The New Year’s Mirror – Is it different from the one in your bathroom?

By Rhia

Every year, tradition says we need to make a New Years resolution in order to better ourselves in the next year. It begun long before any of us was born and I have yet to find where it originated. However, over the past years we have all unknowingly become part of a like-minded group concerning New Years Resolutions. I think I can summarize these groups quickly for your review.

There is Group one, which is people that spend a large amount of time creating a list of resolutions to adhere to in the New Year. They, in essence, pull out their “New Years Mirror” to gaze at their selves and scrutinize their every flaw. They carefully make a list of things they will do to enhance their selves in the upcoming year.

Then there is the second group, whom haphazardly formulate a mental “Punch List” of things they may attempt to re-arrange about their self in the forthcoming year. They really do not take time composing it because it does not really matter what day of the year it is, they will “get around to it one of these days”.

Last, but not least, are those that do not even attempt to make a list of changes on New Years. They probably belonged to the first group at one point and failed at following the list. They then probably slid to the second group – trying to make a mental punch list and not putting their heart into it. After all, failing to follow your own directions year after year does become disheartening. After not attending to their yearly mental “punch List”, they quietly took a position among the ranks of those who “IGNORE” the tradition of New Years Resolutions.

I suppose I belong to the last two groups. I do not sit down and compose a list on paper of my faults and what improvements I desire to make. I look in the “New Years Mirror” every day since to me every morning I wake up is the start of a new year. I do not believe that I should only scrutinize myself once a year but instead to look at myself each morning and correct mistakes I make each day. I look at myself as a sculptor would look at his art piece as he fine-tunes it for perfection. Every single day I am an improved Rhia. I am a daily work of art instead of a yearly tune up. *smiles* I will work daily towards perfection, knowing I will never achieve it, yet striving for it with diligence.

Do I ignore New Years Resolutions totally? No, because January first is another day as February the first, March the first and any other first day of the month. It is a new beginning as every morning and every next breath and every new thought is. So can I say I ignore it? I would have to say not in any way.

I try to stay awake on New Years Eve, to grab a kiss from Steve or my kids – as if I really needed a reason. I pledge to remember to write the New Year on my checks instead of the old year. I will look up the new car models, the new fads and watch the ball drop in time square but I will not pledge to be a better me one day each year. I will pledge to be a better me each day of the year.

If I need to lose weight, I will start working on that today, not wait for January the first to put it on a “Punch List”. When Steve and I quit smoking, we did not wait until January one to put it on a list. We may have talked about it before we did it, but ultimately we stopped smoking when we put our mind to it. Everything we do in our lives, we do when we decide to do or not to do it. I can truthfully say it is not because we put it on a piece of paper on the first day of the New Year.

I suppose many of you think I am pompous and unrealistic to think I am working towards perfection each day. I readily admit I will never achieve perfection yet I set my goals at such an unrealistic level. You could ask yourself how I could work towards something I will never achieve.

Well here is this Little Lesson on Love and Life. Each day I work on improving myself is a day I enjoy better than the day before. I work on my life one day at a time and each day is a new one that is better because of the last one. As a friend of mine often says – “Rhia, how do you eat an elephant?” -and his answer always is... “one bite at a time...the same way you eat a mouse”. I always smile, because that is how I have always looked at life. It is one-step, one day, and one breath at time adventure. I do not have New Year’s Mirrors or New Years Resolutions - I have a bathroom mirror I look in each day and I have daily resolutions. All my resolutions come to fruition when I make my mind up - not when I make a list. A list is made for remembering and my bathroom mirror is there every day to remind me – not just once a year.

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