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Key Astrology Aspects for October 2006: Deep Changes, Healing and Transformation

September 22nd, 2006 the Sun enters Libra @ 9:04 pm PDT, 10:04 pm MDT, 11:04 pm CDT and at 12:04 am EDT on the 23rd -- the Fall Equinox is also at these times.

(Read about the influence of Libra on us all at Libra Monthly Transit Talk (MTT).

“You cannot travel within and stand still without."
-- James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

This is quite a powerful month with many celestial events that will provide opportunities and experiences that have the potential for deep changes, healing and transformation. Availing yourself to these energies will require a focused willingness and intention to grow and evolve. It is most important to be open to the possibility that your life actually can change. Working with these most potent energies, rather than resisting them is critical. This is a time where miracles could happen, but not without some conscious effort on our part.

Also, many may be feeling ultra-sensitive during this time. You may be picking up others fear, paranoia or personal dramas. Staying centered, grounded and asking for protection through prayer and meditation will be most helpful. This is a time of potent shifts and transformation. Please read (and even re-read) this month’s AstroCurrents in its entirety to get a better feel for the celestial forces at work now.

This may also be a great time to receive an astrology reading to gain a greater understanding of the area of your life where these celestial influences will be impacting you.

Mercury Goes Retrograde

October 1st Mercury enters Scorpio until 12/7, during which time it will be retrograde from 10/28 until 11/17. Mercury in Scorpio, especially for such a long while due to it going retrograde here, gives us all an opportunity to do some deep thinking and inquiring into our mind, attitudes and thought process. Ask a lot of questions during this time, and be willing to hear the truth. I realize that sometimes the truth can be difficult to face, but it can also be liberating and the very thing needed to move you to the next phase of your life. In other words, in any area that you may be feeling stuck, unable to move forward for lack of not having clarity, this placement of Mercury can help with this process.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is easy to go off on tangents, as the mind has difficulty staying focused and a tendency to wonder. However, Mercury in Scorpio can help us to penetrate deeper into our minds. The trick is to make a conscious effort to keep your attention on what needs to be revealed in order to move forward. So anything that requires digging below the surface, looking in unusual places, doing some form of investigation and/or research are assisted by the current placement of Mercury in Scorpio. By the end of this period, you will very likely know more, having gained the clarity and understanding needed for how to deal with whatever issues or situations that had been holding you back in some way.

All this said, there is a warning or two I must include. Mercury in Scorpio can be quite cynical and untrusting at times. You may find it hard to believe what you are hearing or seeing, even if it is the truth. Or perhaps you are just not liking what you hear. Mercury in Scorpio isn’t considered to be the gentlest placement and in fact, can be rather harsh. And since Mercury rules virtually all forms of communication, it is wise to be extra careful during this time, watching your tone of voice and words, really thinking through the impact they may have. Admittedly, always good advice. It’s just that now your verbal (or written) arrows can pierce deeper than usual, hurting others when it is not what you truly intended. It would be well-advised to keep silent if you are feeling reactive, angry or critical. This is not a good time to be impulsive in your communications. And this is especially important during the last two weeks of October when Mercury is forming aspects to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

One other thing is that during this time (and into November) much could be revealed that previously was hidden, not only in your personal life but in the world at large as well. Scorpio rules “secrets”, or things previously hidden and unknown. Mercury brings things into our conscious awareness, so the media will very likely be filled with stories revealing various facts and information, perhaps even cover-ups. One other thing, since Scorpio also rules power, especially in government, there will likely be a lot of focus on these issues as well. “Things are not what they may seem” and “don’t believe everything you read or hear” could be a themes for this time period.

October 6th is a Full Moon in Aries at 8:13 pm PDT, 9:13 pm MDT, 10:13 pm CDT and 11:13 pm EDT. This Full Moon places a lot of emphasis on all relationships. It is most important to find ways to both compromise and get along with those closest to you, yet also honor yourself and your own needs. Be sure to listen carefully and also to not react without considering another’s point of view. If these things are included in your interactions, the energy of this Full Moon can be most fulfilling and exciting in the area of relationships.

October 15th, Mercury squares Neptune. The day or so surrounding this aspect could be a little confusing, even chaotic. It will most likely be difficult to focus on the task at hand, as Neptune has you thinking of other things, perhaps even faraway places. This energy is not so good for those things requiring paying attention to detail or having to be very thorough and logical. It is quite dreamy in nature and you may even be feeling spacey and tired. It would be best to save those very mental tasks for another day and read a fantasy novel or perhaps do something creative. One more thing, I wouldn’t really recommend having those important conversations today, or even making significant decisions. Both would be best put off for a later date when the mental fog clears.

October 21st is a New Moon in Libra at 10:14 pm PDT, 11:14 pm MDT, and on the 22nd at 12:14 am CDT and at 1:14 am EDT. This is an amazing New Moon with a strong focus on personal relationships. The attraction factor is at a 10, so pay careful attention to those who enter your space at this time. And if you are in a relationship, you may well feel drawn to spending some quality time with your partner. It is important to reach out to those around you, and the energy of this New Moon will certainly have you wanting to do so. This energy also emphasizes art and beauty, especially of a more classical nature. A trip to a museum or concert may be what is drawing you. Go for it!

From a Spiritual perspective, there may well be an outpouring of Divine Justice and Divine Order at this time. You may notice that somehow, things are in fact working out, as the Divine energies and plan seems to be fulfilling itself. These energies have a most peaceful influence which you may feel by simply focusing there. In your interactions, strive for balance and justice and equality, and feel the magic that is available during this time. I would expect that you will be feeling the benefit of these energies for some time to come (weeks, at least) by just tuning into this New Moon and asking for Divine Order to be revealed to you.

