Important Astrology Aspects from September 18th to October 15th, 2005

September 18th through mid-October—Mars stationing retrograde (10/1) while quincunx Pluto. [There is also a Solar Eclipse on 10/3, heightening these energies]. This is an unusual combination of events that a lot of people are feeling. For one, it seems as though tensions are running high, as is anxiety and edginess. There is a feeling of anticipation in the air, as though the other foot is about to drop or you may find yourself jumping when the phone rings. Agendas seem to be being tossed by the wayside as life keeps throwing out curves to be dealt with in the moment. Any Mars/Pluto aspect can induce a tone of apprehension and trepidation. They are both explosive and volatile in nature, and it is not unlikely that the tension these two planets are exerting will be palatable during this time period, both personally and globally. So if you are noticing that either you or those around you are feeling especially reactive, hyper or are stressed out, you (or they) are likely feeling the effects of this aspect.

A quincunx is when two planets are forming a 150š angle, which is what Mars and Pluto are doing now. Its basic influence is considered to be trying and frustrating. This angle between planets is one that brings an emphasis to the areas that are not in sync with each other. Thus, during this time, you may feel out of sync in some area of your life or with those that you interact with. There can be a sense of being out of step or rhythm with your projects, plans or tasks. Efforts can be thwarted in unexpected ways. Thus, getting things accomplished can be especially frustrating, as there may be unexpected roadblocks to deal with in the process. It is tricky to know how to work with these energies as sometimes results are found by pushing through resistance, while in other instances, it is best to be patient and let things flow on their own accord and in their own time. So how do you know which applies to you? The key lies in a better understanding of the nature of a quincunx.

This 150š aspect reveals things that are usually hidden from our view or our consciousness. It is like the blind spot in your rear-view mirror. The frustration we often experience under this aspect is most likely based in having to deal with something we didn't even know was there, or that feels like an invisible force of some sort. So how can we begin to deal with what we can't even see? One thing that may help is to take extra notice of how you feel, as Mars in Taurus will help to accentuate the sensations in your body. So it may be helpful to pay attention to the messages your own body is trying to give you. Does it feel right to go to some event? Or should you perhaps stay in and rest. Or is what someone is saying feel right in your gut? Or are your instincts trying to tell you something different. Now is when your mind may not be able to provide you with answers that address the issues coming up for you to face and deal with now, yet your body and instincts will.

In general, it is quite likely that at some point during this five weeks or so, you will feel off and out of sorts. There is a sense that things just aren't quite right, though you may not be able to put your finger on it. This aspect may also be influencing how we are reacting to the current weather patterns and this most active hurricane season. It just feels strange to many to witness these very powerful forces are at work, and with this Mars quincunx Pluto, during a Mars station (10/1), it may well be impacting the ferocity of these hurricanes (or any other natural disaster that may occur during this time, which is also likely).

Overall, this is a good time to be hyper-alert, paying extra attention to your environment and any messages that may be trying to get through. So pay especial attention to your instincts and intuition during this time, as logic and reason are not as reliable in dealing with many of the issues you are now facing. On another note, this combo is such that there may well be something happening on a global or national level that is getting our attention. And since both Mars and Pluto have rulership over violence, confrontations and can be very reactive, it is unfortunately true that the new will be filled with such things. Further, destinies and fates are playing out and made under such influences.

As to how to deal with all this I suggest a few things. For one, take things one at a time. Multi-tasking will only have you running off on tangents and not accomplishing much in the end. Simple, basic approaches work best now. Avoid schemes and short cuts as you’ll likely end up having to back track and start over again. And do be patient, as most things will just take longer than expected. And realize that by the end of this time, you may have a greater awareness about something that was actually hindering you in some way. To better understand how this will all be affecting you personally, it would be good to get a reading.

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