Planets and Possibilities: Explore the World of the Zodiac Beyond Just Your Sign by Susan Miller

To Susan Miller, astrology books became a source of comfort and bonding with her mother, as she writes about exclusively in the first part of this book. In great detail, she writes about a debilitating illness resulting from a birth defect in her leg, how she believed her mother when she was told that she would recover, and what happened to her life as a result of her mother's dabbling in "her favorite hobby." Written in a conversational tone, "Planets and Possibilities," brings to light the possibility of bringing future predictions about ones health to light.

Through the use of this type of astrology counseling, Miller highlights the history of astrology, gives us the basics of astrology so that anyone can understand, and allows us a very basic outline which the beginner will find especially helpful. If you have just recently become interested in this subject, this is definitely one of the first books you should have in your collection.

The second half of the book is entirely devoted to the study of each of the characteristics of zodiac signs in relation to the governing planets. The science of astrology is discussed here, and in a greater detail than previous books on the subject. Finally, each sun sign is studied in detail as it relates to its governing sign individually, making the book a quick reference book as well as a great rainy day read. The positive as well as the negative traits of each sun sign are discussed along with the myths surrounding the typical short characteristics one would read in the Sunday horoscope section of the local paper.

For instance, there are Roman and Greek myths associated with each planet, but did you know how they relate to your sign? Were you aware that your individual zodiac sign is associated with your body type and therefore has an effect on which diet you choose? Find out which one is the most likely to bring success. Susan Millers astrology book not only discusses how to handle your finances, career, and love life based on your sign, but uses the ancient myths associated with your governing planet as a basis for how to predict your future.