Characteristics of Zodiac Sign Taurus: Solid Charm

Ahhh, Taurus, sweet, protective Taurus. Symbolized in the skies by the bull, don’t think bull in a china shop. Think Ferdinand, sniffing the petunias. Sure, he still stops to smell the flowers but afterwards he gives you a ride all the way home on his sturdy back, your arms around his strong, bullish neck. Those are the base characteristics of the zodiac sign Taurus.

Another characteristic of the Taurus personality is the part of the body ruled by the sign. The Bull rules the throat and neck. Many world-class singers are born under the Sunsign of Taurus. Think Stevie Wonder and Barbra Streisand. If you’re considering smooching on a Taurus, and you want to spark some true Taurean heat, nibble his neck.

A great personality trait of Taureans is their loyalty and faithfulness. The Taurus man can be slow to stir, but once he loves, he loves deeply and faithfully. If there’s any sunsign a mother might pick for her daughter to marry, a Taurus personality is a good bet.

Another characteristic of the Taurus woman is her loyalty. Once she is in love that is. Zodiac compatibility tells us she will rarely go wrong if she chooses a Virgo mate. They will spend countless hours in carefully worded banter, rarely ruffling the other’s proverbial feathers. Taurus and Virgo will quickly find they can be an island of two, sharing endless games of Scrabble, walks on the beach and just spending time with each other.

On the other hand, should a Taurean of either gender happen to find themselves tangling with an Aquarius, the zodiac compatibility between these two signs could leave a lot to be desired. Aquarians have a delightful airy quality about themselves. This isn’t good for the Bull who is a contented homebody, while Aquarius practically lives to see and be seen, in the poshest nightclubs or the cheesiest dives. The Bull doesn’t generally enjoy wild nightlife, preferring the solid, known comforts of home. And, when finally prodded out the door, dear Taurus doesn’t DO ‘dives’. So Aquarius compatibility with Taurus is not the best.

Pisces and Taurus is either a very good or very stressful match. Compatibility depends on how flexible the gentle Bull is willing to be. Pisces starts out very accommodating and will go along with pretty much anything Taurus wants to do. Then that old Pisces indecision will start acting up and the Fish will want to start making decisions, but what decisions? The Fish is perpetually pulled in two directions and when you think of a Pisces making a decision, think of their zodiac symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions. Additionally, Pisces has a bad habit of having very strong opinions about almost everything and a complete disregard for anyone else’s thoughts in their dreamy little world. There it is in a nutshell, and those basic traits will drive the Bull to distraction.

The characteristics of Zodiac sign Taurus and Virgo’s personality do best when they actually find each other. The pairing of the two, no matter how the genders are arranged, almost always makes for a happy, healthy home. Children on the Virgo-Taurus union will invariably be intelligent, well mannered and impeccably groomed.

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