The Practical Capricorn Personality

By Robin Ohara

My best friend growing up was born in January, and I learned much about the Capricorn personality. Melissa was so practical, the voice of reason to my stubborn Taurus opinions. She was a perfect example of the traits associated with this zodiac sign.

Our sun signs are compatible, and this turned out to be true in every aspect. Both loyal and pragmatic, Melissa shined when it came to making difficult decisions. She was the one who had to weigh all the options, and when it came right down to it, she usually made the right choice.

The Capricorn sign and symbol are associated with the goat-the mountain goat, specifically. Careful, cautious, and prudent, the mountain goat must be able to maneuver across treacherous cliffs with absolute certainty. However, the other side of Caps is that they are often humorless and so serious that they may appear arrogant, and I found myself sticking up for her time after time when she was accused to being a killjoy. She was also very conservative with her money (a trait usually associated with my own sign) to the point of being miserly. But when I was broke I could always count on her to have something stashed away, and because one of Capricorn's traits is also loyalty, I knew she would loan me the money-at 5% interest.

After we had both graduated, I wanted to hitchhike down the west coast to San Francisco. Never try to take a Capricorn on an impromptu hitch hiking expedition. They will insist on getting a map and planning every stop along the way, checking the weather conditions and assuming that every ride will take you exactly to the next stop marked in red pen. They want to be impetuous; they really do, as long as they get enough time to plan everything out.

They are also on the average really good cooks, although not as good as those born under the sign of Cancer. One summer we had nothing much more than cream of wheat in the cupboard-she could always find something interesting to mix in.

So that's Capricorn in a nutshell, but I don't know if the same goes for Capricorn men. I dated one for two years (originally based, actually, on the presumption that it would work because our signs were compatible) and even though this guy was book smart beyond belief, he had trouble remembering to look both ways before crossing the street. I thought maybe he had a Sagittarius rising, but his mom insisted he'd hit his head as a small much for the straight up Capricorn personality. Now I take other factors into consideration. Maybe getting bashed in the head negates zodiac traits.