Building Client Trust in Your Massage Therapy Business

By Amy Roberts

In a massage therapy business the key to success is gaining client’s trust. Many therapists see many clients but have very high client turn over which makes growing their massage business hard work. What a practitioner who is seeking to build a long lasting practice should focus on is marketing to build a loyal client base, rather than one time clients who are not apt to fully receive the benefits massage therapy offers.

Loyal massage therapy clients come back for repeat sessions. They pay on time every time, they refer their friends, they tell strangers about you, and they even ask if you might share your skills with fellow co-workers by visiting their place of employment. This is the type of ideal client your marketing efforts should target.

You may ask, just how do I get clients like this in my massage therapy business? The following five steps are designed to do just that through gaining a client’s trust.

Stage 1- Building Trust: In order to gain trust convey information to help your clients learn all about you, and the benefits they will receive from your massage therapy business. Your marketing materials and massage brochures and business cards and are perfect marketing tools to teach them these facts, so have them handy whenever you meet a potential client.

Stage 2- Listen and Learn: When potential clients inquire about your services and background, remember to also share how massage therapy works by asking them about themselves. This is an opportunity to share how your services can help them specifically. Don’t go on about how massage is good for the circulation, ask them what they personally need and what benefits they wish to achieve. As you eliminate the desire to talk about yourself and replace it with listening to the client, they begin to build trust in your services.

Stage 3 – How to Learn More About Your Client: When your client comes for his or her massage therapy appointment, make sure you listen to what they are feeling, not just what they are telling you in words. Listen to their tone, their body language, and their facial expressions. In a massage therapy business we need to be listeners as well as practitioners. The more you listen the more your clients will open up to you. This is a sign of trust.

Stage 4 – Provide Follow-Up Guidance: When your client makes a second appointment it’s a sign they trust you. At this time, don’t just make the appointment and thank them for coming. Always provide guidance on what they may do between massage sessions to relieve their symptoms as well as any pain or discomfort they may be experiencing. This support will also build further trust because you are displaying genuine care and concern.

Stage 5 – Thank Them for Their Trust: When a client provides a referral — especially someone close to them — it’s a big sign that they trust you. They are now confident to tell people about your massage skills and services. They are actively sharing what they have gained from seeing you and want their loved ones to receive the same benefits. Send your loyal client a surprise “thank you for the business” card in the mail or telephone them to thank them personally. You can also give them a gift, such as a bottle of healthy lotion, soap, or some small thank you item that supports their health and wellness.

Integrity begets more clients. It really does. So make sure you incorporate these fives stages to assist in building a loyal client base of individuals who trust your massage therapy skills and frequent your practice. These massage building tips may seem simple, but remember sometimes the things that are the simplest are the most powerful. You’ll enjoy growth in your massage therapy business if you do!

Good luck,

Amy Roberts

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