Key Astrology Aspects for February 2006: Creativity, Inner Knowing, Personal Motivation

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

Key February Events

On February 3rd, Venus stationed direct in Capricorn. Since it went retrograde on 1/1/06, it seems that things have been quite slow, even to the point of non-action in many ways. Projects and plans related to business and/or finances in particular seem to have been affected by this aspect. So now that it has turned direct, things along this line should start to move forward. However, since Venus is still in the sign of Capricorn, not known for its swiftness, expect the movement to be in slow motion for a couple weeks. That said, I suggest that you take any indication of forward movement as progress. And keep in mind that where you place your attention now is likely to be a part of laying a more secure and solid foundation for the future. So slow but sure is very likely a good thing, as you are forced to consider things more thoroughly, not acting impulsively or without thinking things through. Patience and faith are a powerful combo now, producing fruit and rewards that are real and viable as time goes on.

On February 8th, Mercury enters Pisces until April 16. This placement of Mercury isn’t real conducive to rational thinking. Reason often goes out the window as we find ourselves prone to daydreaming instead. Mercury rules the mental processes and facilities and Pisces is the least practical and logical of signs. So while Mercury is here (an annual event), we are likely to feel spacey, finding it more difficult than usual to focus. So while it isn’t great for tasks requiring concentration, it is great for those projects where imagination and more fanciful thinking is preferred. This placement of Mercury is also good for all pursuits of a more spiritual nature. In fact, many will find that they are drawn to studying such things or meditation and prayer during this time.

On February 12th is the Full Moon at 24 degrees 20’ Leo, occurring at 8:44 pm PST, 9:44 pm MST, 10:44 pm CST and 11:44 pm EST. This Full Moon is squaring Mars which increases the chances for people to feel quite emotional and perhaps over reactive. There is a kind of frustration in the air, so be careful not to provoke others, leaving potentially difficult or touchy conversations for another time. Mercury is nearing a conjunction with Uranus in Pisces (exact on Tuesday, February 7th), which can bring in flashes of insight just when you need it, so pay attention to your intuition and messages coming in from places you least expect it! (This will apply until Wednesday, the 15th.)This Full Moon also brings forth creativity that wants to be expressed in some unique and even exciting way. And in fact, creative process may be a wonderful outlet for the combined energies present now.

On February 17th, Mars finally leaves Taurus and enters Gemini until 4/13. This will free up a lot of mental energy. Conversations are lively and dynamic as we find ourselves wanting to talk about our plans and ideas. I feel this will feel good after Mar’s long stay in Taurus, which is not as conducive to open dialog and exchanges of ideas and such. So now, be open to sharing, and don’t forget to listen, too! One thing to remember is that while this is a lively placement for Mars as far as the mental is concerned, it is not known to be especially productive in the physical realm. So this is a better time for planning and talking and working things out in your mind than it is for actually accomplishing things in the physical.

On February 18th the Sun enters Pisces at 11:26 am PST, 12:26 pm MST, 1:26 pm CST and 2:26 pm EST. (I will be sending out the Pisces Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) for this around the 17th.)

On February 27th is the New Moon in Pisces at 4:31 pm PST, 5:31 pm MST, 6:31 pm CST and 7:31 pm EST. This New Moon is conjunct Uranus which makes it quite potent. This combo increases the activities of the physic and etheric realms. Or perhaps a better way to put this is that this combo will increase our awareness of these dimensions. Thus, your intuition may be in high gear as messages fly in from the ethers. Pay careful attention to what comes into your field of awareness now as it may be something of great importance as time goes on. There is a strong feeling of the mystical and magical in the air. This is a most interesting New Moon and could mark the beginning of something significant in your life. Do be aware that you may feel ungrounded or somewhat spacey today. And don’t fall for anything that comes your way, as these energies also increase the likelihood of being deceived or too gullible. Other than these things, this should prove to be a most interesting influence lasting a couple days prior to and after the actual time of the New Moon. Also, your dreams may be especially active now. The symbols therein could well be significant, providing you with messages and even solutions to problems.

On March 2nd, Mercury will be making its first retrograde turn of the year. This is quite a potent event as it will be stationing while squaring Pluto. There may well be misunderstandings and confusion around communications during the several days around this event, so be very clear in your intentions and conversations around this time. Don’t assume that you are being clear or heard, as it may be that you are not. And listen carefully as well. I will be writing more on this in March, but wanted to give you the heads up on this important Mercury retrograde. And remember, try to accomplish want needs to be in the way of contracts, agreements and important conversations prior to this station, or even a few days before if possible.

The following AstroCurrents™ are still affecting us because their expected time of influence is still in effect.

October 25th 2005 until November 23rd 2006—Jupiter will be in Scorpio. Every twelve years Jupiter visits each sign. And in late October, Jupiter entered Scorpio for the first time in 12 years. In general, this is a good thing for you Scorpio's, as Jupiter's influence is basically considered as positive. That said, there is currently so much going on in relation to Jupiter entering Scorpio, it's not as clear as to this positive influence for you Scorpio's, or for any of us. (A look at your chart will definitely reveal more as to what positive influence Jupiter will have on you personally.)

