Infinite Possibilities: How the Universe Is Conspiring on Your Behalf

Mike Dooley, the author and narrator of the twelve CD (or cassette tape) set entitled "Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams," clearly states within the first few minutes of the approximately twelve hours of audio that what he has created is NOT a motivational program. He believes, "It's more philosophical and it's aimed at the 'Truths of Being'…" whereby his goal is to "remind you of how powerful you are (including thought power), how far you can reach, and how much you deserve so that you can begin thriving as the giant you are…."

Dooley, who has been compared to Anthony Roberts and Wayne Dyer (and who actually received higher praise than either of these well-known figures), traveled a path from being a certified public accountant specializing in international taxation with Price Waterhouse, to co-founding Totally Unique T-Shirts ® (TUT), an international retailer and wholesaler of clothing and gifts that he created and managed with his brother and mother. In 1999, TUT evolved into Totally Unique Thoughts ®, a "web based inspirational and philosophical Adventurers Club with [over 38,000] members from over [130] countries."

Each audio segment of "Infinite Possibilities" has a specific topic; this is great for those who want to focus their attention on the subject of their own choosing. The titles of the twelve audio programs within the set are as follows. The descriptions of the subject matter covered within each portion are Dooley's own personal summarizations.

  1. Thoughts Become Things! - Explanations and anecdotes on the absolute power of your thoughts and how they shape the events and circumstances of your life and how they can be used to affect extraordinary life changes.
  2. Beliefs - The precursors of your thoughts and imagination. How to detect and work with yours so as to align them with the life of your dreams.
  3. Blessed Emotions - What they are, where they come from, how to understand their source, and learn from them.
  4. Life's Waiting For You - The importance of all the things you think, say, and do. How you make your intentions known to the Universe and how you can instantly change the direction of your life.
  5. Gifts From Heaven - Your desires, dreams, hunches, and intuition all have a reason for being in your life…a really, really, important reason.
  6. Magical Universe - Faith and the magic it inspires in a Universe conspiring on your behalf.
  7. The Elixir Of Life - Focuses on understanding your true nature as a spiritual being, considers karma and its common misconceptions, past lives, the Bigger You, what's meant to be, and life's "Big Picture."
  8. Abundance, Health, & Harmony - Your inalienable birthrights!
  9. Relationships - At home, at work, in to move with and understand yours to maximize the learning and rewards they promise.
  10. Tools & Techniques - Even more simple tips on applying the contents of this series to your life. Creative visualization, belief bulldozing, acting as if, tuning in, understanding, modeling, and more.
  11. Questions & Answers - Philosophical and penetrating answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about life, dreams, and happiness.
  12. The Meaning Of Life - A little story and an inspiring wrap on the "game" of life.

Dooley presents his ideas in a unique, upbeat manner that's quite infectious. He loves to open each segment with the greeting of "Jambo Fellow Adventurers!" According to Dooley, "Jambo" is Swahili for "hello," as well as "Adventurese" for "glad our paths have crossed, in this most amazing of all adventurers, called life." His positive message of "Thoughts become things, choose the good ones! ®" is his signature closing.

There's a spiritual/religious undertone to his body of work, but it too is a refreshing approach and it never reaches the level of being "preachy." I personally liked his consistent reference to God as "Her" or "She." I realize however, that others might consider this blasphemy. For me, it's Dooley's willingness to take the discussion "outside of the box" and to add a new twist to potentially old ideas that is so appealing and motivating.

Some people might hesitate to purchase this audio set due to the cost. Think of it as an investment in your own happiness and the quality of your life…priceless. Dooley strongly believes in the power of his message and has a thirty-day guarantee for the entire purchase price, as well as the initial postage and handling. According to him, even with this offer, the return rate is LESS than 2%! Dooley summarizes the reason why he stands so steadfast behind his work when he states, "No one loses... EXCEPT those who don't just try it...They say opportunity only knocks once. Not true. It never stops knocking, and this offer is just one of those knocks."

Mike Dooley himself wrote the best ending I could imagine for this review; on the back cover of the CD case for "Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dream" he states, "That you've read this far is no accident. Please join me, Adventurer to Adventurer, so that you, too, can discover how effortless the art of living your dreams was meant to be." At the very least, treat yourself to a visit to the Totally Unique Thoughts ® web site (link below); take the Adventurers Club Oath, sign up to receive the heartwarming and funny-bone tickling free daily Notes from the Universe, and/or purchase one of Dooley's inspirational books to gain insight into how the Universe is constantly conspiring on your behalf. You really do have nothing to lose, but there's so much that you stand to gain! With just a little bit of thought power the possibilities truly are limitless.

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Donna McLaughlin Schwender is the "soul proprietor" of One-Eared Dog, Ink. As a freelance writer living in upstate New York, she can be reached at