YOU: The Owner's Manual: An Insider's Guide to the Body that will make you Healthier and Younger

By Nora Caterino

If the name Dr. Oz sounds familiar, you probably watch Oprah where he appears frequently with information about health issues. Now, along with Dr. Roizen, he's compiled all the facts anyone needs to know about the human body into one volume. "You: The Owner's Manual," is subtitled "An Insider's Guide to the Body that will make you Healthier and Younger", and the book is filled with factoids, tips, myth busters, and practical techniques that are written in language that doesn't require a doctor's sheepskin to understand.

Every system of the human body and how to maintain health and proper function is covered. It even includes an Owner's Manual Diet which is not a weight loss fad diet but is basic nutritional information about developing an eating plan that will provide the vitamins, protein, minerals and balance the body requires. The fact that the diet will also maintain proper body weight is simply a side effect of eating properly.

After the initial overview chapter which opens The Owner's Manual, the heart is addressed since so many deaths are caused each year by heart disease. From there, a top-down sequence carries readers from the brain to joints and bones, lungs which includes a smoking cessation plan, digestion and sex organs. The immune system and hormones are explained clearly and simply and just before addressing the proper diet and a frank, honest discussion explains the facts of the dreaded cancer diseases.

An elf is used to guide readers through the complex illustrations and most people will find it cute and entertaining. This book, with anatomically correct drawings is not for children whose parent's do not wish to answer questions about the body of the opposite sex. Some of the drawings are a little too cute in my opinion, but I believe the information they convey offsets any issues there.

If you want to learn more about your body, how to age well and remain healthy through a long lifetime, this is a must-read. It would make a great gift for anyone interested in health and fitness, particularly for those wanting improved well-being, improved organ function, better immune system response and gentle, natural aging techniques explained by Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen.