The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind by Barbara Hand Clow

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7 Responses

  1. Franceso W. D. says:

    Grace and peace. I’m happy that you guys are working on it . Sorry to tell you that I do not think this will happen. I believe it has an end but not so fast.

  2. ashoksingh says:

    Hi, my heart is saying that it could be possible that our world is going to be end on 21, December 2012. So I am getting prepared for that and enjoying my life fully for rest of the time that is left. So my request is that you get prepared, and enjoy life fully because life is less and work is more.

  3. (Ms.) Dhara W. says:

    It is a time of choosing to either go on to the higher path being offered by graduating with the Earth to the 4th and 5th dimensions. We are returning to the awareness of who we are, made possible by the anchoring of our Bodies of Light and our missing 10-Helix DNA. The choosing may be fairly soon but the changes, I believe, could take a few centuries to complete. In short, our DNA is evolving back to its original design that which we enjoyed before the ‘fall’ in consciousness to the 12-Helix (light filaments) DNA.

  4. M dog says:

    Well, in my opinion I think it is a possibility. I hope it doesn’t end then, that’s the year I graduate, and I haven’t even really started living life yet.

  5. Qasim says:

    But, my opinion is different. I think there is nothing that can happen without the permission of Allah.
    If they calculate any thing, they can because calculation never ends. But the order can change the calculation and the situations. There is nothing in long discussion. Only the great mighty, the only one God Allah that does everything.

  6. Elaine H. says:

    The Mayan calendar loops time with the Harmonic Convergence 12/12/2012 loops back to 5/27/2010. I used the Mayan calendar calculator that looped the dates, back and forth between now and 2012 at This calculator is where you can enter any dates and see what comes up. Time loops at certain dates.Enter the dates of Harmonic Convergences, its interesting.

  7. Elaine H. says:

    2012 in interesting by 2020 has to be the date to look forward to 2020 vision, Total Vision.

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