Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller

Jan Spiller will tell you that most of her colleges think that she's psychic. True or not, Spiller contends that psychic energy is not what she's using when charting for astrology counseling. An accurate chart is more the result of scientific study and knowing the positions of each house when you were born, compiling it and then interpreting the chart. This individual chart is the beginning of being able to understand ones character, wants and needs using the position of the stars at the moment of their birth.

Spiller also uses the Nodes. This is a more in-depth form of astrology charting than most people will order over the internet. The north and south positions of the nodes of the moon, the quitrents sun sign, and the node position in each house set the stage for one of the most accurate practitioners of soul astrology that we read about today. Following the positions of the nodes through each of the sun signs, this book gives a detailed message for each sign. Along with compatibility partners, these individual sections are a great reference before making life changing decisions and career choices. Learn about the real horoscopes; the deeper use of all of the positions of the planets in your houses, and what they mean to you-separate of anyone else because of the moment you were born.

Each section starts out with a basic overview of your sun sign, followed by aspects-both good and not so hot-regarding your personality and what to do to begin to change the parts of it that you aren't so happy with. You will also learn about what your needs are as a spiritual being, and what to expect from relationships in both your professional and private life.

This book uses a lot of bullet points, making it an easy to read reference guide. I especially liked the healing affirmations given for each specific sign at the end of the chapters. For simple astrology counseling or for a good gift idea for beginning astrologers, this is one of the best books I've seen or read on the subject.