Vedic Gemstone Jewelry: Remedy for Chandra – The Moon

Those seeking to alleviate a weak Moon are advised to be familiar with the many areas of the Moon’s influence before choosing your Vedic gemstones and jewelry. Indian astrology refers to the Moon as Chandra so when reviewing information in Vedic literature this will be the name used most often.

Because the Moon has a watery nature it is considered to be easier to influence than other planets. Thus, of all the “grahas” the moon is one of the easiest to change from malefic to benefic using a gemstone.

The important thing to do when testing a Vedic remedy is to consider the effects after you have started using the gemstone. Ideally the first day it is worn should be on a Monday. If you are seeking to influence a negative malefic Moon then begin wearing the ring when the Moon is full. If you are seeking to influence a benefic Moon then begin wearing the ring when the Moon is new and hidden. Obviously, the chance of the phase you need falling on a Monday is extremely low so usually a compromise is required.


The Moon is considered the mind of all and the lord of senses and emotions. Those who worship the Moon are protected against disease and find happiness. Those greatly influenced by the Moon have round and very expressive and compelling faces. Their eyes are open and childlike and they often have a great ability for empathy and sympathy.

The Moon is lord of the night and associated with one’s dead ancestors. The Moon controls all bodies of water and rules the salty taste of the ocean.

Moon influence tends to show as fickleness and wanderlust and a life characterized by ups and downs. The Moon also rules sexuality and all things involving sex and its native are very passionate with high sex drives.


Sasi, Sasanka, Vidhu, Soma, Nisakara, Seethamsu, Udunaha, Indu. Nisakara when the Moon is dark. Seetamsu when the moons rays are cool and pleasant. The primary name the Moon is known by is Chandra.


The Moon is associated with coldness, calmness, silence, the mind, the mother, the motherland, money, eyes, nurses or those in a caring profession, lungs, and all things liquid.


The Moon is often associated with Shiva who wears the crescent Moon on his forehead. Some say the Moon is a 1/8th incarnation of Shiva. Other gods equated with the Moon are Chandra, Varuna and Soma.

Northeast is considered to be the direction of the Moon. However, he is also considered to be strong when placed directly in the North.

The Moon is considered to be in the camp of the Devas in the conflict that took place between the Devas and the Asuras.

The maturity year for the Moon is 24 years. Thus, it is useful to look to the 24th year for this “planet” to bring about its full effects.

The Moon rules the sign Cancer and is exalted in Taurus and is debilitated in Scorpio.

The Moon is considered to be malefic when waning and benefic when waxing for Vedic astrology purposes.

The day of rulership for the Moon is Monday.

The Moon is considered associated with the color white. Varahamihira assigned the color tawny to the Moon.

The Moon is on friendly terms with the Sun and Mercury. No planet is considered to be an enemy of the Moon. All remaining plants are neutral.

The Moon is the ruler of the element water.

Ayurvedic medicine assigns to the Moon the Kapha-Vata characteristic.


Beauty, conception, childbirth, blood, pregnancy, calmness, mental disorders, clothes, mother, emotions, femininity, the bodies glands, groceries or sustenance, health in general, night and all things associated with it, navigation, nourishment, passion, romance, sex, peace, thinking, vegetation, impracticality, water, the womb.


As mentioned on the main page, Pearl is considered the primary stone for the Moon. An alternative stone is the Moonstone. Regardless if choosing a pearl or moonstone jewelry item the stone chosen should be flawless and have no blemishes. It also should be set in silver.

The possible effects a Vedic gemstones and jewelry remedy for the Moon may have are water retention, congestion or excessive emotional attachment.


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