direct at 9º04’ Scorpio until 2/13/07.

November 19th Uranus stations direct at 10º49’ Pisces until 6/23/07.

Both Mercury and Uranus stationing direct within a couple days of each other is unusual and most interesting. You may feel the electricity in the air. Uranus, the ruler of the higher mind, is called the Higher octave of Mercury, which rules the lower mind. This creates a direct link between the lower and higher functions of the mind. It is as though there is a window open now to our Higher mind, which is where inspirational answers, insights and intuition originate. So expect solutions, ideas and clarity to come in during these few days (at least until the 20th). Pay attention to your conversations, all communications, what you read or what you see as all may play key roles in your life. Keeping an open mind and staying alert are keys to receiving potentially life-changing information during this time.

At the very least, you will find your mind is quick and agile, making this a great time for all things requiring an alert and active mental. One more thing, you may find that this increased mental activity makes it somewhat difficult to sleep or rest for a few days. I would suggest spending time in silence, without outside stimulus, as a way to calm down this hyper-active mind down prior to sleep and/or meditation.

November 20th is a New Moon in Scorpio at 2:18 pm PST, 3:18 pm MST, 4:18 pm CST and 5:18 pm EST. This NM is conjunct Jupiter just before it enters Sagittarius. This is quite unusual and will increase the magnetic powers of the law of attraction. Meaning, be careful what you ask for or focus on as this is a very “fertile” NM and the seeds planted now will very likely bear fruit in the weeks to come. The principles of expansion are strong under this influence. What you feel passionately about now is at the forefront of your mind and heart and brings a powerful opportunity to create your dreams and desires. It is most important to do two things: one is stay conscious (don’t go on automatic pilot) and the other is to act from the highest integrity and compassion. One other thing, it may be that in order to birth this new energy, you must completely let go some of old form, habit or phase of your life. The new is built upon the ruins of the old. Transformation is at hand. Seize the opportunity!

And, do be careful not to be overbearing, excessive or dogmatic. Be sure to allow others their own versions of these dynamic and potent energies present now.

November 22nd Sun enters Sagittarius until 12/21. (Check back at this time when we post the Sagittarius MTT.)

“Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.”
-- Emily Dickinson

November 23rd Jupiter enters Sagittarius until 12/18/07. Jupiter spends one year out of every twelve in each sign. This last year it has been in the Sign of Scorpio and now it is entering the sign of Sagittarius. Since Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, it is “home” for the next twelve months. This enhances its influence and increases its “power”. It is considered to be a most benevolent placement, one that astrologers welcome for many reasons.

An important turning point in your life is at hand. New opportunities for increased growth, knowledge and abundance are now available. Your enthusiasm increases in regards to some area of your life as you are now able to see the cup half full rather than half empty. A shift of perspective is at the heart of this renewed sense of enthusiasm. So opening your mind to other, and bigger, ways of seeing things will help to ground this benevolent energy in your life.

Jupiter rules good fortune, adventure, religion and philosophy, higher education and all principles of expansion. The primary cautions with this influence is to not go to extremes, avoid being dogmatic, thinking your way is the only way, to not over extend yourself, unless you really have laid the proper groundwork and to not act on assumptions until they have proven to be true.

“The higher you go, the farther you see.”

November 28th Mars squares Saturn at 25º01’ Scorpio/Leo. This aspect can bring about some form of conflict, so avoid confrontations. Don’t waste your energy fighting city hall. Going against the established order of things will only delay your progress. Don’t let a minor set back keep you from the positive actions you have taken of late. Strive to learn from that which resists your efforts, wait a few days and move on.

Looking ahead to December, here are some of the events I will discuss in next month’s AstroCurrents:

  • December 4th is a Full Moon in Gemini at 4:25 pm PST, 5:25 pm MST, 6:25 pm CST and 7:25 pm EST.
  • December 5th Saturn stations retrograde at 25º04’ in Leo until 4/19/07.
  • December 5th Mars enters Sagittarius until 1/16/07.
  • December 7th Mercury enters Sagittarius until 12/27 (late in the day PST).
  • December 10th Venus enters Capricorn until 1/3/07 (late in the day PST).
  • December 11th Mars conjunct Jupiter at 3º52’ Sagittarius.
  • December 20th is a New Moon in Sagittarius at 6:01 am PST, 7:01 am MST, 8:01 am CST and 9:01 am EST.
  • December 21st Mars squares Uranus at 11º14’ Sag/ Pis.
  • December 21st Sun enters Capricorn at 4:23 pm PST until 1/20/07 (Winter Solstice).
  • December 27th Mercury enters Capricorn until 1/15/07.

Be sure and reread October's AstroCurrents™ , as well as the special report on Mars Retrograde in Scorpio, because many of these influences are still affecting us because their expected time of influence is still in effect.

For more information about Mt. Shasta, California, astrologer Elizabeth Jones, visit her website at, or you can easily reach her at Her phone number is 530-926-1999.


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