Key Astrology Aspects for March 2006: Soul and Life Purpose and Potential for a Renewal of Spirit

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

Key March Events

On March 2nd, Mercury will be making its first retrograde turn of the year (it will be retrograde until 3/25 at 5:43 am PST). This is quite a potent event as it will be stationing while squaring Pluto. There may well be misunderstandings and confusion around communications not only during the several days around this event, but throughout the month as well. So be very clear in your intentions and conversations during the next several weeks. Don’t assume that you are being clear or heard, as it may be that you are not. It is advised to really stay focused during important conversations or in any way involving getting your point across. And try to make an extra effort in understanding others. In fact, “radical listening” would be a good motto during this time. As a result, you may hear something of deep significance that you had missed in the past. By the way, this also means to be sure to listen to what you are trying to say to yourself as well!

On March 4th, Jupiter in Scorpio stations retrograde until 7/5. During a Jupiter station, I find most people are inclined to relax more and are not as motivated as at other times. And in fact, it is a good time to slow down and not push yourself. Take time during the several days around this station (until 3/12 or so) and just enjoy your past accomplishments. This station, combined with the recent Mercury station, is a great chance to stop the fast pace you may usually live on and treat yourself to a whole day or so of leisure. Be sure to spend time to go within and just listen to the silence. Both of these energies are a great time for contemplation and reflection.

As time goes on, and throughout this Jupiter station, you may well be inclined to do some soul searching, spending time delving below the surface of your psyche to places you don’t often go. This is a good time to revisit the places that you truly feel passionate about, though the process will be more internal than external until Jupiter stations in early July. Once it does, you may feel urges from deep within emerging that will bring you greater joy and reward if acted upon. Think of this as a time of “internal alchemy”. Magical things could happen if you avail yourself to this process. (You will learn more about this in a reading, finding out where this retrograde is occurring in your own chart).

On March 5th, Venus enters Aquarius until 4/5. During this time, our friends can play an important roll in our lives. Their neutral viewpoints can be invaluable in helping us to get in touch with what we really care about. Also, you may be feeling more social during this time, so add find some time to enjoy your friends! And since the sign of Aquarius rules the global community, our thoughts may turn in that direction through some events(s) or news. There will be a strong pull to open our hearts to our neighbors, whether near or far, under this influence.

Another possible impact of Venus in Aquarius is that you are wanting your partner to be your best friend during this time. And in fact, enjoying your mate as a friend is a likely impact of this placement of Venus. It will help to deepen your relationship in ways that aren’t as possible at other times.

On March 11th, Mars in Gemini squares Uranus in Pisces. This is a volatile transit that may generate an increase in tensions. During the few days before and after this square, expect to feel more impatient, edgy or irritable as a result of this influence. Since I try to find a possible positive influence or outcome for every thing astrological, one possible result of this aspect may be that a heated conversation may actually clear the air and result in a greater understanding of a particular situation.

That said, this combo can be quite explosive in nature, and may well impact the global scene. Tempers can flare, generally as a result of those involved not really listening, being reactive and not really wanting to hear what another has to say. I daresay the media and news will be filled with an increase of conflicts on several fronts. Personally, it is best to avoid those conversations or discussions that are likely to be upsetting in nature. Also impacting this week or so is the following aspect, Jupiter squaring Neptune. Read on.

On March 14th is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Virgo at 3:35 pm PST, 4:35 pm MST, 5:35 pm CST and 6:35 pm EST. All Lunar Eclipses can be intense and bring our feelings and emotions to the surface. But this one will be especially so because of its square to Pluto. It’s time to do some delving below the surface and see what emerges from the psyche (Pluto loves to get to the bottom of things). What is trying to get your attention? What needs to be acknowledged and dealt with so that you can move on and be ready for new cycle (read 3/29 below)? This is a very potent set of energies, ones that may provide you with clarity as to how your (ingrained) belief systems, and the judgments you hold about them, may well run you. On the day of, and those surrounding, this Lunar Eclipse (remember, it is also a Full Moon) you, and others, will likely be feeling ultra sensitive. Be sure to get plenty of rest. I suggest not taking on more than is necessary at this time. And try to find some quality time to be with yourself. A mini retreat may be in order.

On March 15th, Jupiter in Scorpio squares Neptune in Aquarius. Since this is occurring so close to the Mars/Uranus square described above, the likelihood of conflicts as a result of significant differences of opinions or beliefs is very likely. This is an aspect that increases the chance of individuals, groups, organizations or governments not being able to find common ground, or worse, taking steps or actions that make pointed or even radical statements supporting their (very likely) dogmatic positions. The 2nd and 3rd weeks of this month will be under the influence of these aspects, so I would expect any of these things to be occurring during this time. It may be helpful to list some of the things that each of the planets have rulership over or a direct impact on so that you can put two and two together, especially as it applies to your own life.

Mars: Our basic and most fundamental physical energy, conflicts and confrontations, war and acts of aggression, fire, volcanoes and explosions, accidents (especially those caused by carelessness), being reactive.

Uranus: Those events that are unpredictable or unexpected. Things that are revolutionary and anarchistic in nature. Chaos, liberation, principles of freedom, uniqueness, individuality, not wanting to be held back or thwarted in any way. Bizarre or freaky acts of nature. Increased awareness and enlightenment, though sometimes as a result of strange or unusual circumstances.

