Astro Events for the week of December 19th, 2004

By Elizabeth Jones

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

December 16th until January 9th—Venus is in Sagittarius. This is a great placement for Venus as far as our Holiday events and get-togethers. We are in a mood for socializing and interacting. Venus here can help us to see the bright side of things and smooth over the tensions that can arise this time of year. It also opens our heart to those far away. Send your love to those you cannot be with as they may well feel it under this influence. This placement encourages greater tolerance for those who hold different beliefs than us. Let us pray that this is felt in the troubled areas of the world during this Season of Light and Peace.

December 19th/20th—Mercury goes direct. Yeah! This will assist us with all forms of communications, agreements and logistics. It will help with all Holiday travel and plans. Your mind is sharper and decisions are magically easier to make. As your intentions become clearer, you now have the green light to move forward on projects.

December 21st—Sun enters Capricorn/Winter Solstice at 4:42 am PST, 5:42 am MST, 6:42 am CST, 7:42 am EST. This is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. From now on each day is a bit longer, increasing in light. At this time we are drawn to the warmth of the indoors. It is also a time to go within, seeking the Light that resides there. It is a time of reverence and reflection. Under this influence it is good to take some time to stop and be still, contemplating the past year and the direction we want to set for the next phase of our life, so setting intentions for the next six months is appropriate at this time. As the days increase in light, our seeds will germinate while our intentions set now grow and manifest over time, so it is advised to be mindful of our thoughts and the plans we make at this time.

December 25th until February 6th—Mars is in Sagittarius. Mars is very feisty and dynamic in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. This placement may help us all to feel more energy and enthusiasm for the tasks at hand and life in general. Mars rules where we put our focus and attention. During this time we will feel strongly about our beliefs and philosophies, so expect a few heated and/or interesting discussions during this time. Be sure to take time to listen to another’s point of view. Mercury, Venus and Mars will all be in the sign of Sagittarius until January 9th. On the one hand this will increase our vitality and enthusiasm. We are drawn to those things that are fun and perhaps even adventurous. Travel and foreign places intrigue us, as does that which opens us to a higher perspective. However, this strong influence on Sagittarius may also be an indication that the international scene will have more conflict and discord. Especially as Mars gets closer to Pluto in the second half of January (more on that later). For now, enjoy the lighter side of these energies. Find ways to get outside and enjoy nature. Efforts made to be most positive and optimistic will produce results now. So do try to look on the bright side of things!

December 26th—Full Moon in Cancer at 7:06 am PST, 8:06 am MST, 9:06 am CST, 10:06 am EST. This can be an emotional lunation. It places our focus on family, home, traditions and childhood. We can feel nostalgic and find ourselves thinking about things in our past. It is important to do those things which nurture us and make us feel comfortable and not challenged. Find time to show affection to those you love. And be aware that others will likely be feeling sensitive and perhaps vulnerable, so be gentle and kind-spirited. Expected time of influence: December 25th until December 28th.

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