What Pet Horoscopes Reveal

By Robin Ohara

If the position of the planets can effect the personality of humans, then why not our pets? To find out your pets horoscope, you need only know what month they were born. Unless you were there, you probably won't be able to get a good idea of the time, so astrology for your animal is typically based only on the sun sign whereas humans have birth certificates, and those can be used to determine the rising and moon signs.

Pet astrology is much like people astrology. I have three dogs, each with a very separate personality. When I compared their sun signs to their characteristics, I got a much better idea of why they behaved the way they did.

Niki is a five year old sheltie. We brought her home on a Thanksgiving eve, and I knew right away that she was very sensitive to her new family. Even as a puppy she would put herself on "time out" if she did something she knew was wrong. She was so sensitive that I decided to look up dog horoscopes, to see if I could find something to explain her behavior. I guessed she was about six weeks old when we got her-out of a box in front of a store, not a lot of information with her-which would make her birthday early to mid-October. So she was a Libra! That explained the over developed sense of fairness and the sensitivity to situations. Libra's like to keep the balance, are pacifists at heart, and feel easily shamed. They are also extremely loyal, which was apparent anytime a stranger knocked on our door.

This gave me a great idea as to how to help her feel more secure. As with any Libra, I spoke to her with a soothing voice and reminded her often that she was a good dog. She still hides under the bed all on her own after taking the guilty pleasure of chasing the cats, but no longer seems so ashamed all the time.

As for other pet horoscopes, there is the problem of my Scorpio cat (they are the most likely to crap in your shoes…)