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Monthly Transit Talk™ (MTT™) for Aries Traits Brings Courage, New Direction, and the Energy to Take Action for All Sun Signs

This Month's Sign: Aries

Date & Time of Sun's Entry: March 19th at 10:49 pm PDT, 11:49 am MDT and on the 20th at 12:49 am CDT and 1:49 am EDT.

NOTE: The extra emphasis on the Aries energies that are affecting us all will be in effect until the Sun enters Taurus late on April 19th.

Type: Cardinal, Fire sign

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Areas of Body Ruled: The head and blood

Key Phrase: I Am

Symbols: The Ram

Tarot Cards: The Emperor and the Knight of Rods

What is ruled by Aries? The basic life pulse/energy, our personal will and initiative, our instincts and innate knowing, leadership, our passions, enthusiasm, physical vitality, strength and energy, pioneers, fire. It also rules universal male energy and the Spiritual Warrior within each of us. It rules our basic (and encoded) purpose, our authentic self...our fundamental connection to Spirit.

This information is for all signs of the Zodiac. Whatever is going on in the skies Astrologically affects us all, all of the time. we each have all twelve signs somewhere in our natal chart and so the current focus on the sign of Aries activates that area. Below is information regarding how the current emphasis on Aries may affect you personally and ways to work with this influence.


Aries rules the fundamental Life pulse of Spirit which originates at higher levels (God consciousness). In order for this impulse of the basic Life Force to reach deep into creation (i.e. the physical, emotional and mental realms), it must be strong and assertive. Hence, as the Aries "signature" or pulse permeates existence, it is courageous, bold, daring, impulsive (at times), confident and straightforward. Each of us has this impulse planted deep within to insure that we continue on our journey home to our Source (symbolically manifested in Astrology as the 12th and last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, where we merge with and surrender to the higher levels of the Divine) through countless lifetimes, lessons and obstacles.

Challenges During the Time of Aries

During this time of Aries, there are things we all need to watch out for:

  • Avoid being impulsive, headstrong, stubborn, willful, impatient or careless
  • Becoming easily irritated, frustrated or angered
  • There can be increased tendencies to react quickly or to be argumentative or overly aggressive

These qualities manifest to the degree that one is more strongly identified with their ego personality, rather than their Soul Personality. Becoming more aware of one’s connection to Spirit is perhaps the quickest way to mitigate these lower expressions of Aries.

Ways to Work with these Challenges and to Enhance Aries Energy

Below are some ideas as to how to work with the energies present during this time:

  • Do things that are grounding, such as walking, yoga or deep breathing.
  • Slow down, even a little can help, as Aries energy is often impulsive and moves too quickly.
  • Make the conscious effort to listen to others and yourself.
  • Focus your energy into positive and constructive projects. Aries energy wants to do something and often gets stuck and off track when it is bored or focusing on something that is futile or senseless.
  • Be bold and courageous~try something new.
  • Focus on something that is productive—even a simple or basic task.
  • Don't complicate things. The Aries in us sees things simplistically and fundamentally. (A basic, yet profound, signature of our relationship to Spirit).

To spiritually connect with the higher forces of Aries energy available now, ask for your ego/personality to be aligned with and brought under the direction of your Soul. Trust that you will be lead and guided as you enter this process.

Spiritual Focus for Aries

  • To connect with the impulse of life, thus helping you to remember your basic connection to Spirit.
  • To call forth and recognize your own inner authority, strength and knowing.
  • To nurture your unique essence. As you do, much else in your life will unfold naturally and with little or no effort.
  • To connect with your Higher (Spiritual) Will and claim your Purpose.

Affirmations for the time of Aries

  • I choose to consciously remember that I carry a spark of the Divine within me.
  • I know that my purpose will be revealed to me as I honor this.
  • I hear and respond to the Call, knowing that only I can fulfill my part.
  • Colors to work with enhance Aries energies are all shades of red and bright, bold tones of all colors.

Crystals to Work With

Clear quartz generators: Clear quartz is the crystal to work with to help us to determine a sense of purpose. Generators, also called single points, can help us to concentrate, focus and magnify our own individual purpose by remembering our True Essence.

Malachite: Called the "Truth Stone" because it brings us to a place of greater personal truth and knowingness. Malachite will draw out that which is impeding our spiritual path and give us indicators of where to focus our energy next.

Astrologer, Elizabeth Jones lives in Mt. Shasta, California. Visit her website at Or you can easily reach her at and her phone number is 530-926-1999


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