Past Life Reading for Capricorn

Your Astrology sun sign can help you discover past lives effects and how they may present opportunity and challenges in this life. You don’t need to take a past life quiz or test to learn some basic information about yourself. Jeri Noble has provided a free past life reading for each of the signs.

Free Past Life Reading for Capricorn

Then: You have looked and looked and looked at life to the point where it seems like it went on forever. It’s sort of like “window shopping” without ever buying anything. You’ve had enough of that.

Now: There is a frequently unnoticed impatience to the Capricorn which is actually a gift. Capricorns have an ability to work out how to get from point A to point B which is unsurpassed. They detest wasted motion. The goal is all important, however make sure that the smaller goals along the way are savored as they are also achieved.

Future: As you journey from one goal to another, you will find that these heights of achievement are teaching you to look at the bigger picture. (We always see better from up high). Your destiny involves being able to detach from the “smaller” issues of life in order to participate in the bigger ones.

Summary of Your Past Life Test: Your life test brought about from past lives is to learn to think big rather than always attaching yourself to small goals. You have accumulated incredible ability to make things happen through sheer determination, and willpower and you can be an incredible example to others. Don’t waste your life and energy on just the small stuff. Think big, and you will achieve big.

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