Key Astrology Aspects for December 2005: Personal Power, Commitment, Connection

Mercury stationed direct on the 3rd at 24 degrees and 44' Scorpio. This has been a challenging Mercury retrograde period for many (it went retrograde on 11/13). Perhaps this is because of it being retrograde in Scorpio, the sign often associated with intensity. Anyway, it is now direct, so we can all proceed with our plans, make important agreements and feel at greater liberty to make significant decisions. Mercury will be re-entering Sagittarius on December 12th which will lighten things up and bring more optimism. This should help you to see the bright side of things (read influence below).

Another key event is that Mars will be stationing direct on the 9th. This will begin to free up stuck energy and help with any lethargy you may have been feeling of late. Also, the Full Moon on the 15th is quite an interesting one. I feel it will trigger events and ultimately help you to gain clarity and understanding in some significant area of your life. Venus entering Aquarius at the time of this Full Moon brings our focus to humanitatian concerns.

On the 16th Jupiter (Scorpio) will make an exact square to Saturn (Leo). This aspect has been influencing us for a while but the exact aspect of today is a culmination of sorts. It taking place so near the Full Moon this month adds both a complexity and increased intensity to these few days. You may have a sense that “something is about to happen”. It is important with so many celestial influences at this time to stay levelheaded and not to over react (Mars is aspecting this as well, which can increase the likelihood of this occurring). I also feel that the feeling of culmination present now can generate positive things coming together as well. Much will depend upon your attitude, which the Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius asks us to examine anyway.

On the 24th, Venus stations retrograde for a few weeks. This gives us a chance to do some reevaluation of what we truly care about, how we tend to those things and, once it re-enters Capricorn on 1/1/06, what our commitment level is to these things.

Lastly, Mars (Taurus) will be squaring Saturn (Leo) on the 27th. Again, this fixed cross in the skies this month (and continuing into next year), and the issues it brings forth, gets yet another activation. This adds cayenne to the mix for sure.

Overall, December is a very active time, celestially speaking, focusing on issues of power (how we use or misuse it); empowerment (what makes us really feel empowered and do we avail ourselves to these things); our resources, gifts and talents (are we really accessing and making these work for us? or do we allow them lay dormant within); and our own truth and wisdom comes into play more than at other times as well. At the end of the month, you may well be feeling, and even behaving, very differently than at the beginning. All of this sets us up for a most interesting beginning of 2006.

December Astrological Events by Date

December 9th—Mars stations direct at 8 degrees 14' Taurus. Many people find it difficult to move forward and get motivated during a Mars retrograde period. Mars is the ruler of our basic physical energy, and while it is “going backwards” (aka retrograde), you may feel somewhat sluggish (it has been retrograde since 10/1). Now, as it moves forward again, you may be ready to take on those things you have been putting off. Further, whatever you have been focusing on and putting your energy into since early October may now begin to pay off. Mars in Taurus is quite result and goal oriented. What’s at the end of this path? Where’s the payoff? Now, and in the days and weeks to come, you may well get some reward for your efforts. A key time to take note of is towards the end of January going into February, as Mars hits its shadow point. From now until then, know that your efforts will be rewarded through persistence and perseverance, even with a setback here or there along the way.

December 12th–Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on 12/12. Some most interesting and important truths should be out in the open, giving us opportunities to now move forward with the information we need to do so with greater knowledge and discernment. A greater sense of freedom is felt, and the actions we need to take become clearer. Our highest aim now is independence and a better sense of what is just and right. We have, hopefully, reclaimed some part of our moral fiber and personal truth and re-set our sail accordingly. And, I should add that the Fixed Grand Cross is still playing out, and will be until mid-February, which will mean that aspects of these realizations may take the next few weeks to come into being or to be incorporated into our reality.

In general during such a heightened time of Mercury influence, it is important to be mindful of our thoughts and attitudes, make extra efforts to communicate clearly, listen attentively and stay very aware of what is going on around you. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain significant insights, resulting in the guidance needed to go forward with a greater sense of purpose and of just how to go about in accomplishing this.

