Building Teen Self Esteem

Building teen self esteem is really an important topic to address during the time when a teen begins to transition into a young adult. This is the launching pad for their future and puberty is an episode that should be nurtured with the utmost care. During this time there is increase in sensitivity and building a teen’s self-esteem is a priority that will really make a difference in the quality of their life.

Understand that teen self esteem colors the beliefs they continually reinforce about themselves. This belief comprises many facets that are based on the basic attitudes of the teen and include:

  • The prestige involved in his/her interests and hobbies
  • His/her assessment of their own strengths and weaknesses
  • His/her popularity and team building with peers
  • His/her self-image for others
  • His/her willingness to take responsibility
  • His/her desires to achieve
  • How he/she values themselves as a person
  • His/her amount of accomplishments thus far
  • How he/she feels about the world around them
  • His/her assessment of their own potential

When any of these qualities lack presence you will find conditions and beliefs that promote a low esteemed teen. In turn, they will harbor feelings of inadequacy. This may create a spiraling path in which the teen begins thinking they are less than normal, incapable, or powerless and doomed to fail. Rather than being assertive about life they may take a more passive role a challenge surfaces. It is this fear of failure that will keep them from experiencing their true capabilities. When signs of poor self esteem are apparent it is vital begin a reconstruction process by finding ways to support your teen and help them build confidence in themselves. This is where the parents play a huge part in esteem building. You, as a parent, should never discourage your teen even if you feel they may fail at an undertaking. Teaching them that value of learning and how life brings many opportunities to gain experience. How our seemingly failures prepare us for what may lie ahead in life. Even if your teen has a hard time grasping this concept, in time a parents support and encouragement will get them through the rough spots. Having a parent that cares without conditions means they will be more apt to share what they are processing and learning.

Building teen self esteem is such a responsibility that a parents must step up to by being involved in your teens life. Sure the academic faculties are there to help you out and so are the counseling forums, but the last word must come from the parents. The wise parent will stand beside their child, see discreetly into the needs of the teen and try to understand what is going on in his or her mind without judging, or trying to take control of their decisions.