Helping Kids Build Self Esteem

If you are trying to help your kids learn how to build self esteem, kids are often dealing with fears on many different levels, which can effect their confidence. To help better understand your child it may be helpful to ask a series of questions that might assist you in determining areas of their life where your support may make a difference in helping them build personal awareness. It may also help you determine areas that parental nurturing may give them that added boost they need to feel better about themselves:

Does your child …

  • Feel they need more love or attention?
  • Feel they want less attention?
  • Feel they need more appreciation?
  • Feel they are really wanted?
  • Relate to others easily?
  • Prefer to be more secluded and private?
  • Feel they have achieved what they set out to do?
  • Have the reasoning to be realistic about their self-assessment?

If you child is showing signs of feeling they are not receiving enough attention or love, you might evaluate ways you can show them you love them, and still give them support and guidance. Sometimes parents have difficulty parenting and their firm direction can seem unloving to the child. When disciplining them, always assure them you love them and that your discipline is not because they are a bad person. Help them understand why you are disciplining them, and later they will grow to appreciate you even more for taking the time to direct them.

If your child would prefer not to have so much attention, it can sometimes mean they fear that their achievements just aren't good enough, and the attention scares them. In cases like this find ways to acknowledge their past accomplishments and remind them how learning is a process that will make them wiser and have better judgment. When your child recognizes that the time you spend taking an interest in their lives is because you care, it can help build a stronger foundation for discussing their feelings when they need help and guidance. Spending quality time with your child is probably one of the priorities that will help them feel good about themselves. You can find hobbies, and games that the two of you can participate in together, which will give you a chance to listen to what is important in their lives and what they might be going through. You can even find self esteem games for kids on the Internet that are designed to help kids learn about themselves.

Another action you can take is encouraging your child to make their own choices. As they do they will become more aware of their personal values, and what is important to them. It will help them develop their individuality. As they example independence it will make them feel good about making decisions so they can learn from their choices.

Also, it is important to take the time to listen to your child when they want to share things that are important to them. This will help them learn to contribute their thoughts and ideas, which is an important aspect of self-development as they grow and fit into society.

When your child does not achieve something that's important to them, teach them how to accept failure. Expalin that what appears as a failure is a life lesson that will help them with future opportunities by making them more aware. When it comes to teaching your child how to build self esteem, kids are often eager to learn when they receive acknowledgment and feel their parents are there for them. These few simple caring actions can go a long way in supporting their personal development and set a good example for them, too.