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Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller

Unlike Jan Spiller's other books on astrology, "Spiritual Astrology" is a comprehensive guide to Karma astrology, and has a great section on how the prenatal solar and lunar eclipse present at our birthdate shapes our karma, and points to our deep wisdom in this life. This is a phenomena seldom written about in astrology books.

Using prenatal eclipses, this book will help direct you in the areas of life path and destiny, which has everything to do with karma astrology. Learn which karmic lessons will help you fulfill your destiny in relation to where your life was meant to go, and maybe even show you some past lives in order to understand the deeper meaning. This book is not for beginners, but if you have been studying astrology even as a hobby for awhile, this book is an excellent addition to other books on solar eclipse astrology.

The lunar eclipse has an affect on your destiny as well. Each sign has aspects of both the eclipses in relation to each individual sign, and what to look for as it pertains to your characteristics. This book uses trines, nodes, and the eclipses in all of the houses of your personal zodiac. The science and art of astrology are together in one book for you to study and gain insight. The moon and sun position charts included in the book are intimidating at first, but Spiller does an excellent job of guiding you through how to read and understand them.

Do you have trouble expressing yourself? Maybe an eclipse happened in your sun sign of Virgo. Self esteem and emotional security are also discussed using the charts provided, and Spiller gives some wonderful suggestions on how to use your personal zodiac chart to move through what can be an awkward time.

Learn how to become more independent and powerful at work by utilizing the information from compiling your personal chart. This study of both lunar and solar eclipses which occurred right before your birth can explain a lot regarding the choices you've made, and can give suggestions on how to increase your personal power and pull yourself out of a self esteem bog. You can come to nderstand karma astrology through the charting of the solar system and how it really works.