Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) - Gemini Characteristics and Symbols

This months Sign: Gemini

Date & Time of Sun's Entry: May 20, 2008 at 9:01 am PDT, 10:01 am MDT, 11:01 am CDT and 12:01 pm EDT

Time of increased influence of Gemini: May 21 to June 20th

Type: An Air, Mutable sign

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Areas of Body Ruled: Arms, hands, shoulders, lungs, nervous system

Key Phrase: I think and thus know

Symbols: The twins/Castor & Pollux

What is ruled by Gemini? All communications—written and verbal, our thoughts, attitudes and mental activity. How flexible and versatile you are. Writing, letters, journals, books (with Sagittarius). Short journeys, your siblings, lower education and basic reasoning functions. Any of these things can get some extra focus at this time. Keep reading for additional info on what Gemini rules.

This information is for all signs of the Zodiac. Whatever is going on in the skies Astrologically affects us all, all of the time and we each have all twelve signs somewhere in our natal chart so the current focus on Gemini activates that area. The following information explains how the current emphasis on Gemini may affect you personally and ways to work with this influence.


Gemini rules the mind and our approach and capacity for learning and taking in new information. A part of the Gemini nature is to be mentally flexible, versatile and adaptable. Through these qualities we are able to be open-minded, mentally agile and clever, and able to come from neutrality and equanimity. When we are non-attached to our own perspective we are able to be receptive to others and to new ideas. It is with this ability and flexibility to be open minded that we grow and evolve as we are thus able to take in new information, which translates to new knowledge and eventually wisdom.

Gemini rules all forms of communication, which includes verbal, written, electronic, etc. Our mannerisms and way of speaking are ruled here. Whether we are talkative, witty, clever, quiet, soft-spoken, etc. are influenced by this sign and the placement of its ruling planet, Mercury, in our natal horoscope. Other forms of communication ruled by this sign are those involving the media, television, the Internet and computers (along with the planet Uranus).

Gemini, being the sign of the twins, rules dualities and polarities. This includes the polarities of yin/yang, male/female, our perception of "good and bad", etc. Part of an evolved expression of Gemini is to perceive dualities with neutrality. Hence, not seeing one side as better than the other. Coming from neutrality allows us access to our higher mind. This opens us to our intuition and to a more direct experience of knowing.

Also ruled by Gemini are the wind, air and our very breath. The taking in (breathe/the lungs) of the life force (prana/air) is ruled here. Hence, our capacity for life itself can be partly determined by the influences and aspects in Gemini and to Mercury in our own charts. If there is an affliction here, there can be challenges to the taking in of the life force. Rigidity will hold these patterns in place, whereas flexibility will release them. Deep breathing exercises are perhaps the best way to work with blocked Gemini energy. Also, things that encourage the tuning into and movement of the life force, such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other body movement. Get the energy flowing again!

Challenges During the Time of Gemini

During this time of increased Gemini influence, you may experience any of the following, whether you are a Gemini or not:

  • being scattered, going off on tangents, having trouble focusing
  • frequent difficulties with your communications, such as confrontations, misunderstandings, etc.
  • getting easily bored
  • being overly mental, which can cut off awareness to other aspects of your being, such as the emotional or physical
  • and especially during this time of Gemini, you need to be careful of being gossipy, high-strung and/or worrisome.

PLEASE NOTE: Getting a reading will give you information about your chart with regards to these energies. If you have issues or repeated problems with any of these areas then it is likely that you have a challenging aspect or an "affliction" in you natal chart in Gemini, with Mercury or in your 3rd house (sign/planet/house).

Ways to work with and enhance this month's energies:

  • deep breathing exercises are perhaps the best way to work with blocked Gemini energy.
  • slow down…try to be more mindful of what you are doing in any given moment.
  • make extra effort to communicate as clearly as possible…don’t assume others understand you.
  • find constructive ways to release nervous energy, as it can be more excessive during this time. Some suggestions are walking, yoga, tai chi, dancing, stretching or gardening.
  • read things that are inspiring and cultivate peace and love.
  • short trips can do wonders for a change of perspective during this time.

Some other areas that may get your attention or focus during this month are:

  • more interactions with siblings (ruled by Gemini), neighbors or those close by and friends.
  • there may be an increase in communications~phone calls, emails, letters, conversations, etc.
  • being introduced to new ideas and books
  • increased mental stimulation and lively discussions
  • and quick, short trips that you may not have planned are also likely.


Below is a list of things to focus on or think about during the time of Gemini (5/21-6/20) that may increase your ability to tune into this month’s sign from a more “elevated” or spiritual perspective:

  • actively and attentively listen~with your minds, hearts and souls
  • strive to see the Unity in duality
  • let go of previous beliefs and decisions that you have out grown, or at least suspend them as you entertain new ideas and concepts, thus opening yourselves to new perceptions and higher truths.
  • focus on moving through your life with greater agility, flexibility and an open mind.

During this time of an increased influence of Gemini, all of these things should feel easier to try/do, resulting in greater results than perhaps at other times.


  1. My mind is open and spacious so that I may perceive the highest truth possible for me at this time.
  2. I honor the power of my words and use them wisely and with deep respect.
  3. I am flexible, adaptable and open to learn new experiences and ideas.
  4. I listen with care and attentiveness.


Twin and companion crystals: Twins are crystals with two points on one end. They are excellent for integrating dualities and balancing those aspects of self that appear to be in discord. Companions are individual crystals that "go together" (use your intuition on this one). Holding one in each hand while meditating or communicating is very helpful for restoring balance and neutrality. Both are good when feeling scattered and pulled in opposite directions.

Selenite: This is a 7th chakra stone. It is excellent for channeling light into our bodies. It activates the etheric body, which facilitates us in gaining greater clarity. Use when memorizing or learning something new. Stimulates clear thinking. A great tool for writing as it projects the finished project into our awareness.

Blue Lace Agate: Helps us to communicate our truth clearly. Good to use when we need to have an uncomfortable or honest conversation with someone. Opens the throat chakra, which eases expression. Helps in appreciating the power of the spoken word.

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