The Astro-Event Guide: A Unique Astrology Calendar Highlighting the Year's Key Events

Review by Maya del Mar

The Astro-Event Guide is a marvel. In one laminated sheet, the creator, Elizabeth Jones (who writes the CirclesofLight monthly astrology column) has condensed all the core astrological information for one year into a unique event calendar. This is a work of magic, an invaluable tool for the astrologer. When viewing this handy astrology calendar you will find key aspects and events from the annual ephemeris. The information includes their dates, times, signs and degrees. This information is essential for any astrologist who works with charts and does readings. The astrological data is presented with clarity, creativity and precision. You receive a quick and accurate detailed reference to the key astrological events for the year so that you can relate them to any given chart.

For example, one glance can tell you any number of things:

  • You want to know the next retrograde Mercury? She not only gives date, time, and degrees, but also when Mercury hits its shadow point
  • When are each month's Lunations for the current year? And at what degrees? When and where are this year's Solar and Lunar Eclipses?
  • What and when are the astrological highlights in each sign during the year?
  • What are the keys events for each month of the year?

All of this information and more can be instantly accessed. Elizabeth has used color, spacing and varying type to make the Guide attractive and easy to look at and use.

It's always useful, like an ephemeris. I particularly like having it at hand when a client calls with spontaneous questions.

Collating this essential information has obviously been a labor of love requiring enormous dedication and concentration.

If you want a planetary overview of the year, this is your ticket.

Learn about this year's Astro - Event Guide created by Elizabeth Jones for easily charting the yearly astrological events and the effects of each month's full and new moons available for immediate download in PDF format.