Finding Answers With An Astrology Almanac

Many people have been looking to an astrology almanac for years now to help them gain some insight on events that could be coming up in the future. This is a tradition that dates way back to the times of ancient Babylon with the earliest written words. These almanacs filled with astrological data are also used in astrology counseling to calculate the best days to have dental work done (on a waning moon so less bleeding and swelling), when to plant their gardens, and the best times to schedule meetings and more. It can all be done by looking at the very basic moon phases and base planetary positions that are readily available in this handy reference book.

An astrology almanac is a great tool to use when preparing a astrology report and charts can help to predict perhaps what may be a good day to schedule your wedding or a special event. After all, this would be a time where you would want everything to be working for you, not against you. Almanacs help you find the general astrological aspects if you use one in conjunction with your own personal chart, you can find the guidance you need to have a very good outlook on events that will be surrounding you. Hence making planning much easier.

Benjamin Franklin started the tradition in the United States of using this astrological reference book. Since then, astrology almanacs have been used to predict many major natural disasters and world events such as Hurricane Andrew, the collapse of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and much more.

Many people become so adept are interpreting with this handy reference guide along with calculating a personal chart, they are ale to counsel and help others with the wisdom of this ancient occult science. Reading astrology charts is a fairly static affair and once you become familiar with certain configurations, you will know when something is going amiss in a your own chart or someone else’s.

For example, if your almanac and chart point towards spending money on your house in the near future, give your house the once over and maybe catch that furnace before it goes out or that pipe before it bursts. Doing a little repair now, can save you a ton of money and grief later. That’s the beauty of using an astrology almanac. If you use the information you get, you can’t go wrong.