December 15th—Venus enters Aquarius until January 1st, 2006

December 15th—Full Moon at 23 degrees 48' Gemini at 8:15 am PST, 9:15 am MST, 10:15 am CST and 11:15 am EST. The Full Moon this month has two rather interesting things going on. For one, the Sun is conjunct Pluto which will increase the overall intensity of this Lunation. It will create some very interesting, and most likely revealing, conversations. Further, your own thought processes will encourage you to delve deep into your being, where you may find important keys to understanding the bigger picture, at least for your own reality.

Also, Venus entered Aquarius minutes before this Full Moon, and will be exactly conjunct Chiron in Aquarius at the time of the this Lunation. This will increase the important roll our friends and communities play in our life for the next couple weeks. It will also increase our feelings of compassion for our Global Family. Clearly, this is a wonderful influence to have present during this Holiday Season. I would expect to hear about outpourings of generosity towards those who have suffered trauma and losses in this year’s tragedies. And you may find that you, as well, are drawn to contribute in whatever ways you can to these causes. Overall, I feel there will be a stronger sense than usual during this Holiday Season of just how connected we all are, opening each of us to our own personal feelings of compassion and empathy for others. Perhaps this will translate to a genuine blessing resulting from these tragedies.

On a more personal level, while Venus is in Aquarius, it helps us to detach from our own personal dramas and issues and to connect with those around us. It can bring us closer to feeling empathy for others and in general, increases a sense of love and caring for our friends, far and wide.

December 16th—Jupiter (Scorpio) squares Saturn (Leo). Astrologically speaking, Jupiter represents the principles of expansion and Saturn the principles of contraction. A square aspect generates tension. Hence, you may well be feeling a conflict in some area(s) of you life between these polarities of expansion vs. contraction, growth vs. pruning, feeling social vs. needing time alone, etc. These two giants of our Solar System squaring off like this is a time to weigh the pros and cons of moving forward in expanded ways verses slowing down, allowing more time before that forward movement. The Mars/Saturn square at the end of this month may bring into our awareness yet more important points to consider in all this. Overall, know that as you move forward, you may have to stop and check out the territory, even reversing or braking, then go on. By the way, there are several areas of your life you may be noticing this, such as work or home projects or plans, in the relationship arena, financial issues or regarding your creative efforts.

December 21st—Sun enters Capricorn (Winter Solstice) at 10:35 am PST, 11:35 am MST, 12:35 pm CST and 1:35 pm EST.

December 24th—Venus stations retrograde (for the first time since 5/17/04) at 1 degree 28' Aquarius and until 2/3/06. As mentioned above, this is an opportunity to look again at what personally matters to us. This may include the people in our lives, our work or our possessions. It is a good time to clean things out and create a more efficient space to work and live in. The first of the year would be a very good time to look at your space from the vantage of Feng Shui. Is clutter creating stagnant energy in your environment? If so, this placement of Venus is perfect for making improvements in this area. Also during this retrograde time, reevaluating your finances and basic security would be good. Cutting back on spending may be a necessary step, even if that means letting go of something you think of as essential!

Personally, this placement of Venus offers you a chance to reexamine your relationship commitments, especially once it enters Capricorn on 1/1. That said, those commitments that hold up now can bring satisfaction and a deeper love as time goes on. This truly is a time when you may notice that though a fire or passion is waning in your relationship, it has been replaced by a sense of comfort and belonging that is very solid and adds to your overall sense of security. Appreciation and gratitude goes a long way now.

December 27th—Mars (Taurus) squares Saturn (Leo). Again, the overall energy of the fixed cross gets our focus. Rereading the various mentions throughout this page on the influences of this may be helpful. That said, whenever Mars squares Saturn, you may feel thwarted or frustrated in some way. Perhaps the voice of experience and wisdom is demanding that we listen to it, rather than the voice of impulsiveness and force. Recognizing this conflict may save you time, money and/or energy later, so take heed. Just know that slowing down may be the best thing to do now. Another possible side to this aspect is that perhaps you need to push through some resistance to get the job done, or to get movement in some area of your life that is needing to change. This will be especially true is you have fallen into habits that are no longer really offering you genuine vitality and a greater sense of being alive. Only you can be the judge as to which is true now.

Be sure and read the previous article for many of the astrological events which began in November are still active.

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