Key Astrology Aspects for August 2006: Integrity, Leadership, and Letting Go

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

Key August Events

On July 22nd the Sun entered Leo at 4:18 pm PDT, 5:18 pm MDT, 6:18 pm CDT and 7:18 pm EDT.

On August 9th is the Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius at 3:53 am PDT, 4:53 am MDT, 5:53 am CDT and 6:53 am EDT. This full moon emphasizes your creativity and how we contribute that to your environment. Your unique offering(s) are asking for your attention. Spend some time reviewing what you give that is an expression of you. Taking tangible steps at this time can bear fruit in the coming weeks. Know that you are entitled to your place in the Sun! Just be sure to keep in mind the greater good as well. This full moon, and the days surrounding it, will bring opportunities to gain awareness as to how you personally make a difference. Remembering your childhood dreams may hold keys. Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams! Read on...

On August 10th the Sun makes its annual opposition to Neptune. This event occurring so close to the full moon will increase the energies of both. There is a magical quality to these few days that will help restore your faith and ideals, if you let it. The moon being in Pisces will also add to this energy. Watch your dreams for messages and guidance. And pay attention to what appears in your imagination as well. There is a dreamy, even surreal, quality present now. Mental tasks requiring logic and focus may be difficult at this time. Save that for another time! Also, you may feel somewhat ungrounded and spacey. Expect these influences to last from Tuesday through Friday.

On August 10th Mercury enters Leo until 8/27. On August 12th Venus enters Leo until 9/5. With both Mercury and Venus entering Leo about the same time, and while the Sun is also in Leo, we may all be feeling like a Lion, wanting to roar! During this time (especially until the 3rd week of August) be sure to make time to play, lay in the Sun, go to the theater or some other performance and enjoy these energies. Our minds and bodies need to unwind and seeking out ways to relax and have fun are important now. While Mercury is in Leo, we can be very expressive verbally, wanting our wishes known. Just be sure not to roar so loud that you hurt someone’s ears! Focus on creative and meaningful self-expression. Poetry or adventurous novels may be especially appealing now. While Venus is in Leo, many feel more flirtatious and seek out ways to get another’s attention in a playful manner. Now is a good time to spruce up your wardrobe, get a new hair style or pamper yourself in some way. Bright colors of the tropics can be alluring now. Creative self-expression in any form is heightened now. In general, we need to have some fun while Venus is in Leo.

On August 13th Mars is opposite Uranus in the signs of Virgo and Pisces. Whenever Mars and Uranus meet sparks can fly. This is a very dynamic influence that can have anyone feeling somewhat explosive and edgy or agitated. The good news is that this is a great time to clean out and get rid of things in those areas that seem to resist change the most. This may be someplace in your home or office, or in your mind. Change is afoot! There is a sense of urgency in the air. You may well be feeling impatient and harried. There are a couple other things to watch out for. Be extra careful driving and operating any machinery. Stay focused on the task at hand or you may tangent with undesirable results! And do avoid confrontations if possible. One comment could escalate into a war. With the other Leo influences (see above) this can be a very productive few days for all creative projects and efforts. That said, it can also have one feel too prideful with an exaggerated sense of entitlement, leading to conflict. A word to the wise. Oh, one other "warning"...I suggest avoiding extravagance of any kind, such as extra rich or spicy foods, too expensive purchases, etc. Extreme behavior will likely be regretted later.

On August 22nd the Sun enters Virgo at 11:23 pm PDT, and on the 23rd at 12:23 am MDT, 1:23 am CDT and 2:23 am EDT. (I will be sending out Virgo MTT around this time.)

On August 23rd is the New Moon in Virgo at 12:10 pm PDT, 1:10 pm MDT, 2:10 pm CDT and 3:10 pm EDT. After the recent influences, this new moon can help us to return to some order and sanity, if you will. (This is the first of two new moons in Virgo, a rare thing for there to be two in the same sign. The other is on 9/22 and also an eclipse! More on that in September). So, this is a great time to take stock of where you are, especially with regards to your health and daily regimes. Order is the order of the day, as Virgo influences are always a call to get more practical, and even logical. There are keys here. One is to pay attention to details. Another is to go with what is basic and simple. Elaborate approaches aren’t really necessary at this time. Lists and plans and agendas are important tools now! (This will be especially true once Mercury enters Virgo in a few days. Read on...).

On August 27th Mercury enters Virgo until 9/12. During this time that Mercury is in Virgo, our focus is on our daily regimes, especially as it relates to our health (both mental and physical). It loves it when we are more methodical and focused. Now is a good time to take care of those tedious tasks that may have stacked up recently. Clearing off your desk, your email inbox, counters, cupboards, etc. are all appropriate now. Also, catching up on some accounting may be in order. When was the last time you actually balanced your checking account? (Ever?). A call to your bookkeeper may be needed. Do be careful not to be critical or judgmental in your dealings with others (or self), as Mercury here has us seeing with a more "fault-finding" eye, if we let it. Direct that energy towards being more discriminate and mindful. During Mercury’s passage through Virgo is a good time to focus on creating more order, making plans and generally getting more organized. This will help you to use your time and resources more efficiently in the future, hence being more productive.

On August 29th Jupiter trines Uranus and Mars squares Pluto. This is an interesting combo in that Jupiter trining Uranus is a positive, uplifting influence and Mars square Pluto is a destructive, confronting one. When two things like this occurs at the same time, it largely depends upon your own chart as to how they impact you. One thing for sure, this is a high energy, dynamic influence affecting us for a few days. Perhaps the Mars/Pluto energy will bring to light in a most obvious way something that is not working, broken down or destructive while at the same time, the Jupiter/Uranus influence will present an easy solution. This is a good time to pay attention to whatever in your life is old and useless, and see what wants to replace it. This may include things, programs, relationships or beliefs we adhere to.

On August 31st Saturn opposes Neptune. This aspect often forces us to face the truth about something we would rather believe to be something different than it is. Neptune rules the things we may have an unrealistic attitude about and Saturn rules the facts, hard as they may be. So this influence brings to the forefront issues that need to be looked at and dealt with in a realistic way. Saturn rules the boundaries we must live within and rules we must live by. Neptune rules that which is boundary-less and without restriction. Hence, under these influences, the two worlds collide. Being realistic and willing to adjust things towards a more grounded, practical place is often what is called for here. Once this happens, our dreams and visions often have a better chance of being realized in our lives. Consider this a celestial reality check!

Looking ahead to September, which I will discuss in next month’s AstroCurrents:

  • September 4th Pluto stations direct.
  • September 5th the Sun makes its annual opposition to Uranus.
  • September 5th Venus enters Virgo until 9/30.
  • September 7th is a Lunar Eclipse (also a Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces) at 11:42 am PDT, 12:42 pm MDT, 1:42 pm CDT and 2:42 pm EDT.
  • September 7th Mars enters Libra until 10/23. September 12th Mercury enters Libra until 10/1.
  • On September 22nd is a Solar Eclipse, also a New Moon, in Virgo at 4:45 am PDT, 5:45 am MDT, 6:45 am CDT and 7:45 am EDT.
  • September 22nd Sun enters Libra at 9:04 pm PDT, 10:04 pm MDT, 11:04 pm CDT and on the 23rd at 12:04 am EDT (this is also the Fall Equinox) September 24th Jupiter squares Neptune.
  • September 30th Venus enters Libra until 10/24.

Next Mercury station is 10/28 until 11/17.

Note: Be sure and read previous AstroCurrents because many influences that began in previous month's are still affecting us.

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