Key Astrology Aspects for January 2006: Financial Security, Budgets, and Passion with Purpose

On January 1st, Venus, while retrograde, re-entered Capricorn until March 5th. (It will turn direct on 2/3). This gives you a chance to do some needed re-evaluation concerning your finances specifically as it relates to your future security. To truly gain from this, it is important to be very honest with yourself regarding your income and expenses. As you go through this sometimes uncomfortable process, expect a shift in your priorities. And then, on January 3rd, Mercury entered Capricorn as well (until 1/22). This further sets the stage for our attention getting focused on the basic themes of security and finances as well as other fundamental and foundational issues. Both Venus and Mercury in the more serious sign of Capricorn while the Sun is there as well, clearly starts off the year on a sobering note. These are all indications that the issues set forth in Capricorn are before us all. I suggest re-reading Capricorn MTT to gain a clearer understanding of the energies afoot.

In the middle of the month, a powerful Mars/Jupiter opposition, at the critical degree (15) of fixed signs, occurs in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. I have been writing about this in the last few AstroCurrents as it has been with us for a while, and now, Mars is making its final opposition to Jupiter during this cycle, activating our passions, most likely demanding that we place some focus there. And then, on the 18th, Mars will form a square to Neptune, reminding us that our passions must also be in sync with our higher purpose and for the highest good and that this means our personal will may well receive reminders that we must be in alignment with the Divine Will as well.

On the 22nd, Mercury enters Aquarius (until 2/8). Occurring annually, this is always a chance to turn our mental focus to the greater good. Humanitarian concerns get our attention during this time. And then lastly, Jupiter and Neptune form the first of three squares during this year on 1/27. This is one of those rarer events that have an impact on the masses as well as the individual. It is very likely that it will heighten the issues of religious righteousness, causing further divisions and conflicts globally.

To get more information about these events, read my article on:

January 1st — Venus, while retrograde, re-entered Capricorn until March 5th. Venus here will remind us to see things in a more grounded, practical light. We are now primarily concerned with how secure we feel and what we are doing to create better security in the future. Our primary focus during this time is to give some serious consideration to what we truly value and care about. Then to come up with a plan to create that if it currently isn’t in our life and to better protect it if it is. It is further advised to be frugal and prudent during this time, not wasting your resources on unnecessary items or expenditures. This placement of Venus also helps us to be better disciplined and more goal oriented, as opposed to wanting instant gratification. Also, your relationships may require a reevaluation of where you with regards to the issue of commitment. Overall, this is a good time to revisit how you are preparing for your future and if you are doing now what will help to create a more solid foundation down the road.

January 3rd — Mercury entered Capricorn until January 22nd. Mercury in Capricorn is always a good time to do some serious thinking about your finances. Making up a new budget that focuses on balancing your income and expenses may be in order during its stay here (until 1/22). Seeking out the advice of those better versed in these matters may be wise. Perhaps even consulting a professional in money management or financial planning would be appropriate for you. Again, with Mercury, the Sun and Venus all in Capricorn, these areas are very likely to be on your mind and in your conversations. One last thing here, as you are investigating all this, think long term. Slow growth is more likely to work for you than any quick fix.

PLEASE NOTE: There are several potent events taking place from January 13th through the end of the month. Many have already reported feeling the intensity of these energies. As you read the following few days, think of these influences as having an impact that will overlap with one another. Also, it is quite possible that during this time there may be significant earth movements in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, mudslides and/or, unfortunately, mine cave-ins (and continued interest in the recent ones).

January 14th—Full Moon at 24 degrees 05' Cancer at 1:48 am PST, 2:48 am MST, 3:48 am CST and 4:48 am EST. This full moon is often an emotional one for many. It brings up issues of career, work, home, family as we seek out what we belong to. It is important to consider the needs of both your own elder family members as well as address your own needs in the years to come. There is a strong wave of intensity in the air now, and the best way to handle these energies is to be realistic, relying on your own experience, and not to cave into fear, panic or depression. Look for opportunities that may be disguised as challenges!

