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Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) for Leo Energies

This month's Sign: Leo

Date & Time of Sun's Entry: July 22nd, 2008 at 3:55 am PDT, 4:55 am MDT, 5:55 am CDT and 6:55 am EDT

Type: A fire, fixed sign

Planetary Ruler: The Sun

Areas of Body Ruled: The heart, spine and circulatory system

Key Phrase: I will (to do thy will), and thus create

Symbols: The Lion

Tarot Cards: The Sun and the Queen of Rods

What is ruled by Leo? Our love of and enthusiasm for life, what makes us unique, our talents, passions and natural abilities. The inner child, the children in our life, being child-like and open. Courage, bravado, pride and confidence. The creative process, humor, sports and drama. Our will that is inspired and powerful.

This information is for all signs of the Zodiac. Whatever is going on in the skies Astrologically affects us all, all of the time. Below is information regarding how the current emphasis on Leo may affect you personally and ways to work with this influence.

Leo Energies, Challenges, and Keywords

The sign of Leo and its ruler, the Sun, rules our ability to be courageous, enthused, confident and generous. Leo occurs at the height of Summer (in the Northern hemisphere) bringing us to a fuller connection with the life-giving energies of the Solar forces. While this sign is accented in our charts, we may feel stronger, braver, magnanimous and self-confident.

Here is where we find the courage to move forward into our lives.

Under this influence, we defy the odds and act with bravado. We are better able now to face those things that we fear. An appropriate quote is "Courage is the willingness to move forward with fear". To do this, we must be in touch with our hearts in a dynamic, vital and rich way. Our hearts will often accept a challenge that our minds refuse. Hence, the sign of Leo also rules our hearts~physical and spiritual.

What to Watch for During the Time

As with all signs, there are things we have to watch out for and/or be aware of during this time or while under any strong Leo influence.

  • Be careful not to be too egotistical, overbearing or over confident. This can occur if we are not in touch with what truly makes us courageous and strong, which is our connection to Spirit.
  • An important message for the Leo in all of us is "Remember that the light shines through you not from you". When we forget this, we can get caught in the lower expressions of this sign.
  • Also, being overly dramatic can be an issue now. Tone down the emotional drama and try to avoid being overly reactive.
  • Also, watch out for being over indulgent, careless or too risky.

Other energies and keywords for Leo are playfulness, risk-taking, creativity, passion and the dramatic. That which we have a lot of energy for, love and love to do is ruled by this sign, and will get your attention during this time.

Some Likely Activities This Month & Ways to Enhance This Month's Leo Energies

Other energies and keywords for Leo are playfulness, risk-taking, creativity, passion and the dramatic. That which we have a lot of energy for, love and love to do is ruled by this sign, and will get your attention during this time. Since the Sun rules Leo, it is especially beneficial to spend time outdoors, soaking up the Sun! Sports and recreation are good ways to tune into the energy. Take risks you don't usually take. Be bold, daring and expressive! Play and spend time with children.

There are many ways to tune into the fun and exciting energies of Leo. Here are some ideas:

  • Wear dramatic and expressive clothes this month! Or get that new hair style you’ve been thinking about! (Leo rules our “mane”).
  • Drink Sun tea to increase the Light force in the body.
  • Place images of any teachers or masters that you resonate with on your altar (or anyplace that you will see during this time.
  • Use a candle during meditation (fire represents this sign)
  • Find time to play and create! Paint a mandalla, read a romantic or adventurous novel, take a sunbath, play outdoors with a child!
  • Go to a theatrical event.
  • Seek out ways to rekindle your enthusiasm for life!

Our Spritual Focus and Challenge

Below is a list of things to focus on or think about during the time of Leo (7/22-8/23) that may increase your ability to tune into this months sign from a more “elevated” or spiritual perspective:

  • Believing in your capacity and Divine right to know, experience and express Source/God.
  • Piercing the illusion, set forth from the ego, that believes it is separate from God
  • Identify with a higher expression of Self, which will increase your vitality, creativity, playfulness and ability to truly love.

Affirmations for the Time of Leo

  • I open to the highest expression possible of my own Godself.
  • I draw my strength from Spirit and am filled with the courage needed to move forward.
  • I choose to connect to the life force within me.
  • I am vital, loving, strong and alive!

Colors to Enhance Leo Energies

This royal Leo Lion is enhanced wearing golds, regal tones and sunflower yellow. Some ideas as to how to use colors to enhance these warm, loving Leo energies are:

Find a piece of fabric (such as a scarf) in these colors and place on your altar, then add flowers, candles and/or crystals.

Crystals to Work With During the Time of Leo

Citrine: This pale yellow crystal is in the Quartz family. It has a comforting, yet energizing affect upon the 3rd chakra. It balances & harmonizes intense emotions, assisting us in not getting too dramatic. It can help to relieve depression. Citrine reminds a weary Soul that it's OK to be in a body. Make a Sun/Citrine elixir by placing a piece in pure water in the morning. It will be ready to use by noon. Drink sips throughout the day and feel its warming, soothing affect!

Spheres: Spheres, or Crystal balls, are especially powerful during this time. The sphere is a symbol of wholeness and unity. It represents our absolute connection to All That Is. Using a Crystal ball enhances and amplifies this relationship into our conscious awareness. To program a sphere in this way, purify** it (see below), then hold it and project your thoughts of unity, wholeness, love and joy (or any other uplifting energy) into the ball. This is especially powerful if done near the New or Full Moon. Place it on an alter or in a location that you see often (i.e. mantel, dresser, desk, etc.) Every time you look at it, it will activate the thought forms, thereby raising your level of consciousness. To "deprogram" simply purify it again.

To "deprogram" simply purify it again. (**Don't use sea salt to purify them unless it is from the ocean. It is very abrasive to their auric field. Use pure water with sage or your favorite flower essence in it and soak overnight, then leave in the Sun for a few hours. This will purify and energize your ball or crystals for use. Email me for more information to be sent to you on how to purify crystals.)

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