Astrological Charts Made Easy with Solar Fire Astrology Software

Do you want to generate all your 2007 horoscopes easily? Not only will you be able to create reports for the current year, but you'll also be able to generate accurate charts for years to come. Solar Fire, a popular software with professional astrologers, will provide you with an easy to use interface when preparing horoscopes.

This astrology software was clearly designed with the end user in mind. Once you learn how to select a set of aspects, you'll not have any problem selecting the wide range of options. This simplicity makes it easy to learn to cast Scorpio horoscopes, or any of the other eleven signs.

For example, to work with a person's sun sign Pisces astrology settings, you simply enter the place of birth, latitude and longitude. Because the US and International atlases are on disk, this is simple and easy.

The file organization and search features are unlike any others. You can even search by planet. You can easily pull up as the Libra astrology you have charted, for instance, using these search functions. When selecting data files, you can quickly change the planets, orbs, aspects, elements and quality of weighting. You can even change the interpretation texts, fixed stars, rulership scheme and other parts to customize to your heart's content. If you want to apply different aspect sets for natal, transiting and progressed purposes, or different displayed points for particular charts, that is easy to set up as well.

Using this astrological software will allow you to change the appearance of the charts by assigning colors to each planet, sign or aspect type. Change fonts for the data printed in the birth and "Compliments of" areas. Maximize readability or maximize the colorful exotic appearance of the charts you produce using Solar Fire. In fact, you can even design your own charts using the Wheel editor included in the astrology software.

This capability to customize and personalize makes this astrology program popular with so many zodiac compatibility relationship counselors. Traditional astrologers will love the dignities editor which allows the exploration of the world of medieval astrology. Set this editor and produce a set of ancient calculations. The Arabic Parts Editor allows you to add factors with accompanying keywords such as planets, house cups, rulers, dispositors, prenatal lunation and specific degree in the zodiac.

You'll love using this flexible, user-friendly Solar Fire software package. Novice users will find it easy to understand, yet the most experienced astrologer will be impressed with the power of this great tool.