Jupiter here can help you feel more comfortable with the process of delving deeper into our own psyche with the intention of better understanding just what makes you tick. You may find that you are more interested than usual in exploring some aspect of your inner being, truly desiring to "know thyself" in some way not known before. Also, Jupiter here allows that which is hidden to be revealed and brought "out of the closet". This may well play a part in the current national arena of probes and investigations. With our curiosity renewed ("Just why did we go to war?") and our passion for the truth infused with the strong principles that Jupiter can ignite, many areas of life, whether personal, professional or political, are now under the scrutiny of Jupiter's domain – the planet that seeks to know the truth and then seek justice like no other.

Also there is a Fixed T-square going on with Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius. This is quite a potent and unusual formation which will continue until Fall this year.

Basically, the fixed signs deal with purpose, willpower and help us to manifest our intentions, dreams and ideals. Our reservoirs of energy and passion are found here. This signs of this Grand Cross has been called the "executive signs" as they have influence over those in power and who rule. (They have also been called the "seismic signs" as many major earthquakes occur when the Sun or Moon are in a fixed sign.) Getting your focus now is:

• your basic determination and persistence; (How determined are you in accomplishing what you really want?)

• your resources and finances; (How secure do you feel in this way and what to you call genuine security?)

• how you view and see power, abuse of power and feeling empowered (or not); (What do you give power to? What do you draw your power from? What makes you feel empowered and do you focus on that as much as you could?

An Overview of the Fixed Grand Cross

The seeds of purpose, which become our focus, are planted in the fertile sign of Taurus, given enthusiasm in the fiery sign of Leo, then the passion and intensity of Scorpio gives it depth of purpose and the humanitarian and visionary sign of Aquarius completes the process by giving our creation to the world, for good or bad. Where these four signs form a cross in your own chart will give you more information as to how this unusual and potent Fixed Grand Cross will be influencing you personally during the next few months (essentially through February, 2006).

As we enter this time, be open to seeing what truly motivates and inspires you. Also, look at your true intentions, which you may find are really quite different than your stated ones. Try to stay open to seeing the truth about any given situation and then be willing to adjust your support, focus and direction accordingly. Being stubborn and resistant to the changes needed now will only result in regret as time goes on. While it isn't going to be necessarily comfortable or easy to make the necessary adjustments now, some help may well come from Uranus in Pisces, making a positive aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio (a trine). This will help us to view things from new perspectives, be curious as to the cosmic plan and also to stay flexible as needed.

July 16th—Saturn enters Leo until September, 2007 (last time it was here was in 1978).

Leo is the sign that rules those activities associated with sports, theater, drama, dance and the arts. It is also the sign that rules what we create that is uniquely our own. It is here that we make an impression on the world around us through our personal will and creative process. Under Leo’s influence, we want to feel that we are contributing something of our own that will have value or bring enjoyment to others. Saturn is the sign that rules our accomplishments and goals. Hence, during Saturn’s stay in Leo, we will feel a pull towards creating something that has value, will endure and that in some way reflects our individuality. It may be something that we have been thinking about for a long time (this may be especially true for the “baby boomer generation"—those born from the later 30’s to the late 50’s). We are being challenged, or even “called”, to do what we “came here to do”.

For some, this may not be as dramatic as for others. If your chart is not really being strongly aspected by this celestial event, then you will feel less compelled by these energies, though you may see these energies influencing those around you. But if your chart is being impacted in a more direct way, then this could be a most dynamic, challenging, productive and rewarding time for you. Those strongest impacted will be you Leo’s out there. A close “second” is those with a Leo rising or who have their moon in Leo, or those born from August of ’46 to September of ’49, as you will be experiencing your second Saturn return at some point during the next two years.

The sign of Leo also has rulership over our leaders (think of it as something like the King of the Jungle—the Mighty Lion (symbol of Leo)—lording over his domain, leading his "pack"). Saturn—the planet of accountability and having to take responsibility for our actions—now in Leo, will be knocking loudly on their door(s)—insisting on being let in and heard. It's messages (think of them as coming from a higher authority—perhaps The Cosmos?) that may sound something like this:

  • How has your integrity level been during "your reign"?
  • Have you been a benevolent and generous ruler, taking into account the needs of the people or one that has answered the needs of your own ego and agendas first?
  • Do your “subjects” genuinely respect you? Or have they succumbed to your will, feeling that their own voice has been drowned out?”

For the next 2 years, those who lead us—whether in government, religion or education—will have to face many tests and, I feel, answer many (until now) unanswered questions, as this is the period in the 28-year Saturn cycle that demands accountability from our leaders, at least to a greater degree than at other times during the Saturn cycle.

This will be an especially important passage of Saturn through Leo as it faces some other significant events taking place in the fixed signs along its way. First, Neptune is in the middle of its own passage through the opposite sign of Leo, Aquarius. This will have much impact on Saturn’s travels through Leo—perhaps most notably will be this Universal mirror continuously being held up against the creations that Saturn in Leo will bring forth (or perhaps those that are already in place). Neptune here will also dissolve many of the things that are not in alignment with our highest path, so manifesting what is too far “out of Divine Order” may bring some interesting, and perhaps unforeseen, consequences.

I have also written How the Stars Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.

For more information about Mt. Shasta, California, astrologer Elizabeth Jones, visit her website at, or you can easily reach her at Her phone number is 530-926-1999.


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