Key Astrology Aspects for May 2006: Courage, Security, and our Emotions

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

Key May Events

On March 20th the Sun enters Taurus at 10:26 pm PDT, 11:26 pm MDT, and on the 20th at 12:26 am CDT and 1:26 am EDT.

On May 3rd , Venus enters Aries until 5/29. While Venus is in Aries, we are inclined towards being more demonstrative and open with our feelings. It is important to feel we are loved and cared about, even to the degree that we forget to show these same things to others. This placement can increase feelings of courage and bravado. Other key influences are: increased enthusiasm and passion, being (too?) direct or impulsive (especially in affairs of the heart)

On May 5th , Mercury enters Taurus until 5/19. During this time when Mercury is in Taurus, our mental focus is likely to be on issues of security, finances, budgets, what we value and how to take care of those things. Other key influences are: being down-to-earth and practical, going about things methodically and slowly. Do beware of being stubborn, not listening to another’s point of view.

On May 12th is the Full Moon in Scorpio at 11:51 pm PDT, and on the 13th at 12:51 am MDT, 1:51 am CDT and 2:51 am EDT. Under the influence of the full moon in Scorpio, it is likely to feel with greater intensity as our emotions that ordinarily run deep come to the surface. The need to express these feelings is real, though it is best to be very sensitive to others at this time. Memories and the past play a part at this time. It would be good to focus some attention on what it is that you treasure and value. Expect this influence to last at least Wednesday through Saturday.

On May 19th , Mercury enters Gemini until 6/3. It is a welcome thing when Mercury enters Gemini. Our minds seem to work with greater efficiency and clarity. Communications are lively and interesting. Do avoid superficial thinking, gossip or talking excessively.

On May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini at 9:32 pm PDT, 10:32 pm MDT, 11:32 pm CDT and on the 21st at 12:32 am EDT.

On May 22nd, Neptune stations retrograde at 19 minutes 49’ Aquarius until 10/28. Whenever an outer planet (Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) stations (happens a few times each year) there are subtle shifts of energy that impact us for some time. Life turns corners asking us to notice and then follow. This particular station has an ethereal quality to it. It is common to feel spacey, ungrounded or confused. It is best not to try to accomplish tasks requiring concentration or a strong focus during the days around this event. Give yourself some extra time to daydream, meditate and just feel the mystical energy that is present at this time. Dreams, imagination and symbols are all ways to connect you to your Soul and higher self. This can be a very spiritual time.

On May 26th is a New Moon in Gemini at 10:26 pm PDT, 11:26 pm MDT, and on the 27th at 12:26 am CDT and 1:26 am EDT. The new moon in Gemini is an active time mentally. We are filled with new ideas and want to talk about and share them. Stay open to what is happening around you as information that will help you in some area of your life may present itself under the influence of this new moon. Planting seeds for the next phase of some project would be good now. Other keywords are: curiosity, versatility, flexibility.

On May 29th Venus enters Taurus until 6/23. Venus is at home in Taurus, as it rules this sign. This placement will likely bring our attention to Venetian themes such as beauty, art, nature and sensuality. Key ideas/issues to be aware of are: being possessive and jealous, seeking pleasure in non-healthy ways or over-spending or over-indulging.

Note: Be sure and read month's Previous astrocurrent, as there are still many influences that began in other months still affecting us.

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