Health Books for Women: Reflexology for Women’s Health

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  1. As a reflexologist I have seen some wonderful results with regular sessions for my clients as well as myself. It’s very comforting just to have someone take your feet into their warm and caring hands. I’ve been sleeping so much better when I receive regular reflexology. I’ve helped several friends through cancer treatments, which seemed to get them through more easily, even if it simply gave them something to look forward to.

  2. Lyndsey says:

    Well I have to say I am in full agreement with the trend of health seekers out there, even following a specific Celiac or vegan diet is a true commitment. However I feel that a homeopathy or health care practitioner are not available as much, so what makes reflexology great is it’s affordable. You enjoy it so you usually like being a consistent patient because you feel benefits right away and it’s available more then naturopathic doctors and less expensive. However when your looking at your cost and value sometimes it’s true especially with a master herbalist and such, you may pay a lot but your health matters will be healed also. So you get what you have paid for. I think what our abused and used feet need is old fashioned tender loving care. Add some essential oils and you’ll be outta this world, and feeling fabulous.

  3. Angela M. says:

    I will be going to buy that book now. As a massage therapist at a wellness office I am very interested in improving the health of our patients through reflexology and this article was really informational.

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Angela, glad you found value in this article. Please come back and offer your insight on how you enjoyed the book and how it fit in with your practice.

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