Commanding Wealth: The One Command by Asara Lovejoy

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4 Responses

  1. Carolyn O. says:

    I have ordered and listened to the One Command several times and began to practice, but I heard one of your audios that told a lady to only do it once on anything you command on. I did it once on my most pressing issue and felt I needed to do it again the next day. I am confused. Do I repeat the same command each day until it happens. I loved it but felt I needed to reiterate. Please clear this up for me.

  2. Hi – Asara here and it is such a pleasure to see you embrace The One Command.  The answer to making a command only once is this: this is not an affirmation -when you command while in your theta brain wave you are physically delinking your neuro processors in the old limited thought about what you want to manifest – and simultaneously you are allowing what you KNOW in your greater consciousness – the answer to what you are seeking – to arrive.  This is a physical event in your brain, body and emotions.  It only take the one moment to make this change.

    Now the next event will be your inner resistance to making this change – those older subconscious programs want to do their job – so we teach you to MEET YOURSELF in the next moment with the contradictory thought and proceed to make the next command.

    For Example: I don’t know how i increase my income $10,000 now.  I only know that I do and I am fulfilled.  You have now written a ten thousand dollar program in your unconscious behavior and DNA blueprint.
    However the ego might say – your crackers – that is impossible. Meet yourself there and make the next command.  I don’t know how this is real and I create my financial increase now.  I only know that I do now and I am fulfilled.  Then MEET yourself with the next negative thought again.

    For example: All right fellow and how do you expect to make that kind of money.  Command I don’t know how (because it is literally true that your limited beta mind doesn’t know the answer – but your greater intelligence that is you does, and that is who you are getting into a relationship with) I make that kind of money. I only know that I do now and I am fulfilled.

    Now you are really operating in another frequency – belief system – one that does know they can increase their income – even without the particulars yet.  As you go along notice the synchronicity, notice the opportunities and notice when it arrives!

    Many blessings with The One Command and visit our web site – our Free Membership with lots of support is coming soon.

  3. mrgnomeblog says:

    It’s really interesting that children have a higher degree of Theta waves even when they are awake, it seems that after the 13th year that activation goes away. This would mean that children have a higher state of consciousness. It sure feels and seems that way sometimes.

  4. STC Technologies says:

    Now don’t get the idea that Asara Lovejoy in Commanding Wealth, that One Command expects us to believe that we simply slow our brain waves and think about wealth and it just magically arrives. Instead, she advocates the use of The One Command six-step process as a means of generating positive energy to help us identify the solutions to our problems and create the will to take positive action toward achieving goals.

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