Key Astrology Aspects for September 2006: Working with Communication, our Emotions, and Intuitive Insights

On August 22nd the Sun entered Virgo at 11:23 pm PDT, and on the 23rd at 12:23 am MDT, 1:23 am CDT and 2:23 am EDT.

September 4th Pluto stations direct until 3/31/07. Pluto stations often trigger intense internal emotions and reactions. Things are often revealed to us that ultimately brings us a deep and meaningful understanding. That said, the process can be difficult and/or uncomfortable. Being willing to really see the truth about a situation is necessary in order to best use these energies. And if Pluto is aspecting other points in your chart, then this can be a most important time of transition. Pluto is the "Great Transformer". To avail ourselves to it’s great power, we must be willing to change at very deep levels. This will help to bring in the new life available as the weeks go on. Those born in the 3rd week of March, June, September or December are especially feeling these energies, though they certainly are not the only ones. Having your chart looked at will reveal how this station is impacting you personally.

September 5th the Sun makes its annual opposition to Uranus. This opposition brings a change to view your life from a new perspective, thus bringing in a greater awareness and understanding. Look for new information in unusual and unexpected places. Notice what appears seemingly out of the blue. And pay attention to your dreams and/or any flashes of insight. This can be an interesting day, but it can also bring unanticipated or unforeseen events. Also, allow extra time for all travel. The moon in Aquarius increases these energies now. Seek out friends and those who can bring in a new, and possibly exciting, experience for you. Anything goes now!

September 5th Venus enters Virgo until 9/30. During Venus’ time in Virgo we are looking for ways to add beauty through simplification and order. What is basic, pure and natural appeals to us during this time. Some modesty and even reservation may be in order in regards to the affairs of the heart. Strive for creating a sense of rhythm and order in your relationships. Being in sync can generate its own feeling of calm and peace.

September 7th is a Lunar Eclipse (also a Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces) at 11:42 am PDT, 12:42 pm MDT, 1:42 pm CDT and 2:42 pm EDT. During this Lunar Eclipse, the Moon will be conjunct Uranus in Pisces. This is a most mystical energy, creating heightened intuition and increasing psychic phenomena. Synchronistic events occur under such influences, so pay attention to anything that falls into this category. You may well receive important insights and messages from out of the clear blue. Watch your dreams the few days around this Eclipse for important guidance and meaningful symbols. Allow yourself to be inspired by the magic of this full moon, as it will bring in a rare and mysterious energy. What occurs during this time may impact you for a long time to come!

September 7th Mars enters Libra until 10/23. While Mars is in Libra, relationships get more attention than usual. Best case scenario is that you have more energy for dealing with the ins and outs of them, and can make great progress if need be. That said, there can be a combative quality at this time, so take extra steps to avoid confrontations. A key is to not take things so personally! Look for ways to seek balance and compromise, even if it means you don’t get your own way. Being a warrior for justice and fairness is a great _expression of this Mars placement!

September 9th Mercury squares Pluto. Watch that your communications are clear without being pushy. There is a need to get your point across, but sure make that in doing so you avoid conflict. This is one of those times that a few words can ignite a fire!

September 12th Mercury enters Libra until 10/1. This placement of Mercury always encourages us to strive for greater balance in some area of our life. Conversations are more inclined towards seeking agreement, which is a good thing. With Mars also in Libra, relationships are getting more attention now. Spending time in open and honest, though gentle, communication will likely produce positive results and greater understanding during this time. One thing with Mercury here: some find it difficult to make decisions because it is easier to see the positive and negative in any situation. Use the current Virgo energy to be very discriminating now to help make those decisions. You may be needing to make some adjustments in your approach and attitude in order to create harmony.

September 15th Mercury conjuncts Mars. This aspect has a short influence but it is wise to be careful in all areas of communication today. This influence can cause carelessness in speech creating misunderstandings. Be sure to think before you open your mouth! Venus is also opposing Uranus today, which increases a feeling of recklessness today, especially in your closest relationships. It would be best to have those important discussions another day.

On September 22nd is a Solar Eclipse, also a New Moon, in Virgo at 4:45 am PDT, 5:45 am MDT, 6:45 am CDT and 7:45 am EDT. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse is occurring on the eve of the Fall Equinox. It is a good time to clear out those things that hinder your forward movement. Virgo is the sign for decluttering and getting things in order. By creating greater efficiency in some way now, you will be sending a message to the Universe that you are open to the new cycle starting on the Fall Equinox tomorrow. You may sense a feeling of destiny in the air, as though something of important is around the corner. Pay attention to any urge now to choose wisely as this can also be an important step in ushering in the new. Being prepared for the next phase is a good way to best use this energy—even if it is only to get your own house in order!

September 22nd Sun enters Libra at 9:04 pm PDT, 10:04 pm MDT, 11:04 pm CDT and on the 23rd at 12:04 am EDT (this is also the Fall Equinox). (Check back around this time to read Libra Monthy Transit Talk.)

September 24th Jupiter squares Neptune. This is the last of three aspects between these two planets for some time. This energy is a call to bring a greater alignment between our visions and dreams and what we really believe about them. Meaning, while you may have a vision for your life (or a project, relationship, etc.) do you actually believe that it can come into manifestation? And if not, what do you need to adjust in yourself in order to get them in sync? Be honest with yourself about this and you may find the keys to realizing something of great importance to you. Also during this time there may be a tendency to believe things that have little or no validity in reality. Be alert to not deceive yourself or others at this time! As Paul Simon says: "A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest." These two planets also have a large influence on people’s religious and spiritual beliefs. And since at this time they are making a challenging aspect to one another, there may be some events taking place now that are a result of one’s misguided believes. Wars and conflicts based in these things may well be fueled by these energies.

September 30th Venus enters Libra until 10/24. Since Venus rules the sign of Libra it is comfortable here. You may be inclined towards the refined arts, such as ballet, theater or classical music. Often we feel the importance of surrounding ourselves with beauty during this time. This may manifest in color, fashion, art or any other way. Venus in Libra help to create a most romantic atmosphere, so finding ways to express your caring is easier now than at other times. This can also be a great boost for bringing harmony to your personal relationships. We seek out ways to create peace and harmony in our personal connections. Take advantage of this time and reach out with the intention of expressing your love and building bridges.

Looking ahead to October, which I will discuss in next month’s AstroCurrents:

  • October 1st Mercury enters Scorpio until 12/7, during which time it will be retrograde from 10/28 until 11/17.
  • October 6th is a Full Moon in Aries at 8:13 pm PDT, 9:13 pm MDT, 10:13 pm CDT and 11:13 pm EDT.
  • October 21st is a New Moon in Libra at 11:14 pm MDT, and on the 22nd at 12:14 am CDT and at 1:14 am EDT.
  • October 23rd Sun enters Scorpio until 11/22.
  • October 23rd Mars enters Scorpio until 12/5.
  • October 24th Venus enters Scorpio until 11/17.
  • October 25th Jupiter squares Saturn at 23 degrees 32’ Scorpio/Leo.
  • October 28th Mercury stations retrograde until 11/17.
  • October 28th Neptune stations direct until 5/24/07.

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By Dipankar
2006-09-20 16:20:20

Tell me when my financial hurdles are going to vanish.

By Admin
2006-09-20 18:51:02

Hi, Dipankar. Thanks for your question; however, we do not provide individualized personal readings here at Please enjoy our site's content, as our purpose is to help you learn to find your own answers.

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