January 15th — Mars (in Taurus) opposition Jupiter (in Scorpio). This is a very powerful aspect that you may feel for several days prior to the actual event. You may be wanting to expand in some way, but feel restricted at the same time. Perhaps finding the resources or funding needed must be dealt with first. But keep with it, as there is lots of fuel for the fire in the ethers to help you manifest your projects, though it may not all happen as fast as you’d like. Slow but sure is a good motto now. Another look at what really motivates you may be an important component to your ultimate success. And be sure to empower others in your process and remember that sharing your wealth and resources will bring rewards over time.

January 18th — Mars (in Taurus) squares Neptune (In Aquarius). The Ego is up for some trimming under this aspect. Being humbled is not always a comfortable process, for sure, but as this occurs, you will be left with a greater sense of unity with those around you. A melding of your own personal interests with those of the common good will result in a blending of talents and resources that will allow everyone to win. Minimally, try to find ways to let others know that their contribution is appreciated. Showing gratitude goes a long way now.

There are some things to watch out for during the time of this influence (a few days before and after). Your ego or pride may get you engaged in conflicts of morality and ethics, and result in “I’m right, you’re wrong” battles that go nowhere. So try to avoid getting heated up over things that in any way negates another’s beliefs or feelings. The Dali Lama’s advice, “My true religion is kindness”, would be a perfect thing to practice now.

Another possibility during this time is that your physical energy may be low. You may need some extra rest or time out from your regime to recharge. Don’t push yourself, or others for that matter, and try to go with the flow to conserve your energy until after this influence has passed. One other thing to consider is that any addictive or compulsive issues may get your attention in ways that just can no longer be ignored or negotiated with.

By the way, this aspect is the final one being made that completes the Grand Fixed Square of the last several months. As Mars moves on, you may feel the shift of energies. Remaining are Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune, leaving a T-square in fixed signs through the Fall of this year. I will continue to write about that as time goes on.

January 19th — Sun enters Aquarius at 9:16 pm PST, 10:16 pm MST, 11:16 pm CST and 12:16 am EST on the 20th. (I will be writing the Aquarius Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) for this around the 18th.)

January 22nd — Mercury enters Aquarius (until 2/8). The Sun and Mercury entering Aquarius within a couple days of one another will bring some welcome relief from the intensity of late. The lines of communication flow more freely now and our own thought process opens to new ideas and unusual solutions. You are likely to engage in conversations with peers and friends that stimulate your mind and satisfy your need to connect with others, at least in mental ways. You may hear from friends that you haven’t been in contact with for a while. Or, you may get the urge to initiate contact yourself.

January 27th — Jupiter (in Scorpio) squares Neptune (in Aquarius). As I mention in my 2006 article, this is the first of three squares between these two planets. While it is possible that this aspect may not affect you in personal ways, its influence will surely be felt in our societies, culturally and in the religious arenas of the world. As these two square off, it will increase the likelihood of conflicts and confrontations that are based on opposing morals, ethics and belief systems, especially those of a dogmatic nature. These conflicts may well expand into major confrontations, fuel irrational behavior and even escalate to a war ( heat up existing one).

Personally, it is most likely that this aspect will be influencing you if you have personal planets at the degrees this is taking place in or near (a reading will determine this). But if you are feeling conflicts around what you believe in or in your spiritual life, it is likely that you are being aspected by this. And for all of us, it is an opportunity to rediscover our passions as they relate to our spirituality and our practice. Just remember to include other’s interpretations of their own spirituality in your reality.

January 29th—New Moon at 9 degrees 32' Aquarius at 6:14 am PST, 7:14 am MST, 8:14 am CST and 9:14 am EST. This new moon also signifies the beginning of the Chinese New Year. This is the year of the fire dog, which can bring us opportunities for greater creative expression, increase our idealism and encourage our independence. These qualities dovetail nicely with the energies that this new moon ushers in. Your creativity may take an unusual bent, as it seeks self expression. Under the influences of this new moon, explore these ideas and write them down, as this is an especially dynamic time, one that may offer you answers to some current problems you are facing. And, this new moon is opposing Saturn in Leo, which may help to anchor your vision in reality in some tangible way. Seek out the advice of those you respect and make time to be with your friends and peers.

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