Key Astrology Aspects for April 2006: Love and Unification, Growth and Movement, Diplomacy

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

Key April Events

On March 20th the Sun enters Aries at 10:26 am PST, 11:26 am MST, 12:26 pm CST and 1:26 pm EST.

On April 5th, Venus enters Pisces until 5/3. During the time of Venus traveling through Pisces (happens about once a year) we are more inclined towards being less combative and try the gentle and tender approach. The sweetness generated from the sign of Pisces resonates well with the planet of Love. So during this time, we are given the chance to extend our hand and heart, mend fences and let go of petty differences. The Beatles said it best with "All You Need Is Love". Further, you may be more inclined towards opening to Spirit, surrendering aspects of your personal will in the process as well as feeling more devoted to your Path. Let go and let God -- All will be well -- I will to do Thy will -- all wonderful things to reflect on during this time.

This placement of Venus can have a most positive influence on your personal relationships as well. You may find you are more inclined to listen, really wanting to hear what your partner has to say. A blending of paths can occur as a result of the realization that you actually have the same or similar desires and goals. It may be easier now to sacrifice things that really aren't all that important in order to create more peace, love and unification. This will help with some of the other influences this month (see below).

During the month, there are days of particularly strong Venus in Pisces influence. The strongest being 4/17 through 4/21. Venus is first conjunct Uranus, a most exhilarating influence where we are wanting some more excitement and novelty in our life. This is a great influence for adding some spice to your life. Then on the 20th, Venus is in a beautiful trine (a good thing) to Jupiter. This is a great combo for bringing Joy into your life through gratitude and appreciation. These few days can do a lot towards creating greater harmony and understanding into our life. Be sure to make time for fun and serendipity.

On April 5th, Saturn stations direct at 4 minutes 23’ Leo. During the last several months (since 11/22/05, to be exact), Saturn has been retrograde. During that time, you've had the chance to do some major re-evaluation of the direction you are going in, the path you are on and goals you have. Often, it is a time of recalculation, seeking advice from those wiser and more experienced or reviewing your past efforts in relation to what they actually produced. As a result of this process, it is now time to make the necessary adjustments to your plans and efforts in order to create what it is you really want and need as time goes on. So now that Saturn has turned direct, we are in a cycle of growth and movement. We think in terms of what it is we can to manifest in the future and take steps towards that end. And since we are in the season of growth and renewal, this is even stronger.

Often times in the process of manifestation what it is we want, we need to make these types of adjustments. And during the station (now and for a few weeks) it would be good to do this, then create a new plan as need be. Keep in mind that a primary goal is to create a greater sense of security and a more solid foundation for your life. So anything that supports this is to be paid extra attention to. Also, Saturn in Leo asks us to evaluate what it is that is uniquely ours that we offer to our work. In other words, what makes you stand out? What have you learned that is of especial importance to others? Looking at these things is a matter of being honest and truthful with ourselves. And in fact, many can loose sight of the importance of their own offering to the world, and this can be a time of remembering this very thing. So don’t be afraid to stand out and make a statement. Your gifts, knowledge and talents are needed! So be proud of all that you are and create ways to share yourself with others!

On April 13th is a Full Moon in Libra at 9:39 am PDT, 10:39 am MDT, 11:39 am CDT and 12:39 pm EDT. The full moon in Libra often brings to the surface relationship issues, especially as it relates to honoring self and the other. You may be having to deal with how to tend to your partner, while being true to yourself at the same time. Striving for balance and honesty is the key. There is also a Mercury/Pluto square today, which will possibly add some tension to this full moon energy. When Mercury squares Pluto, there can be challenges in all communications as we are inclined to seek (demand?) the truth in direct, or even harsh, ways. Toning it down will help a lot. Be a diplomat…one who seeks answers to long standing issues but with the goal being tactful and courteous as well. And be sure to be an active listener. It will be well worth it at this time of communication intensity!

On April 13th , Mars enters Cancer until 6/3. Mars here turns our attention and energy towards our home and families. During the time while Mars is in Cancer (Mars stays in each sign for about 7 to 8 weeks every two years), people often feel more sensitive and emotional. Remembering the past and how things were can result in your feeling nostalgic. Projects involving photos, scrapbooks, etc. can get your attention. Do keep in mind that you may be feeling ultra sensitive and react in ways that you regret later. So try not to take things so personally and give some thought and distance to things that upset you before you react so that you can gain some clarity before responding.

Also, many find the energy to work around the house and get going on those projects that have been put off. It is important to keep things moving in whatever area Mars represents in order to not get stagnant. Hence, it would be good to get the garden started, clean out the garage, make time to do some Spring cleaning (or Fall cleaning for those of you in the Southern hemisphere!), start a remodeling project or just rearrange some furniture! Think in terms of moving the energy around in your home in order to create a more efficient and desirable space. And pay particular attention to those areas that are cluttered or where it just feels congested.

On April 16th, Mercury enters Aries until 5/5. Mercury rules virtually all forms of communication and the mental body in general. When Mercury is in Aries our thoughts can race around, making it a challenge to focus on the task at hand. Try to avoid being headstrong or egotistical. It is wise now to keep in mind that everyone has their own ideas about things! If you find yourself frustrated, check in to make sure you are really listening to the other persons point of view. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find common ground when dealing with groups, and it is often best to work alone as much as possible. Communications and dialogues are often direct during this time. You may find that your ideas have a feeling of being original, bold and adventuresome. Aries likes things exciting and heated up! This placement of Mercury can be helpful with anything requiring courage and bravado. Be bold, but keep aware of others, too. (The Venus/Jupiter trine of this week will help to mitigate the "negative" sides of this placement of Mercury.)

On April 19th, the Sun enters Taurus at 10:26 pm PDT, 11:26 pm MDT, and on the 20th at 12:26 am CDT and 1:26 am EDT. (I will be putting up the Taurus MTT on the site around the 18th or so, discussing the influence of Taurus on us all.)

On April 27th is a New Moon in Taurus at 12:44 pm PDT, 1:44 pm MDT, 2:44 pm CDT and 3:44 pm EDT. This new moon emphasizes what we value and care deeply about. It is also forming a square to Saturn as well, which suggests that some reprioritizing and restructuring at some basic level may be in order. It is time to focus on your resources and finances and come up with a plan and/or a budget that helps you to create a more solid foundation for the future. This may well include any area that could be called a resource (gifts and talents as well as finances) and expenditures, meaning not just money, but also your time. Also, this new moon may bring up ways we withhold our love and caring. Avoid being stubborn, greedy or possessive.

For more information on April influences, visit: Monthly Transit Talk for Aries

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