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Kepler Astrology Software - From Financial Astrology to Fabulous Wheels and Graphics

For charting your 2007 horoscopes, Kepler has a software package that will meet all your needs in 2007 and years to come. With some of the most fabulous wheels and graphics available anywhere, you'll find this powerful tool's printouts to be truly special. Using the wide range of reports, you'll be able to perform research, financial astrology analysis, and other functions that are frequently found only as add-ons to most astrology software. There is even an Astro Encyclopedia and a set of 46 astrology lessons, known as Avalon College, are included.

Whether you want to study zodiac compatibility, cast Scorpio horoscopes, investigate Pisces astrology or study the other signs of the zodiac, you'll be delighted with the multimedia format that combines harmonic theory and the concepts of cosmobiology.

You may have seen maps included in horoscope software before, but the AstroMaps created by Kepler are unique. You can customize features to provide tinted highlights around a line to indicate how far that influence flows. The lines of midpoints, asteroids and minor aspects can all be customized.

You can begin charting your 2007 horoscopes now and learn how especially easy this software application is to use. Hot keys allow pop-up lists to select names, places of birth and other input. Automatic database update prevents losing data if you forget to save. Printing is quick and there is even a batch print function available. Combining several charts or wheels into a single, customized output allows you to study zodiac compatibility in a unique format. You can even produce reports in other languages if you like. You'll simply love using Kepler Astrology Software for years to come.