Important Astrology Aspects for October 2005: Lunar Eclipse in Aries and Mars Retrograde

September 13th-Mars retrograde (exactly) quincunx Pluto: Exact aspect, mid October.

October 17th-Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 5:14 am PDT, 6:14 am MDT, 7:14 am CDT and 8:14 am EDT.

It seems there has been a lot of tension and stress in the air these days, feeling almost palpable at times. Almost everyone I've spoken with is feeling overwhelmed with all that is on their plate these days. Work days seem to be getting longer, as do the "to do" lists. Staying focused and getting things done is tricky and elusive at best. And it doesn't seem there is any extra time to just relax. so what is going on here?

I feel that Mars quincunx Pluto is really "putting the screws on". This has been a slow moving aspect, which means its impacts are more intensely felt than usual. (Read September 18th…below for more information on these energies). And as it has come into an exact aspect this week, it has turned up the heat and created a pressure-cooker-like feeling. In the next week or so, this is going to start calming down a bit. For now, I suggest not rushing around and avoid all confrontations. Tackle only those bigger tasks that you really have the energy for. That said, if you do have the energy you could accomplish a lot now. Just keep at it and you could get a lot done at this time.

How to best deal with these influences
Another way to deal with these energies is to do the "re" thing. By that I mean that whenever a planet is retrograde, as Mars is now and will be until 12/9, we get a chance to re-do or re-visit some area of our life, depending upon which planet it is, the sign it is in and (very importantly) where it falls in your chart*. Here are some ideas about what to "re-do" with Mars retrograde:

  • Re-organize your desk, office, garage, etc.
  • Re-prioritize you time, day, lists
  • Re-visit previous ideas, projects, strategies
  • Re-structure your business or marketing plans
  • Re-work your budgets and finances
  • Re-evaluate your resources, with a particular focus on using what you already have

The idea here is to return to a previous place, effort, idea, etc. and then re-work it, re-organize it, etc. with the ultimate idea of re-incorporating whatever it is that you have come up with in working with this process. By doing these things while Mars is retrograde, you will be establishing a better and more efficient base of operations for the next phase of your life, business, home, etc. Get the drift?

One more comment about timing. The full impact of all this re-doing may not be truly felt until Mars returns to its shadow point, meaning the degree it turned retrograde at (23° Taurus), which will be in early February, 2006. So know that you have some time to let this process take hold.

Also being felt at this time is the upcoming Lunar Eclipse energies. Eclipses usher in intensity and this one is no different. And since Mars, the ruler of Aries, which is the sign this Eclipse is in, is retrograde, it adds to the frequencies already being felt, creating things being even more dynamic and complex. During the influence of this Aries lunation, expect to feel somewhat frustrated at times, angry for no real reason, irritable and ineffectual. Your efforts could be thwarted at times and your overall energy low. (Note: it is possible that these effects will be felt to a lesser degree by working with the "re" energy I discuss above since you will be moving with the energy and not against it.)

So how can you make the best of all this intensity? One way is to tap into the Warrior-like energy available now and use it to ask yourself some big questions, such as:

  • "What must I look at that I have been avoiding?"
  • "Am I using my energy and time wisely or am I wasting it?"
  • "Am I really focusing on the things I want to have in my life?"
  • "Have I recently given up too soon on something important to me?"
  • "Do I allow other's beliefs about me to influence my decisions and direction too much?"

Notice if at least one of these questions hit you someplace, perhaps producing an almost instant answer. Honestly answering these questions may reveal things that are ready to come to the surface to be dealt with in new ways, thus getting untangled from old patterns. It is important to not get impatient or to judge yourself too harshly. That Warrior within can be an advocate for Love as well as for Truth. Allow both to have a voice.

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