Encyclopedia of Chinese Astrology: Sky Charts, Face Reading, Horoscopes

“The Encyclopedia of Chinese Astrology”, by Tri Lam is a great introduction to the many facets of this age old study. It covers the traditional Chinese Horoscope along with many other concepts. Of these you find information on the I Ching, Palmistry, Sky Charts, Feng Shui, and the age-old science of Face Reading.

If you want to better understand your personality or those of friends, lovers, and acquaintances this encylopedia will be of great assistance. You will also learn valuable information to help with personal matters such as your career, business dealings, finances and even matters of the heart through the traditional wisdoms found in these various systems.

Here is what one reader shared about this fantastic book:

“Chinese Sky Chart also known as Zi wei dou shu , opened my eyes to real Chinese Astrology. This method is widely used by the Chinese and Vietnamese communities, but I have never read any English book about it. Why, you ask? Because there are none on the market. Until now. There are so many books that get your hopes up, but they just give information on the Horoscope of the 12 animal signs. It’s about time someone wrote a book that covered the sky chart. Bravo! The section on face reading was also very informative and helpful. This book is very special and I am so glad I found it.”

Understand that the asian communities all over the world use this system but it is never mentioned in any Western literature. Tri Lam’s book is the only English book, which gives a clear, and easy-to-understand analysis of this complicated technique. Buy it, if you want to know the authentic Chinese Astrology methods used by most Chinese people. It is really amazing and not like any other of the metaphysical sciences.

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