October 22nd Mercury is conjunct Jupiter and the Sun is conjunct Mars. This combo can be a most energetic and productive one. It would be great to make time now to work on those things requiring concentration, focus and diligence. And since we are in a New Moon phase, today, and for the next several, is a great time to make progress in virtually any area. It’s all green lights to go forward with projects and tasks as the momentum is strong now for beginnings and initiations. There is a “forward thrust” feeling in the air that will be almost tangible! Overall, this is a great few days to get going in any area requiring initiative, bold moves, enthusiasm, optimism and a sense of drive and purpose. Have your sights set on a goal, and go for it! One other comment here. Since Mercury is going retrograde on 10/28, this is a great opportunity to move on those things that are best not done while Mercury is retrograde, such as making future plans, contacting clients, making agreements, making major purchases, etc. (see 10/28 below).

October 23rd Sun enters Scorpio until 11/22. (You will want to read Scorpio MTT which we will publish at this time.)

October 23rd Mars enters Scorpio until 12/5. Keywords: intensity, industrious, dynamic, enterprising, brave, impulsive, passionate.

October 24th Venus enters Scorpio until 11/17. Keywords: sensual, magnetic, strong desires, devoted (even to a fault), possessive.

It is quite rare that three planets enter the same sign in such a short period of time as this. And since it is Scorpio, the sign considered to be the most intense, you can expect that some area of your life is going to get a strong jolt. This combo is very passionate, dynamic, magnetic and aggressive. Whatever area of your chart this falls in is going to get a burst of energy now, and for the next few days, at least. (Getting a reading will determine which are of your chart, and life, this will be influencing). With this influence comes a strong magnetic pulse, and how and where you direct it is critically important. The result can be very productive, allowing you to move through previous blocks like a rocket. Undirected, or left on automatic pilot, it could be quite destructive. Staying awake and conscious is the key. And not being reactive is a must. It would be advised to spend some time either during the few days prior to this, or at least during this time of influence, to take a deep look at just what motivates you and moves you deeply. For these forces are right on the surface now, wanting expression. Again, this can be a most interesting and productive time. Stay on top of it, be proactive and your life may well take some interesting and dynamic turns in the weeks to come.

October 28th Mercury stations retrograde until 11/17. Quite an interesting time for Mercury to go retrograde, given everything else that is going on. Now is the time to come up with a plan or agenda so that you can stay focused and productive in the next 3 weeks.

Read a Special Report on Mercury Retrograde and How It Affects Us

October 25th Jupiter squares Saturn at 23º32’ Scorpio/Leo. As though things aren’t interesting enough, Jupiter makes a final square to Saturn now*, increasing the intensity another few notches. And I must add that Mercury is also conjunct Jupiter during this time (within orb of influence). Wow…what is all this going to mean?? Well, first off, where these things are occurring in YOUR chart, determined by a reading, will give you a lot more info as to just what areas of your life are being impacted. But we can get at least a sense of the feelings these energies generate. INTENSITY GALORE! Here are some themes to pay attention to now: secrets, things hidden, sexuality, compulsions, attachments, addictions, strong emotions and/or empowerment. Some ways to work with these energies are through allowing that which is clearly ready to complete or end to do so, allowing the space for regeneration, renewal, transformation and rebirth in the weeks ahead. These are powerful energies for dealing with those issues at the core of your being. And this is a time of going deep within, armed with Light and high intention, to look at them. Further, as a result you may get important information about your purpose and life direction. What are you here to do? Learn? Contribute? Become? Breakthroughs opening the way for a more direct contact with your Soul/Higher Self is possible now. I feel that for many, this will be a life-changing time. Recognition, renewal and rebirth are the themes.

[*the 3rd of three in the last 10 months.]

October 28th Mercury stations retrograde until 11/17.

October 28th Neptune stations direct until 5/24/07. The energy during a Neptune station (at least several days before, of and after this date) can feel quite surreal and somewhat strange. So don’t be surprised if you feel spacey, off-center and ungrounded. Clarity and logic aren’t in great abundance just now, especially with Mercury (the planet that greatly influences such things) having just gone retrograde. Again, don’t expect your world to feel on track and solid. What you can expect is some chaos and craziness. It is best to not make any bold moves for a while. I also suggest surrendering to these energies, asking to be shown what is in your highest good. Meditation, prayer and reflection are wonderful tools now. Watch your dreams for important messages and symbols. And notice anything that just seems to appear out of nowhere, as this could be an important piece. Avoid any form of deception or delusion. One more thing, it is likely that something will be going on that may increase feeling unsettled or fearful. If you are feeling these things, try to separate what is known and real from what is unknown, rumor or being assumed. And don’t forget to pray for protection, clarity and guidance.

Looking ahead to November, here are some of the events I will discuss in next month’s AstroCurrents:

  • November 5th is a Full Moon in Taurus at 4:58 am PST, 5:58 am MST, 6:58 am CST and 7:58 am EST.
  • November 17th Venus enters Sagittarius until 12/10.
  • November 17th Mars squares Neptune at 17º08’ Scorpio/Aquarius.
  • November 17th Mercury stations direct at 9º04’ Scorpio until 2/13/07.
  • November 19th Uranus stations direct at 10º49’ Pisces until 6/23/07.
  • November 20th is a New Moon in Scorpio at 2:18 pm PST, 3:18 pm MST, 4:18 pm CST and 5:18 pm EST.
  • November 22nd Sun enters Sagittarius until 12/21.
  • November 23rd Jupiter enters Sagittarius until 12/18/07.
  • November 28th Mars squares Saturn at 25º01’ Scorpio/Leo.

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