October 13th Astrology New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra

By Elizabeth Jones

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

October 13th, 2004 New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Libra at 4:14 pm PDT, 5:14 pm MDT, 6:14 pm CDT, 7:14 pm EDT. This is a time to gain clarity about what is in balance, or out of balance, in our lives. Libra energy always asks us to seek compromise, cooperation, and ultimately, peace. We are invited into a place where mutual concession can occur, where the middle ground is found, without feeling cheated or let down. Once we experience this place, we are clear as to why we had to make the effort to find it. As we do, it often happens naturally for other areas of our life (than the one of primary focus) to also come into balance and order, for we are organically drawn to the peace that it instills.

It is important to understand that the influence of eclipses is considered to be (at least) 45 days before and after the actual date of the eclipse. During this time, its influence may be subtle, operating behind the scenes of our conscious awareness, but it is there nonetheless. Our job is to bring our focus, thus our awareness, to this place. Often times we must travel along the roads of discord and conflict in our lives to arrive here. So don't be surprised if you are having to deal with what isn't in balance in order to create that very balance. Also, know that the more sincere you are in creating peace in your life, the longer it may take. And because of the length of influence of an eclipse, you do, in fact, have time. Stay with it. Creating order out of chaos is often a long process.

Another interesting note about this eclipse is that on the same day, Mercury, the planet of logic, reason, and communication will be squaring (a challenging aspect) Saturn, the planet of rules, structure and the established order and way of things. This would say to me that one of the main areas of impact of this eclipse is for all of us to spend some time (re)considering, using our facilities of logic and mental aptitude, the current structure and trend of things, as represented by Saturn. This may well require an examination that is not always comfortable or easy. And in fact, one of the real dangers of any Mercury/Saturn influence is to be resistant to this very process, holding on dearly to long held belief systems. Yet it is imperative for us to use the critical eye now available through these celestial energies to question the direction our current course is taking us.

Keep in mind that the desired outcome is for greater order, balance, and ultimately, more peace. Compelling outcomes, indeed. I find it fascinating and significant that all this is happening on the night of the third presidential debates. So how might these unusual celestial events tie into this debate?

Perhaps what is most important isn't so much what is being said, for we have all heard most of it before, but rather, the fact those of us listening will be, at some level, influenced by these celestial events and now open to hearing and seeing things differently. We may find that we are willing to challenge not only our leaders and what they stand for, but ourselves and what we stand for. Critical, clear thinking from a neutral position is necessary to arrive at this new place. And now, we may find it somehow easier to let in new ideas and concepts to facilitate this process. Our ability to see more clearly is available to us if we can resist the urge to hold ever so much more dear to our prior knowing. And this is the key: To be willing to see through the layers of emotion and pride and conditioning, and pierce our own cocoon. Keep in mind, the prize is a return to a greater sense of orderliness, balance, and peace of both mind and heart.

We are not just experiencing this at personal levels. For it would seem that at a collective level we are reexamining where we are, how we got here and perhaps most importantly, if we want to continue on this path. It brings to mind one of my favorite quotes:

"If you keep on doing what you you've been doing, you'll keep on getting what you've been getting." -- Anonymous

Changing direction is never an easy thing. There are so many components to the task. So many things to first consider. And then implementing these changes is always a challenge. The road there is going to be rocky, indeed.

Another great quote:

"Our only security is our ability to change." -- John Lilly, 17th century Astrologer

Under the influence of this eclipse, by focusing on compromise rather than conflict, on balance rather than extremes, and on love rather than fear, you will be opening yourself to the highest energies available. I feel that to not do so will tilt the scales and upset things to a further degree. It is a divine opportunity to return to Divine Order and Divine Justice, the highest expression of Libra energy.

Expected time of influence: The most intense time of influence will be the few days before and after the Eclipse. However, as mentioned above, it will have a subtler effect for 45 days before and after the Eclipse.

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