Jupiter: Expansion, openings, morality, and the “Judge”. Self-righteousness, exaggeration, over-anything (-doing, -confident, -spending, etc.).

Neptune: Idealism, believes, religion, the Zealot. Faith, devotion, spirituality. Addiction, escapism, being unrealistic and gullible. Deception, dishonesty and fraud.

All astrological aspects carry a certain “frequency” as well. As stated above, during this time, Mars will be squaring Uranus and Jupiter will be squaring Neptune. This means that literally, from the vantage of the Earth, they will be forming a 90? angle to one another. The Square presents us with challenges and things that are in conflict, hopefully so that a lesson is learned or an issue ultimately brought to resolution. However, prior to that happening, we must face the issues at hand. And in that process, there can be tension, conflict, misunderstandings, confrontations, stark realizations and changes and adjustments to our course of actions. And even though I expect these aspects to be felt on the national and global fronts, it would be wise to think about how all this is playing out in your life personally as well. Again, knowing where they are falling in your own chart would be most helpful and enlightening.

On March 20th the Sun enters Aries at 10:26 am PST, 11:26 am MST, 12:26 pm CST and 1:26 pm EST.

On March 25th, Mercury turns direct at 5:43 am PST. Mercury stationing direct is always a welcome thing. Communications start to go more smoothly, our thoughts are clearer and things we have been waiting to happen begin to move forward. You can feel freer now to make agreements, sign contracts and move forward with your plans. Be sure to pay attention to your intuition now as this station is conjunct Uranus at the time of the station. This will increase the feeling of mysticism and magic in the air for a few days. Answers to dilemmas or problems can appear suddenly from nowhere, blocks can disappear in an instant and insights come from unusual places. To make the most of this aspect, make sure you give yourself some extra time to tune in and pay attention to messages giving you direction coming from virtually any source. Also, your dreams may hold keys and should be paid attention to now. These influences will likely be felt during the last ten days or so of March.

Also on March 25th, Venus squares Jupiter and conjuncts Neptune. And Mars trines Neptune as well. Then on the 26th, Venus trines Mars. This is a most interesting and usual set of aspects to be occurring in such a close time together. Relationships will get your focus as you see potential where none may have existed before. Passions are strong as you open to new possibilities that could open your heart. While these celestial influences certainly apply to your personal and intimate relationships, they can also impact friendships, work and family relations as well. Further, because of Venus being conjunct Neptune now, your heart may open to our Global family in some way during this time.

There is a lot going on here Astrologically speaking, and when so many things are taking place in such a short time period, there are often events that take place that are life changing in some way. I want to encourage you to be particularly vigilant as to what is going on around you and inside you during these two weeks. You may well receive information or gain clarity on some issue that has eluded you. Or perhaps an event will take place that will leave you feeling differently about something. There are so many ways this could play out. And I haven’t even mentioned the Solar Eclipse occurring during this time! Read on…

On March 29th is a Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Aries at 2:15 am PST, 3:15 am MST, 4:15 am CST and 5:15 am EST. This Solar Eclipse occurs at 8 degrees 35’ of Aries. And occurs while Pluto stations retrograde (at 26?45’ Sagittarius until 9/4). Wow…it is simply amazing that these two events are happening in the same week as those I spoke of above. Solar Eclipses often usher in energy and trigger events that are life changing in nature. And there are two things that are of particular importance with this Eclipse. One is that it is the final Eclipse of an 18-year cycle (the next Solar eclipses will be in Pisces, then Aquarius, etc.) Second is that it is occurring in the first decan of the first sign, Aries. As well as the Zodiac being divided into 12 signs, it is further divided into 36 sections of 10? each, called decans. And the first decan of all 36 is the one that this Solar Eclipse is happening in. This decan is associated with initiations and beginnings. There will be a burst of “cosmic” energy with this Eclipse that will usher in a new cycle, if you will. And, because of the other events taking place on or near this Solar Eclipse, I feel there will be a strong sense of movement, entering many into a new period of their life.

While much could be written on all this, as there are many ways these events may impact us both personally and globally, I want to make mention of one in particular, and that is the potential for increased Soul presence as a result of the synchronicity of these most unusual phenomena. To the degree that we allow our Soul into our consciousness, we feel guided and connected to Source. During this time, I feel some will have experiences that open them to their own Soul in new and even tangible ways, as a result of the energies being ushered in during this time. I realize this is a huge (and important) subject, and a most personal one. I just felt it important to mention this, so that if you are sensing these things, in your own way, to give it attention, to acknowledge the process, as it is a most sacred one and will leave you different than it found you. These are celestial events that can create a fundamental shift of consciousness. And being open and aware of it, even inviting it in, will only facilitate the process.

Since this is all so dynamic and unusual, it is also likely that there may be events that upset the apple cart, so to speak. Genuine change is usually preceded and accompanied by such things. So don’t be surprised if you are challenged to do some Soul searching, resulting in letting go of the old in order to embrace this new cycle. Again, this is a big subject and I acknowledge that I am touching on it here.

Overall, this is a most exciting time. There is a strong sense of newness, enthusiasm, fire, passion and life force available now, offering each of us an opportunity to get in touch with our Soul and Life purpose. The potential for a renewal of Spirit is at hand!

For more information about Mt. Shasta, California, astrologer Elizabeth Jones, visit her website at, or you can easily reach her at Her phone number is 530-926-1999.


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