John of God in America - Part One

On a mountain in Brazil, there is a casa (House) where a man named João Teixeira da Faria, lives, and receives visitors from all over the world. They call João “John of God” and the stories of his abilities make national news. John of God is an unconscious medium and I will quote from his website, the reason for JOG’s (John Of God’s) fame.

“The medium João loses consciousness when he incorporates elevated spirit entities who then use his body to perform operations, treatments and cures of the physical and spiritual bodies. All who visit the centre may observe and participate in the proceedings.” (Quote from

April 2nd of 2006, John of God came to America to heal the people that could not make it to Brazil. Steve and I were there, in Atlanta Georgia on April the 2nd as the doors opened for the first time and people began to pour into the open doors to see, touch, and receive blessings from João “John of God”. The experience was one in which I could write a hundred columns rather than a few, yet we will concentrate on this column for the moment.

There people from all area’s of the world here at this event. We stood inline behind John Lawson from Dateline as we waited for breakfast. As we stood in other lines, we saw Television crews from many shows, reporters from papers and numerous media outlets as they too waited to see JOG and the opening of the doors to begin the blessings.

Living in America is a blessing that many of us take for granted. If we live with a limited daily routine, we rarely get to see how our society has evolved or what our flaws might be as a whole. As we stood in numerous lines, I observed the people around us and was amazed.

I seen so many very ill people who obviously had chemo, or walk on crutches or in wheel chairs. My heart ached as I seen a few who were elderly that lay in the floor waiting for the line to progress. At every line of sight there were people who were sick and pushing their level of endurance just to stand in line. Many, like me, carried a picture of a loved one who could not make it and hoping that it was okay to ask that others were healed.

My heart would ache, as I would see pale, trembling people using all their strength to stand in line to ask for a miracle. A tear came to my eyes as I seen an elderly man with white jogging pants and a white tee shirt laying on the floor as he waited to enter the doors. Maybe seeing all of this is what caused my anger at the others I met in line.

I was truly upset at the people that would cut line and try to barge in front of others. If you allow any space in front of you, then someone would attempt to slide in front. You had to stand close to those in front of you or the line would be breached.

I think one of the most amazing displays of line cutting came from a young woman who walked up and stood beside Steve. She openly laughed and smiled as she stated he had better be careful or she would cut in front of him as well. Her bubbling personality had people smiling and forgetting that she had just cut in front of a lady on crutches.

She used her laughter and jokes to keep people from noticing her intend as she asked them to hold her place in line while she got a drink. She then would return and thank them.

As the line progressed, she came from behind me and said, “You better watch it, I will cut in front of you!” At this point, I simply had to say, “That is okay, I am sure that those that come before John of God asking for a blessing while practicing deceit and selfishness will be disappointed”. She stayed quiet for a while and then started telling everyone that she was one of the people picked to go into the mediation room and she would be one of those that were sending energy to their healings.

This lady was not alone in her practices, as I witnessed people who walk beside the line, sit down beside it, then get up, cut in as if they had been inline before, and resting. At the door, there were those that would slide behind the attendants and enter when they had never been inline at all. It did not matter to these people that many people who were very ill stood inline waiting their turn despite the hardships or discomfort. I feel in my heart that these precious people were the ones who received the most blessings.

What have we become as a whole, when so many think they can deceive their “Higher Power” into giving a blessing? Where did this part of society get the belief that you can cheat, lie, act selfishly, and still be delivered blessings and miracles? Clearly, we have strayed too far from the truth. It does not matter what belief system you follow, I have yet to find one that condones such practices.

We were all asked to wear white to attend this event to create an environment of purity. I believe that it was intended to be pure of spirit as well. Maybe I fell short as I felt anger at those that acted badly. However, I did learn a very valuable lesson. It matters not how cheerful or friendly you are if behind the mask of a smile there lies deceit.

I teach that positive energy begets positive energy and yet a lesson I learned that day is important. You can be positive, send smiles and laughter – but what matters most are your spirits motives behind the smile. The positive energy has to be positive and not self-serving.

I hope that today we can all look deep within ourselves to make sure our motives are pure. When we are in line at the gas pumps, theater or even a line like the one to John Of God – we remember to take our turn. Patience is virtue and one we all need to incorporate into our lives. If we succeed then we are already blessed.

There will always be a part, and always a very large part of every community, that have no care but for themselves, and whose care for themselves reaches little further than impatience of immediate pain, and eagerness for the nearest good. --Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784), Taxation No Tyranny

Glory built on selfish principles is shame and guilt. --William Cowper (1731 - 1800)

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